Bobby Gunns for Jones Jr.

By Ted Sares on October 22, 2013
Bobby Gunns for Jones Jr.
If the fight with Jones falls through, look for Bobby to try to book a date with Kimbo Slice.

“People can say what they want about Roy and I at this stage but this is an extremely important fight. The winner will take a huge step forward and the loser is at the end of the road.”— Former IBA World Cruiserweight Champion Bobby Gunn

Rumors are rife that shopworn legend Roy Jones Jr. will return to the ring to face 40-year-old Bobby “The Celtic Warrior” Gunn sometime in December.

The top all-around fighter of the1990s, Roy has won world titles at middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight and is undoubtedly one of the greatest fighters ever. Moreover, he has fought more world champions and more future hall-of-famers than just about any other fighter in recent history. If Roy wants to add a few more wins to his 56-8 record, that’s fine with me, but his legacy has already suffered post-Tarver and a loss to the Celtic Warrior, though difficult to fathom, would be a terrible ignominy. 

Jones, winner of 7 of his last 14 bouts, last fought in June 2012 in Poland against an untested and feather-fisted light heavyweight named Pawel Glazewski (17-0). Jones won a split decision but was not impressive in victory.

Whether the same can be said for the self-managed Gunn (21-5) is subject to conjecture, but one thing about this former top tier cruiserweight is that his background is intriguing and he always comes to rumble. His third fight was a TKO win against future titlist Quirino Garcia way back in 1990. Garcia, living in the streets of Juarez, fighting on an empty stomach and existing on little sleep, would lose his next 17 in a row before he finally learned how to box. He then proceeded to go undefeated in his next 16. Along the way, he beat, Norberto Bueno, Jorge Vaca, and Terrence Alli. Later and during another winning streak, he won over Eric Holland, Meldrick Taylor, Simon Brown, Alfred Ankamah (twice), Buck Smith and Frankie Randall. He lost to highly touted David Reid in a fight that was gifted to the eyelid-drooping Reid. Thing is, Garcia—better known as “Kirino”—would become known as the “Legend of Ciudad Juarez.” The deft Pat Putnam paid homage to Kirino in his marvelous “Kirino Garcia – Gutter to Great,” in TheSweetScience, dated August 1, 2005. Putnam himself represents another intriguing story but it has been vetted once too often.

Back to Bobby Gunn

“I have participated in over 70 BKB fights, but none of them meant anything until my sanctioned bout against Stewart this past summer.”—Gunn

Gunn, Canadian born but a New Jersey resident, was an outstanding amateur boxer and fought professionally from 1989 to 1993. He retired with an 11-2 record with eight early KOs. Reportedly, he then participated in more than 60 bare-knuckle bouts, but I could not corroborate this.

Gunn unretired in 2004 after an 11-year hiatus and ran off five KOs before being stopped in one by a prime Enzo Maccarinelli in Wales. After a six-fight undefeated stretch in which he won several regional and/or lesser titles, he was outgunned by Tomasz Adamek (37-1) in 2009 and then by James Toney (73-7-3) in 2012 for something called the vacant IBU heavyweight title.

Curiously, a video of the infamous and bizarre Gunn vs. Shelby Gross NC bout in 2006 in which Gross was down twice in round 1 and Gunn was decked three times in round 2 has since been used at boxing conventions and seminars as an example of how not to officiate a match. The entire sordid affair is described in “The MUTT VS. THE PEDIGREE” by Michael Swan dated April 27, 2006. (See:  Bobby later TKOd Gross in a 2008 rematch.

Adding to Gunn’s intriguing and varied persona, on August 5, 2011 he fought Richard Stewart in the first “sanctioned” bare-knuckle boxing match since 1889 in the Fort McDowell Casino in Scottsdale, Arizona, and won with a KO in round three, thereby winning the “vacant heavyweight bare-knuckle boxing title.” Four months later, Bobby defended his crown, stopping Ernest Jackson in less than nine minutes of torturously boring “fighting.” As to whether or not it was legal, let’s just say it looked like a scene from the 1999 movie IFight Club with a referee wearing a baseball cap backwards, a seedy and sparse crowd, no seats, a venue that looked like an inside parking lot, and Gunn wearing jeans instead of trunks. Nevertheless, there IS a World Bare Knuckle Boxing Association. They have a website and they hold John L. Sullivan in the highest regard.

If the Jones fight falls through, look for Bobby to try to book a date with Kimbo Slice. As for PPV, however, forget about it.

Side Note: Gunn has been active in spreading awareness about bullying and is adamant about encouraging others to get involved. He has been in talks with a handful of schools throughout New Jersey about implementing bully victim counseling to help show kids that they are not at fault and have much to look forward to beyond school.

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History of Bobby Gunn

Roy Jones jr vs Pawel Glazewski FULL FIGHT 30/06/2012

Bobby Gunn vs Ernest Jackson (Jay Z's Bodyguard)

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  1. DBADGIRL 05:34pm, 10/27/2013

    Can’t wait for the Roy Jones Jr. and Bobby Gunn fight. My bets will be on Bobby Gunn for sure! Knowing him and his family well, he was brought up right and has made everyone proud. His mission against bullying in schools is very commendable. Why Ham Watson would put such a bullshit comment on here I do not know, unless he is full of jealousy. One can read in Polk County, Florida news about what kind of man Ham is. All I can say is sock it to him Bobby and we hope to be there to watch your victory.

  2. Ted 02:36pm, 10/24/2013

    Well, I have heard those things Hans. I do admit to that. And I do believe some of the bare knuckle stuff is pure bullshit, but I could not corroborate it one way or another. Either way, If Jones loses to this guy, he should move to Switzerland and hang with Serpico.

  3. Ham Watson 12:48pm, 10/24/2013

    Bobby Gunn is a fraud and a joke. How he gets these fights amazes me the belts he claimed he had was a joke as well. 2nd and 3rd tier belts that nobody wanted to begin with he fights at state fairs and local gyms any really fighter he’s ever fought beat the shit out of him this man isn’t a contender he’s a house painter from New Jersey look up bobby gunn house painting his ad pops up he also was not born in Canada and his father used to be a Hulk Hogan wanna be with the ring name Black Bart.

  4. Ted 08:16am, 10/24/2013

    You know, when someone you once admired like Toney don’t seem to care about himself any longer, then the fans will turn on him faster than a biker gang turns on a spy. Fans are fickle; they can be cruel. The admiration can change to derision faster than you can say “if he doesn’t care, why should I ?” That’s what has happened here. Now they have become a freak show to be laughed at. But this is not a movie; it’s real life. And it’s grim if not worse.

  5. Ted 08:13am, 10/24/2013

    Jones IS delusional, but he also needs money to pay his taxes.

    Once these guys start the MMA/IFC crap, it becomes a true circus (aka freak show)

  6. Dan Cuoco 08:06am, 10/24/2013

    This was reported in fightnews on October 19th. Jones is delusional.

    Roy Jones Jr. confirms ring return, with one eye on Anderson Silva

    By Eric ‘Sugar Foot’ Duran/Rocky Mountain Boxing

    Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr has confirmed to that he will return to action in December against former cruiserweight contender Bobby Gunn. “A date hasn’t been set but it’s supposed to happen in Philadelphia.” According to Jones, it’s a tune-up bout for a possible mega fight with UFC legend Anderson Silva, “if Anderson beats Weldmen, it’s a fight we’ve trying to make for years.” Jones also stated if a bout with Silva happens, he needs a tune up so there is no ring rust, “I know I can win, but I need to be at my best to do so.”

  7. Ted 05:26pm, 10/23/2013

    CG, I got it just before they took it down. You will be seeing it again on EBay!

  8. Clarence George 01:20pm, 10/23/2013

    Sorry, Ted, but the gross Gunn fight, um, the Gross-Gunn fight is just too dainty for my tastes.

    As for your previous comment…I’m afraid it all comes down to the author.  Why, I myself (no need to rise, gentlemen, I assure you) posted an article on Jones just the other day.  More than 9,000 reads in under 45 minutes, accompanied by 1,750 comments expressing awe and admiration.  Don’t bother looking for it, though—it was taken down for being “too excellent,” and was thus deemed “too intimidating and discouraging.”

  9. Ted 12:59pm, 10/23/2013

    This must be seen to be beloved.

  10. Ted 12:34pm, 10/23/2013

    Years ago, you submit an article on Jones and you would get a large number of hits. Today, hardly a tumble. So very sad.

  11. Tex Hassler 11:51am, 10/23/2013

    Roy Jones would be far better off to stay retired. If he gets beat by Bobby Gunn it certainly will not help his record or him either. Jones does not need this fight win or lose it will prove nothing.

  12. Ted 07:09am, 10/23/2013

    Es, come on up to NH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Kid, I love to do that stuff

  13. Ted 07:08am, 10/23/2013

    Eric, as soon as the cops came, they cleared out like rats leaving a nest.

    BNF is the same as Tuff Man but even less supervised.

  14. Eric 04:11pm, 10/22/2013

    Damn it Jim. Those guys in the vid featuring the “Celtic Warrior” icing one Ernest Jackson were acting like Gunn just won the heavyweight championship of the world. Wonder why they just didn’t put on boxing gloves and get into a ring? No MMA style bout, but just bare knuckle boxing ONLY?  Don’t really see the point.

  15. es 03:52pm, 10/22/2013

    Posting from sunny Florida Ted.

    RJJ has now lost 8 fights. Does he wants to lose his brain cells too ? Just what is the point.

  16. kid vegas 10:04am, 10/22/2013

    Great attention to detail in this one, Ted. Almost like a carpenter building a house. Loved the way you extended the part on Gunn to Garcia and then to Putnam. I love that sort of thing as long as it boomerangs back to the story line. Keep them coming. Things are a bit sad here in Las Vegas today as we lost a wonderful teacher for no reason.

  17. Ted 08:35am, 10/22/2013

    Actually, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    The freak show continues….

  18. Don from Prov 08:31am, 10/22/2013

    This just doesn’t seem like it should take place—

    And Kimbo Slice as the fall-back opponent??????

  19. dollarbond 08:08am, 10/22/2013

    Thanks.  And ugh!

  20. Robert Ecksel 07:58am, 10/22/2013


  21. dollarbond 07:56am, 10/22/2013

    What’s the deal on Pat Putnam?

  22. Ted 07:51am, 10/22/2013

    Irish, I think he exposed Chad as someone who was more bun than beef.

  23. Ted 07:50am, 10/22/2013

    Only you would catch that, CG, but it made the entire effort worthwhile.

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:15am, 10/22/2013

    Ted Sares-Epiphany?....Kirino at 0 for 18 in with Chad Parker at 28 and 0….something happened in that fight other than just another loss for Kirino.

  25. Clarence George 06:25am, 10/22/2013

    Bobby Gunn?  My God, I thought it was a young George Chuvalo!  Maybe it’s the sepia tone that did it.

    The “eyelid-drooping Reid”...nicely phrased, and I think I’ll “borrow” it.

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