Boxer’s Bill of Rights

By Jill Diamond on November 14, 2017
Boxer’s Bill of Rights
I don't pretend to know, or understand how a boxer feels. To me, they are all heroes.

We talk endlessly about competent judges, even matches, safe conditions, and sometimes we forget that it’s not about us…

Last week, I had the privilege of Supervising an incredible fight. I walked away filled with the emotions of both fighters, the ebullience of the winner and the devastation of the loser. It’s so hard to know what to say to a fighter after he loses; especially one who has given more in ten rounds than many of us give in a lifetime. So, I wrote this.

We talk endlessly about competent judges, even matches, safe conditions, and sometimes we forget that it’s not about us, the fans, but for the sake of those two people, standing alone in the ring, putting their lives and his futures in our hands.

I don’t pretend to really know, or understand how a boxer feels. To me, they are all heroes. And if boxing is an individual sport, we should be the Team that stands behind them. They give so much for our enjoyment; so primal, so exciting, so beautiful.  Whether it’s the clean boxing program or instant replay, we must continue to implement ways to create a transparent playing field and fairness for our athletes. The only way I can see for us to elevate our sport, is to elevate our Boxers.

                                                      Boxer’s Bill of Rights

They’ve trained hard, given their time, their soul, their blood; let go of friends, family, and freedom to bring us the fight of our lives. They step into the ring knowing they may be carried out. They are not just fighting to win, but for a dream that started hundreds of years ago in a warrior’s heart; one that lives on, long after they do. They pray to honor the legends of the past, and those who follow in their footsteps. Even in defeat, they remain proud and confident of their journey. We are partners on this path. So bring your best self, your full heart, and your open mind when you enter the arena. It’s their home. Their castle. Their night! And we are their guests.

Boxers Deserve:

A Media that treats them fairly. They risk more than your opinion when they step in the ring and hope for your respect. Be clear, be kind and be careful when you criticize. There are lives at stake.

Officials who are as skilled in their judgment as they are fighting. Please leave your bias and self-doubt outside the arena. This is their moment and you have their futures in your hands.

A Belt that means more than a Title. They are your Champions. Fight for them as they’ve fought for you.

A Team that that stands with them and knows that for all they do, they alone take the blows.

A Manager who puts their career ahead of a night or a fight or a purse.

A Promoter that sells their tickets not souls.

An Opponent who is worthy, well-trained and considers sportsmanship as important as the sport.

A Gym where they can work without fearing their safety or image.

A Commission that watches over them. Knowing they will fight despite readiness, record or health. Guide them in their desire to make history.

A Fan who celebrates the fight as well as the victory.

A Doctor who’s fearless and will stop a fight. So the bell rings one time and not ten.

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  1. Fan 09:02am, 11/16/2017

    To make sure that we are not wasting time, we need fast pace fight with 1 min round.

  2. Bruno Schleinstein 03:56pm, 11/14/2017

    Grossly incompetent/corrupt judges like Adalaide byrd scoring 118-110 for Canelo and thanks to the NSAC she’s right back at it….referees like Tony Weeks calling a TKO on “bad guy/racist” Kovalev after three low blows/fouls…. disgusting in your face mismatches like Olympian Conwell with 150 amateur fights in with Zapata with no experience to speak of….dangerously unsafe conditions resulting from the ridiculously stupid practice of weighing in a day before the fight that results in fights like Jacobs/Arias where in addition to being a superior fighter in every way Jacobs gets to show up fight night with at least a ten pound pull in weight!

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