Billy Joe Saunders—Clown?

By Ben Thomsett on September 21, 2018
Billy Joe Saunders—Clown?
The US has Broner, the UK has Saunders. Two morons. Loose on the streets. (Getty)

“Stupidity is infinitely more fascinating than intelligence. Intelligence has limits, while stupidity has none…”

“Stupidity is infinitely more fascinating than intelligence. Intelligence has limits, while stupidity has none.”—Claude Chabrol

A good introduction to base-level stupidity is watching clowns at the circus. Forced stupid. Mocking stupid. Big shoes. Orange wigs. Falling over for no good reason. On the stupid scale, clowns are simply playing at being dumb, but you get drawn in and the fun is in the belief these characters exist in concentrated form just for us. We pay to become part of the illusion. Willing participants ready to take a bucket of confetti in the face and laugh along. It’s not cruel.

The same can’t be said for current WBO world middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders.

Saunders—never knowingly thoughtful before he speaks or acts—has ramped up his ‘whacky’ shtick recently to levels that make throwing a cooked chicken at Deontay Wilder look like donating antibiotics to a leper colony.

Picture the scene. Saunders, with mandatory entourage, pulls up on a street in the UK in an expensive car and starts offering Crack Cocaine to a woman in exchange for a sex act. It’s being filmed from the back of the car by one of his cronies. She believes him and agrees. He doesn’t have Crack Cocaine, but it’s a powerful thing to be able to offer what’s needed to someone who can’t see past their next pipe. When she seems amenable to suggestion he offers her £150 to hit someone. He points at a random guy walking along. “He’s a paedophile…go on.” She walks over and hits the target. Saunders drives off, without handing over the money, laughing with his posse. The car sounds luxurious. The laughter is grim listening.

The British Boxing Board of Control watched that video this week and didn’t like it. He’ll more than likely get nothing more than a stern talking to by a body who are increasingly irrelevant. Saunders was so worried about his fate that he posted another video a couple of days later, allegedly showing him pretending to be a police officer and forcing some unwary sap to strip in his car. “Pants all the way down…you might have a gun in there,” says someone sounding a lot like Saunders.

The US has Broner, the UK has Saunders. Two morons. Loose on the streets. Wealthy. Bored, and stupid enough to think that belittling people is an okay way to get your kicks. Manly and harmless pranking. All for laughs. Above reproach. And as if being in the moment wasn’t enough, they have to film it and share it to the rest of the world so we can all laugh along, wondering how life could be if we only had money and the guts to have as much… Shitty clowns.

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  1. Bruce 08:42pm, 09/25/2018

    Billy Joe Saunders does have some redeeming qualities.  Watch a replay of his match with David Lemieux.  It is a guaranteed cure for insomnia.

  2. ron 05:04pm, 09/23/2018

    former middleweight contender andy lee is furys cousin also, is wat I meant to say!

  3. ron 04:42pm, 09/23/2018

    if wat I read is correct, saunders an fury are cousins, as well as and lee!

  4. La Grande Orange 06:52am, 09/22/2018

    Koolz… The UK is so fuxed up they arrested some guy by the name of Tommy Robinson for filming a gang accused of “grooming” young English girls for the sex trade while the accused were entering the court. If I am not mistaken, he did a few months behind bars.  Apparently Mr. Robinson is an activist that is alerting English citizens on how serious the situation of “grooming” is in England. Didn’t really follow the story, but arresting a guy for just filming a gang of criminal pedophiles and pimps to alert the public seems a bit much. Who knows what they will do to this Saunders character. Jolly Ole England has seen better days, that is for sure.

  5. Koolz 02:48pm, 09/21/2018

    Saunder’s has lost his mind!!  This is behind wrong!  They recorded it?
    Some one arrest this guy!  And his friends!

  6. La Grande Orange 11:37am, 09/21/2018

    How many people over fitty had police officers patrol their high schools back in the day?? I rest my case.

  7. Kid Blast 11:27am, 09/21/2018

    Yes, the 3 stooges beat the shit out of each other and so did Laurel beat Oliver or was it the other way around. Goes way back, but shaming a street walker these days is about as low as you can get. This entitled moron gives new meaning to the expression—a-hole.

  8. Lucas McCain 10:49am, 09/21/2018

    TV and youtube may encourage bad behavior, but you can’t really blame it.  Cruel, slapstick humor—and so much of “practical joking” is cruel—goes way back, probably to the origins of the species, the laughing animal.  Ethical behavior, especially when there’s a power or status differential, is probably a later development!

  9. Le Grande Orange 10:29am, 09/21/2018

    Might add that Youtube is yet another culprit responsible for this type of behavior. The wrong political opinion is to be censored, but people beating the crap out of each other or something like what is described here, is just fine with Youtube. Technology for all its benefits, certainly has certainly harmed our society in many ways.

  10. Kid Blast 10:23am, 09/21/2018

    Went from being a fan to I no longer care about him

  11. La Grande Orange 10:11am, 09/21/2018

    This is SICK. Certainly it is beyond the pale. Granted this guy is probably your stereotypical tough guy douche bag, but I do blame a great deal of this on movies and television that promote this sort of behavior. How many television shows out there promote getting your kicks at the expense of someone else. Pure trash televsion meant to dumb people down and bring down the morals of people, while dehumanizing others. Homeless people and/or drug addicts are often ridiculed and people to be made sport of, while having money is promoted as being “successful.” How you attain your wealth is irrelevant and screwing over the other guy is even encouraged, it is something that is being promoted as something cool, being a true, “playa.”

  12. Lucas McCain 09:43am, 09/21/2018

    Wow!  Hard to believe the UK has a champ who can make Tyson Fury look good.  It also shows that ring intelligence is a special kind of gift, one quite unlike the usual sort.  (Nice to see Chabrol remembered; he’s probably transmitting this from an earlier French genius:

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