All Time Junior Welterweight Poll

By Mike Casey on January 18, 2013 All Time Junior Welterweight Poll
Get your thinking caps on and give us your ten greatest junior welterweights of all time.

Need some inspiration? Probably not, but here are some names to salivate over while you’re scratching your heads and shuffling your running order…

In the seventh of an exclusive ongoing series, is inviting our readers and writers to rank their Top 10 junior welterweight boxers of all time.

This will embrace all fighters who have made a significant impact on the junior welterweight division during its long and glittering history. After the big success of our welterweight poll, we now assess a weight class that wasn’t taken too seriously in its early days, but which has since grown in stature and produced a host of great fighters.

Need some inspiration? Probably not, but here are some names to salivate over while you’re scratching your heads and shuffling your running order: Nicolino Locche, Eddie Perkins, Packey McFarland, Bruno Arcari, Barney Ross, Frankie Randall, Aaron Pryor, Carlos Hernandez, Wilfred Benitez, Oscar De La Hoya, Antonio Cervantes, Tippy Larkin, Julio Cesar Chavez, Johnny Jadick, Tony Canzoneri, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jack (Kid) Berg, Kostya Tszyu, Duilio Loi, Carlos Ortiz, Ricky Hatton, etc.

So get your thinking caps on and give us your ten greatest junior welterweights of all time.

You don’t have to explain or justify your choices (although you can if you wish). Just give us your 1 to 10 and we will publish the definitive Top 10 in due course.

When the results of the poll are announced, the forum will be open to praise, criticism, rants, thoughts etc. In the meantime, much as we hate to preach, we must remind some of our members not to clutter this thread with opinions or criticize the choices of others. This is just a portal for listing your own Top 10. There will be every opportunity for discussion and debate when the final results are published.

Boxing.Com will allocate the following points values to each Top 10 submitted:

1st: 10pts
2nd: 9pts
3rd: 8pts
4th: 7pts
5th: 6pts
6th: 5pts
7th: 4pts
8th: 3pts
9th: 2pts
10th: 1pt

That’s it. No complicated rules or regulations Just be serious about your choices and don’t multiple post in different guises in the belief that we won’t know!

Closing date for the Junior Welterweight poll is February 18.

Mike Casey is the Founder & Editor of ALL TIME BOXING at He is a freelance journalist and boxing historian and a member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO).

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  1. Rob 07:12pm, 06/04/2013

    I can’t see leaving Tszyu out of the top 10 I can’t see Pryor ever beating him, I am from Cincinnati & saw all of Pryor’s fights many in person, & he had trouble taking a good punch, only problem was, he was never in there with a great power puncher, yet he was put down by several guys with just decent power, Tszyu would have knocked him out, he was maybe the hardest puncher in the history of the division & he was big strong for the weight also, no way pryor takes his punches & wins, Also and aging cervantes, I think he was what, maybe 34 or more when Pryor beat him Cervantes floored him early, Pryor was lucky then to get off the canvas & beat a champ past his prime, so I may even give Cervantes an edge over Pryor in his prime, Also leaving Chavez out, no way, his best weight may have been JWW, &  why can’t you rate a guy in more than 1 division, I think Chavez absorbs Pryor’s attack & either wears him down & wins a decision or wears him down like Taylor & knocks him out, also I give Canzoneri a shot at beating Pryor, & Benitez was quicker, faster & much better defensively than Arguello may have been able to outbox Pryor for a decision win, Armstrong & Duran both definitely beat Pryor, & I’m sure Mayweather would outbox him & win by Decision, De La Hoya, I’m not sure, he had a similar stand up style to Arguello, so Pryor has a chance to beat him, but I think I go with Oscar, also I would take Arguello over Pryor if they had not spiked his bottle with something, because Arguello threw a perfect, awesome, straight right, that bent Pryor’s head straight back, I was there, saw it in person, pryor did not flinch, yet, much lesser guys, threw lesser good punches put him down, & after the fight, Pryor leaned over the ropes was talking to reporters & slurring all his words and it was much more than a tired out of breath fighter, he seemed to be definitely without a doubt in my mind on something, don’t know what or what could have helped him, but something sure did, I had never seen him likes this before, I was always a Pryor fan, but I thought for sure Arguello would beat him, then after seeing it in person, I knew they cheated Arguello, and in the 2nd fight, Arguello’s heart was long gone, Pryor beat a shell of the fighter he was in the 1st bout, & pryor never fought again, I’m not sure, he may have fought 1 more fight, but either way after that he was finished, gone were wars with Duran, Leonard, Hearns & many others, which I would have bet, he would have lost them all, top 10 JWW for sure, top 2, no way.

  2. John hammerton 03:07am, 04/10/2013

    1.  Packy McFarland
    2.  Wilfred Benitez
    3.  J. C Chavez
    4.  Jack Kid Berg
    5.  Oscar de la Hoya
    6.  Aaron Pryor
    7.  Kostya Tszyu
    8.  Nicolino Locche
    9.  Antonio Cervantes
    10. Dulio Loi

  3. Davor 05:13am, 01/30/2013

    1-Nicolino Locche
    2-Wilfred Benitez
    3-Roberto Duran (if was considered as welter, he also should be here)
    4-Antonio Cervantes
    5-Aaron Pryor
    6-Carlos Ortiz
    7-Kostya Tszyu
    8-Floyd Mayweather Jr
    9-JC Chavez
    10-el Látigo Coggi

  4. Mike Casey 07:54am, 01/27/2013

    The Junior Middleweights don’t have quite a deep enough history at present. We experimented with the Cruiserweights and Super Middles to test the water, but the number of voters was very low. Nicolas, while we’re reminding each other of different things, can you please refrain from posting comments on this thread (see final paragraph of the introduction above). I’m the guy who has to add up all the votes and I need to be able to pick them straight off here without editing out all the chat. As clearly explained in that paragraph, the chance for debate, and discussion will be on the final results thread. Anyone continuing to post irrelevant asides on this thread will have their comments removed.

  5. nicolas 09:16pm, 01/26/2013

    Great that Mike Casey is making these lists, but I just want to remind Mike that he somehow skipped over the Jr. Middleweight division.

  6. Darrell 01:26am, 01/24/2013

    Never really paid a great deal of attention to this division, aside from Aaron Pryor whirlwinding away during his heyday & JC Chavez’s spell at the weight during his long career, but here goes.  Other notables didn’t really spend a hell of a lot of time campaigning at the weight so….

    1 Aaron Pryor
    2 JC Chavez
    3 Nicolino Locche
    4 Wilfred Benitez
    5 Antonio Cervantes
    6 Bruno Arcari
    7 Barney Ross
    8 Kostya Tszyu
    9 Duilio Loi
    10 Eddie Perkins

  7. nicolas 07:21pm, 01/22/2013

    To Eric and everyone else, who would you not at least include Pernell Whitaker, he actually won one of the Jr. Welterweight titles, just did not defend it, Won it I believe overt Rafael Peneda.

  8. Eric Jorgensen 01:46pm, 01/22/2013

    I always have a hard time deciding whom to include in the jr. division rankings.  Neither Henry Armstrong nor Roberto Duran competed in the division but surely each would be among the favorites to win an all-time 140 lb. tournament.  Same goes for Jimmy McLarnin and Pernell Whitaker, come to think of it, and Jose Napoles was probably a natural 140-pounder at his peak.  That said, I’m going to exclude all those guys and only rate the usual suspects:

    1-Aaron Pryor
    2-Nicolino Loche
    3-Wilfred Benitez
    4-Barney Ross
    5-Packy McFarland
    6-Dulio Loi
    7-Antonio Cervantes
    8-Tony Canzoneri
    9-Julio Cesar Chavez
    10-Jack (Kid) Berg

  9. Mike Casey 05:08am, 01/21/2013

    1. Nicolino Locche
    2. Packey McFarland
    3. Barney Ross
    4. Aaron Pryor
    5.Wilfred Benitez
    6. Antonio Cervantes
    7. Julio Cesar Chavez
    8. Tony Canzoneri
    9. Jack (KId) Berg
    10. Duilio Loi

  10. nicolas 02:30am, 01/19/2013

    Some of the names I will have here never fought in the junior welterweight division. As mentioned, at one time, probably only until Aaron Pryor came along, it was really not a well respected division, with some fighters going from lightweight right to Welterweight. One fighter became champion at Welterweight, but no doubt would have been junior welterweight champ, and probably could have been lightweight champion even very early in his illustrious career.
    1. Henry Armstrong
    2. Pernell Whitaker
    3. Aaron Pryor
    4. Wilfredo Benitez.
    5. Roberto Duran
    6. Sugar Ray Robinson
    7. Oscar De La Hoya
    8. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    9. Nicolino Locche
    10. Dulio Loi

  11. peter 04:54pm, 01/18/2013

    A great photo of Oscar Bonavena, (wearing his Grossinger’s t-shirt), chumming it up with Locche. My sense is this: at the moment this photo was shot, Bonavena—being Bonavena—got Locche in his clutches and was being a royal pain-in-the-ass while Locche simply grinned and beared it.

  12. Mike Casey 02:53pm, 01/18/2013

    Full Top 10 order for your vote to qualify.

  13. Adam 01:21pm, 01/18/2013

    1) Kostya Tszyu all time best junior welterweight

  14. the thresher 01:12pm, 01/18/2013

    1) Aaron Pryor
    2) Julio Cesar Chavez
    3) Jack Kid berg
    4) Wilfred Benitez
    5 )Antonio Cervantes
    6) Barney Ross:
    7) Nicolino Locche
    8) Kostya Tszyu,
    9) Tony Canzoneri
    10) Floyd Mayweather Jr.,—still active and could move up.

  15. tuxtucis 01:03pm, 01/18/2013

    1-Barney Ross
    2-Aaron Pryor
    3-Nicolino Locche
    4-Wilfred Benitez
    5-Antonio Cervantes
    6-Jack Kid Berg
    7-Dulio Loi
    8-Carlos Ortiz
    9-Eddie Perkins
    10-Bruno Arcari
    Very difficult choice between 1 and 2. Apologies to Ricky Hatton and Kostya Tszyu. I will rank J.C.Chavez as jr.lightweight. I promise this time i will not add moron comment to anyone’s ranking.

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