Boxcino Stinko

By Ted Sares on March 1, 2014
Boxcino Stinko
Teddy, please spare us from any more singing; it was even worse than the evening’s fights.

The Boxcino Middleweight Tournament Quarterfinal Wrap-Up from the unlikely spot of Hammond, Indiana on ESPN Friday Night Fights promised to have great variety—everything from the lime to the coconut as Teddy Atlas explained as he “serenaded” us. Well, no matter how much perfume Teddy, Joe, Todd, and Bernardo sprayed on this venue, it still came up smelling less than roses.

The only compelling fight on the card was Willie Monroe Jr.’s defeat of tough Lithuanian Donatas Bondorovas (18-5-1) via unanimous decision. The bout seemed in question going into the sixth and last round, with Atlas having Bondorovas ahead and the Facebook fans scoring it for the slicker Monroe Jr. An unanticipated highlight was when the incoming Bondorovas went old school and removed a tooth from his mouth and tossed it towards his corner in the sixth. The three judges scored the fight 58-56, 59-55 and 59-55 all for Monroe Jr. I had it for The Worm’s nephew by 58-56.

In the first fight, counterpunching Brandon Adams (13-0, 9 KOs) sent Daniel Edouard (23-5-2, 14 KOs) back into retirement via RD 5 TKO. Edouard had previously fought only once in the past three years. The story here was that Daniel is totally shot and affirmed as much as he quit on his stool.

Raymond Gatica (14-2, 9 KOs) surprised, exposed and stopped chinny Ghanaian arm-puncher Sena Agbeko (15-1) in the fourth. This was one of those where I was yelling at the TV for the referee to stop the slaughter as the rangy Agbeko was defenseless and being brutalized by the more aggressive Raymond. The issue in this one was that even though he won, Gatica also was exposed as a guy who throws wide and looping punches and is often off balance. In my view, he will be beaten handily by the aforementioned and more polished Bradley.

The next fight showcased the very best fighter of the evening in Ukrainian Vitaliy Kopylenko (23-0) as he waxed limited Cerresso Fort (17-3-1) via early TKO. This too was a mismatch and was painful to watch. Vitaliy is still another in a growing list of Eastern European fighters who simply are just more skilled and disciplined than others.

Thankfully, the Semi-Finals promise to be far more competitive as follows:

Brandon Adams (13-0) vs. Raymond Gatica (14-2)
Willie Monroe Jr. (16-1) vs. Vitaliy Kopylenko (23-0)

Look for Adams to meet Kopylenko in the final and put either your lime or your coconut on the Ukrainian to win the Tournament.

As for Teddy, please spare us from any more singing; it was even worse than the evening’s fights.

Ted Sares is a private investor who enjoys writing about boxing. A member of the Elite Powerlifting Federation, Ted is one of the oldest active competitors in the world and holds several state records.

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Donatas Bondorovas vs Willie Monroe Jr.full fight 28.02.2014

Brandon Adams vs Daniel Edouard full fight 28.02.2014

Raymond Gatica vs Sena Agbeko full fight 28.02.2014

Cerresso Fort vs Vitaliy Kopylenko

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  1. Tex Hassler 02:20pm, 03/04/2014

    Possibly Teddy Atlas wanted to make sure we did not confuse him with Whitney Houston. Maybe he could sing better if he did more road work. Maybe he is out shape with his singing. The possibilites are endless. Any way I am a fan of Teddy Atlas.

  2. Ted 09:58am, 03/02/2014

    Eric has the beat

  3. Eric 09:53am, 03/02/2014

    That Atlas meltdown wasn’t enough to relieve my bellyache.

  4. Eric 09:10am, 03/02/2014

    Was Atlas having an epileptic seizure. W-E-I-R-D. Worst remake ever.

  5. Don from Prov 07:54am, 03/02/2014

    I scrolled, mostly hurriedly, through the fights—why prolong it?

  6. NYIrish 06:25am, 03/02/2014

    Irish Frankie, sometimes singing would beget violence in my old haunts. Maybe Teddy would’ve fit in. He’s the loudmouth you slyrap on the way back from the mens room.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:56pm, 03/01/2014

    NyIrish-Toora Loora Loora…..huh?....what? you have no appreciation for a great tenor when ya’ hear one….don’t ya’ know this is what we do when we’re in our cups….. c’mon every one of you….Ohhhh Toora Loora Loora, Toora Loora Li.

  8. KenM 07:22pm, 03/01/2014

    The Middleweights were a little lacking this week, but last weeks Lightweight tourney was excellent - lots of competitive action with a slew of upsets.

    Still, thought the show made for semi-decent tv as a setup for the semi’s, which look a lot more interesting.

  9. Ted 04:43pm, 03/01/2014

    I would pay resonantly decent bitcoins if anyone can recall the details when Teddy left the podium in Las Vegas, ran into the crowd, and started beating up some poor slob.

  10. Your Name 04:41pm, 03/01/2014

    also, that fat ass referee almost got the Ghanaian killed.

    CG, No I can’t conform it but something strange DID happen there.

  11. NYIrish 04:38pm, 03/01/2014

    I once compared Teddy and his ceaseless narration to a loud drunk down the end of the bar. Now he bursts into song. Would love a clip of that Sir Editor. Maybe Teddy and Tyson Fury could team up for a duet.

  12. Matt McGrain 04:12pm, 03/01/2014

    Big shout out for the TBRB on the broadcast was really nice to see.

  13. Clarence George 04:02pm, 03/01/2014

    Ted:  Can you confirm what I thought I saw—i.e., Edouard’s ungracious and unsportsmanlike rejection of Adams’ “Well done”?  I’m pretty sure that’s what happened, and it left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth.

    By the way, I think Atlas’ singing was better than the fights, which tells you something.  Agbeko’s performance…my God!  Where I can sincerely praise Teddy, as well as Tessitore, is when they both had the gumption to speak up about how bad the matches were.  And they were.

  14. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 03:54pm, 03/01/2014

    Ted Sares-Two things….Vitaliy drilling Fort with a jab…..the agonizing look on Agbeko’s face just after the referee finally got it together and stopped it….wait…three things….that fatass referee riding Donatas’ ass like he was a red headed stepchild.

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