Boolah for Bubba

By Robert Ecksel on December 7, 2014
Boolah for Bubba
And who knows? We might even see Pacquiao knock out Mayweather. (

“He’s the coolest dude. You don’t even know how cool he is. It’s almost like I’ve known him my whole life…”

“It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”—Bill Clinton

Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, when he’s not making outrageous predictions, does a fine job seconding some of the best fighters in the world. One of those fighters is Manny Pacquiao, who Freddie said, in all seriousness, will knock out Mayweather if and when they meet.

The fact that Pacquiao hasn’t knocked out anyone since 2009 doesn’t matter, nor does the fact that Mayweather has never been knocked out, let alone ever lost a fight.

Freddie can be forgiven the above prognostication, even his prior prognostication that Manny would kayo Chris Algieri in the first round of their fight. It’s not that all is forgiven, per se. It’s that his latest statement trumps those that preceded it.

In an interview with the Daily News, Roach said he told Pacquiao’s promoter, Top Rank’s Bob Arum, and Les Moonves of CBS/Showtime that, given the bad blood between all concerned, an outside negotiator whose powers of persuasion are legendary needs to be brought into the mix.

The persuasive legend Roach has in mind is none other than Bill Clinton.

“There’s too much [expletive deleted] between you guys,” Roach told Arum and Moonves. “He knows boxing, very bright guy. I think, maybe honest.”

If “maybe honest” is good enough for politics, where dishonest is the norm, it may be good enough, I think, for boxing.

Clinton is presumably a fight fan. I remember him commenting on the Bite of the Century, the grisly rematch between Holyfield and Tyson. He has been photographed alongside Muhammad Ali. He spent time with Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel. He has his picture taken with fellow Arkansan Jermain Taylor. He even met Timothy Bradley.

“He’s the coolest dude,” Bradley told USA Today in 2013. “You don’t even know how cool he is. It’s almost like I’ve known him my whole life. There’s just something about him. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. He was there and there were all his secret servicemen. It was a surreal moment.”

Equally surreal will be Bill Clinton trying to convince Mayweather to fight “the midget.” Floyd will be flattered by the attention, no doubt, but unless Clinton can convince Pacquiao to fire Arum, accept every concession, financial and otherwise, known to man, as well as “take the test,” Clinton’s herculean efforts will be for naught.

But if the lovable rogue that brought us Waco, NAFTA, and the most embarrassing presidency imaginable can accomplish that which others have tried and failed, boolah for Bubba.

And who knows?

We might even see Pacquiao knock out Mayweather.

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  1. leigh 05:57am, 12/09/2014

    I’m not even sure Kofi Annan could sort this load of shit out.Its 4 years too late as it is.Let mr mayweather have what ever he wants ,apart from Manny wearing flip flops and an eye patch and then in the rematch (cos there will be a rematch) then Manny gets what he wants,the sad thing is as long as there is easier money out there for Floyd this fight will never happen ,and you know what I’m not even sure if I give a flying fu@k anymore !

  2. Dave Van Deusen 06:46pm, 12/08/2014

    Hell, Clinton brought us NAFTA (and that worked out great… Just ask a UAW member or a Chiapas farmer…), why not Pacquiao vs Mayweather?  If he could pull that off I would almost stop regretting that I voted for him in 92’. Almost.  But at the end of the day, I am thinking this would be above his pay grade. If I could, I would bring back FDR and have the fight federally mandated as part of a major WPA project.

  3. Eric 08:29am, 12/08/2014

    If Slick Willie can’t do it, maybe call in The Donald.

  4. EDEL 06:24am, 12/08/2014

    come on man! it takes two to tango. give our humble Filipino fighter a fare share of the purse. LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMMMMMBLE!

  5. Edroland 04:30am, 12/08/2014

    Why do you think your ‘Mayweather jr’ is avoiding the ‘midget’? Putting a lot of barriers and crazy demands designed to avoid the ‘midget’? Why does the ‘midget’ has to fire Arum when Arum will not be in the ring fighting your ‘Mayweather jr’?

    Drug testing
    $40 million dollar offered to the ‘midget’ via telephone
    Fire Bob Arum

    What is next Bobert Ecksel? Talk to your ‘Mayweather jr’ and let us know please….

  6. Mateng 01:17am, 12/08/2014

    Fact, pacquiao kayoed hatton and cotto in 2009.  Another fact. Not eventhe 4 president in mt.rushmore can convince mayweather to fight pacquiao.  Floyd’s trying very hard to price himself out of the fight, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

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