Blame it on Team Manny

By Ted Sares on May 5, 2015
Blame it on Team Manny
If anything kills boxing, it won’t be because of a freak show like this. (John Lochner/AP)

When you write bad things about a certain boxer (like CNN’S Rachel Nichols did), chickens have a way of coming home to roost…

“Was Pacquiao legitimately injured? By all accounts, yes. Was he recovered from that injury, at least enough to fight? By his team’s own accounts, yes. Was his team deceitful when dealing with the Nevada commission? Also, yes…Did his claims allow for the mainstream media to issue one more en masse dismissal of boxing as they slammed the door behind them? Unfortunately, yes.”—Paul Magno (Boxing Tribune)

“Either way, it seems pretty obvious that someone on the Pacquiao/Top Rank side really screwed this up, whatever it was. If it’s incompetence, there’s no excusing it. If it’s something else, then I guess you’d say its par for the course in boxing.”—Scott Christ (BLH)

It appears the mainstream media (mostly ignorant of what boxing is all about) was granted full access to this extravaganza while boxing’s own veteran media and often Mayweather haters seemed to be on the outside looking in. Rumor has it that even the “esteemed” Thomas Hauser was denied credentials as apparently was Steve Kim and a host of others. Of course, when you write bad things about a certain boxer (like CNN’S Rachel Nichols did), chickens have a way of coming home to roost. A TSS article titled “Avila Manifesto: No More Coverage of Al Haymon or Mayweather Fights” features a courageous boxing journalist (possible oxymoron) who vows that he will no longer cover Al Haymon or Mayweather fights since he and others were denied access. He ends his manifesto with these apparently hopeful words: “Let’s see what the Boxing Writers Association of America decides.” Don’t hold your breath.

The Blame Game

“Disclosure is a big thing for us, and honesty…The commission at some point will have to discuss (Pacquiao’s medical questionnaire). I’ve got to run through the process with the (Nevada) Attorney General (Adam Laxalt). But they do sign that document under the penalty of perjury.”—Cisco Aguilar, the Nevada Athletic Commission chairman told the Daily News Monday

“His team either committed an egregious mistake, or their gamesmanship by not disclosing something that could give the opponent a tactical advantage—a shoulder injury—came back to bite them. Or they were worried the fight was going to get cancelled because of the injury, and they weren’t going to get paid. These guys know better.”—Travis Tygart, the CEO of USADA

Many who engaged their mouths before their brains were quick to assert that Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have done irreparable harm to boxing to which I reply, “baloney” and “how?” If there is any blame to pass around how about we send it directly towards Team Pacquiao which just might have been deceitful about reporting the shoulder injury? And if so, that deceit may well have had a profound negative impact on those who wagered hard-earned money on Pac-Man to win. Fact is, he just wasn’t good enough to beat Mayweather and that was manifest.

The gap between the hyped-up expectations and actual results hurt boxing to be sure, but if anything will kill the sport, it won’t be the ramifications of a freak show like this. More likely, the end will come down the road as a result of impending findings arising from in-depth studies on the relationship between concussions and other head injuries and football and hockey. And that’s what I’m currently working on.

Meanwhile, one “what if” scenario continues to bother me and that has to do with the notion that certain people might have been worried the fight would be cancelled because of the injury, and they weren’t going to get paid. And remember, that pay was well over 100 million dollars.

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  1. Reynaldo Garcia Dizon 12:51pm, 05/14/2015

    C’mon, give it a rest.  True, that Mega Fight of the Century fizzled but pleeeaassssee…. don’t blame it all on Manny. It is 2 to Tango. And Moneyweather was sure excellent in hugs and in sways and retreats. He is as much to blame if not totally blame for the very disappointing result. Not even one solid punch to his credit.
    Manny just failed to do his part to make even a half decent fight and MoneyWeather could care less. Forgive me, I am lost. I still do not understand Floyd’s diatribe
    that Manny is coward.

  2. Kid Blast 08:05pm, 05/12/2015

    He is not crazy

  3. Tex Hassler 08:00pm, 05/12/2015

    If Mayweather wants to be the best in the world let him fight GGG!

  4. kID bLAST 05:22pm, 05/06/2015

    Uchiyama is a beast.

  5. Koolz 03:31pm, 05/06/2015

    alls well that ends well!

    This is more exciting!

    You guys need to do more write ups on Japanese Fighters.

    If the God’s are fair and just we will not see a rematch of Pac and Mayweather!

    Mayweather will retire and the GGG will Conquer!

  6. Kid Blast 03:09pm, 05/06/2015

    Kenny, what?

  7. How Many Hugs Though 01:01pm, 05/06/2015

    I don’t know man I was strolling through YouTube videos and I came upon this video called Floyd Mayweather & Kenny Bayless vs Manny Pacquiao RIGGED!!!!!. This video was from back in March showing 100% proof that Maidana Mayweather 1 wasa rigged fight.

    You might want to check it out man.

    God Bless.

  8. Kid Blast 12:31pm, 05/06/2015

    FFC, what exactly is your point, sir?

  9. The Fight Film Collector 11:21am, 05/06/2015

    So Manny is being blamed for what, not winning?  What exactly were they supposed to do, get a note from the doctor?  Perhaps appeal to the Nevada athletic commission and expect them to break the news to the networks and investors that they would have to wait a year to get their $400 million?  This is what we get when a fight is promoted and priced far above any realistic expectations.  This is what we get when a sport has no governing body or central commission to provide oversight through all the promotional BS and at least try to ensure fights are on the level.  This is what we get when referees are allowed to express their “preferences” for a style of fighting instead of enforcing the rules.  Say what you will, but Manny trapped Floyd over and over only to find himself wrapped in a bow or a headlock. *Last month in New York, Klitschko not only had a point taken for holding, but he was threatened with disqualification.

    Injured or not, Manny came to fight - like he always has. Floyd came to artfully and skillfully do his best to avoid one, like he always has.  No matter who would have won, if Mayweather-Pacquiao had been a battle and not a beauty pageant, there would be no fallout.  Manny’s injury would have been an excuse for a rematch, instead of a lawsuit.  Now he gets hung out to dry.

    Whatever the degree of Manny’s injury and whoever knew what and when, delaying the fight for months or a year would have been the end of it.  Everyone on the inside knew this.  Manny did not really have a choice in disclosure, just as Mayweather did not have the option to walk away from $400mil.  There is no way that a year from now, all the promoters, networks and investors would once again labor through the kind of negotiations it took to produce Saturday’s fight.  Especially when one considers that by next year, with a handful of fights, all far easier to make, will have already earned the networks and promoters much the same amount of money.

  10. nicolas 10:42am, 05/06/2015

    REALITY: I have never seen the Maidana fights, I guess I should watch them. I thought the fight with De La Hoya could have been a draw. With Cotto, I thought Mayweather won 9-3. The only fight that you did not mention, and that I and many others clearly believe that Mayweather lost was the first fight with Jose Luis Castillo. I had that 9-3 for Castillo. It was considered by many such a bad decision, that Ring Magazine named Castillo fighter of the month because of that fight. Can anyone think of any other boxer who got that award when they lost a fight? Mayweather did deservingly win the second fight, though the irony was that was much closer in the judges eyes.

  11. Kid Blast 09:31am, 05/06/2015

    Of course it’s self-evident, but that begs the question why are we still watching it??

  12. Mike 08:06am, 05/06/2015

    “The gap between the hyped-up expectations and actual results hurt boxing to be sure, but if anything will kill the sport, it won’t be the ramifications of a freak show like this. More likely, the end will come down the road as a result of impending findings arising from in-depth studies on the relationship between concussions and other head injuries and football and hockey. And that’s what I’m currently working on.”

    Powerful, trained athletes punching each other in the head and body round after round and you need an in-depth study. Self evident, wouldn’t you say?
    I thought Manny would throw his right hook more often so maybe there is something to the injury claim. Still, he seemed totally unprepared for the fight. He and Roach knew, like everyone else, the Mayweather style and didn’t appear to have an attack plan to deal with it. Manny never even TRIED the angle approach, and kept coming straight ahead into the jab and right hand. His whole performance was, at best, unprofessional. And hardly courageous for a great fighter like Pacquiao. Throw in the money and hype and it all smells bad.

  13. Kid Blast 05:49am, 05/06/2015

    Ivan, surely you were at ringside lol

  14. Kid Blast 05:48am, 05/06/2015

    An infamy

  15. Pete The Sneak 04:16am, 05/06/2015

    Another Gem Toro… I think I posted in one of the forums here the day before the fight ” Let’s hope the dreaded ‘Boxing/Blackeye’ term does not rear its ugly head in print after this fight.”...Well, I guess that was wishful thinking on my part….Yes, Pac and his team should be held accountable for their deceit of boxing fans/bettors, etc., but that should still not take away from FMJ’s victory. Wasn’t his fault, and this coming from one of FMJ’s biggest detractors…Peace.

  16. Dollarbond 04:00am, 05/06/2015

    Beautifully crafted Ted.  Are you a member of the Mainstream?  Lol

  17. Fixed Fight? 01:16am, 05/06/2015

    Another possibility is that this fight may have been fixed from the start. The reason I say that is because the injury rumors started to flow out before the fight ever took place. It’s almost as if a script was being prepared for right after the fight was over.

    The other reason is because there were times when Mayweather was hugging Manny where you could see that Manny would be whispering something to Floyd’s ear and Floyd would be nodding his head in agreement. Don’t believe me? Watch those moments in the fight very closely.

    From a business standpoint it makes perfect sense. Have both men look laxidasical in the fight, and have rumors about injuries from the man who was expected to do more, to create enough controversy from both sides that fans will beg for a rematch to set things straight.

    Then after things get so heated between both sides that nobody can take it anymore, set up a rematch and rape millions of people out of $100 again.

    Cha Ching.

  18. Weird Fight 12:09am, 05/06/2015

    When I first saw the fight, I had Mayweather winning the fight 7 rounds to 5 only because Manny chose not to do anything for 2 rounds of the fight, which I’ve never seen him do before.

    After watching the fight the next day because this fight was so strange that to be honest I could barely recall a single round in my head in terms of what I saw, I had Mayweather winning 4 rounds, Pacquiao winning 4 rounds, and the other 4 rounds completely even because both men did almost nothing during those rounds to give it to either one.

    Or in other words a draw.

    Does it even really matter at this point though? The fight was so strange it will take weeks to feel like we are out of the twilight zone.

  19. Ivan Goldman 09:53pm, 05/05/2015

    Because I too am paid approximately $100 million per night, I understand Manny’s predicament. I couldn’t afford to miss a night’s pay either. You need to be more sympathetic toward us gazillionaires. We’ve got feelings too.

  20. saves 06:58pm, 05/05/2015

    NSAC knew beforehand where this leading to but they allow it to happen anyway. For simple error that could have been easily corrected by just a check mark on the box to go ahead with the shot. NSAC screwed it but they just want team Pacquiao to take all the blame when the whole event turned sour due to Mayweather’s boring style not fit for fight of the century…by the way, Mayweather too , he said he also injured both his arms during training camp..LOL

  21. Reality 05:53pm, 05/05/2015

    Woops and if you could change Mayweather lost to Maidana in their second fight greatly appreciated.

    This would be a heck of a lot easier with an edit option for our comments.

  22. Reality 05:50pm, 05/05/2015

    Can I get the editor here to delete this comment and change Cotton to Cotto on my last comment there? And changed asked by to lost to in that description of the second fight between Mayweather and Maidana?

    Once again again that was my devices fault I meant no disrespect to Miguel Cotto who is one of the toughest fighters in boxing that has ever lived.

  23. Reality 05:21pm, 05/05/2015

    People can and will say what they want about this fight but what this fight proved is that we saw 2 old men going at it for 12 rounds straight. Two toothless tigers moving around the ring for 80% of the fight without landing a single punch.

    Both of these men have had great careers but they should have one more fight and then retire. No one is going to ever pay the same kind of money to watch either of these two men fight again.

    Mayweather, in REALIT Y, has lost three fights in his career, with an almost draw with Miguel Cotto.

    Mayweather clearly lost on points to Oscar De La Hoya.

    Mayweather clearly lost on points to Marcos Maidana in their first fight.

    Maidana asked by Mayweather in their second fight on points and hard punches connected.

    Say what you want, but nobody can deny that Marcos Maidana was the toughest opponent Mayweather ever faced in his career, with Miguel Cotton right behind him.

    So tough of an opponent for Mayweather, that I have black guys everywhere admitting that Mayweather lost that fight to Maidana the first time around.

    If you know anything about the close knit black community of America, that is not an easy thing for many of them to admit.

  24. bikermike 03:45pm, 05/05/2015

    We got screwed…Never again..

  25. bikermike 03:42pm, 05/05/2015

    ...sorry….Holmes had a bicep injury

    ..and he went forward to deliver , perhaps , the best fifteen round Heavyweight Title decision fight of all time

  26. bikermike 03:39pm, 05/05/2015

    Holmes had a shoulder injury , when he took his shot at Ken Norton…in a fifteen round HW CHAMPIONSHIP: Fight…

    When all the ‘rubes’ have already lined up to pay WAY TOO MUCH for this….we are now told one of them was sounded ??

    What….yu want us to line up again for a rematch..???

  27. Kid Blast 03:05pm, 05/05/2015

    Hear hear Tyler

  28. Tyler Adams 03:04pm, 05/05/2015

    Agree with Irish Frankie, the fight should have been postponed if he had an injury. The pay day was just too big, and this was just another day at the office for boxing and its history of corruption and thievery.  The rumble in jungle was postponed, the biggest fight of its time, due to a Foreman injury, or not being in shape as some have surmised.  This however was too big of a pay day adjusted for inflation to pass up. Did Manny move side to side even once in the whole fight?  Manny is the one who did not perform as expected. 

  29. Kid Blast 02:59pm, 05/05/2015


  30. bikermike 02:53pm, 05/05/2015

    my interest has moved to tennis( at least I see the best against the best..regularly)
    ...and late season and hockey(CHICAGO!!)...and PORN

    Boxing…as it has been practiced…has moved me on

  31. Kid Blast 02:45pm, 05/05/2015

    Has now become the dreaded freak show after all

  32. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:40pm, 05/05/2015

    Ted Sares-Law suits coming down the pike for Team Manny and all concerned….they knew it was a torn rotator cuff from the git go that required surgery which meant cancellation not just a six week postponement….so they said fuk everything and everyone we’re gonna get paid and that’s the name of that tune. Floyd getting sued for a piddling $20,000,000 by his former punching bag errrr spouse!

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