All Time Super Middleweight Poll

By Mike Casey on September 7, 2012 All Time Super Middleweight Poll
Who do you like? Joe Calzaghe? Nigel Benn? Steve Collins? Chris Eubank? Andre Ward?

The super middleweight division has nevertheless produced many memorable battles since Chong-Pal Park became its first lineal champion in the mid-eighties…

In the fourth of an exclusive ongoing series, is inviting our readers, writers, groupies and anyone else who happens to be in the vicinity to rank their Top 10 super middleweight fighters of all time.

This will embrace all fighters who have made a significant impact on the super middleweight division since its first claimant, Billy (Dynamite) Douglas, to its current lineal champion Andre Ward.

Still described as an ill-conceived and pointless weight class by many, the super middleweight division has nevertheless produced many exciting fighters and memorable battles since Chong-Pal Park became its first lineal champion in the mid-eighties.

So who do you like? Joe Calzaghe? Nigel Benn? Steve Collins? Chris Eubank?

You don’t have to explain or justify your choices (although you can if you wish). Just give us your 1 to 10 in each case and we will publish the definitive Top 10 in due course.

When the results of the poll are announced, the forum will be open to praise, criticism, rants, thoughts etc. In the meantime, please play fair and don’t criticize the choices of others.

Boxing.Com will allocate the following points values to each Top 10:

1st: 10pts
2nd: 9pts
3rd: 8pts
4th: 7pts
5th: 6pts
6th: 5pts
7th: 4pts
8th: 3pts
9th: 2pts
10th: 1pt

That’s it. No complicated rules or regulations Just be serious about your choices and don’t multiple post in different guises in the belief that we won’t know!

Closing date for the Super Middleweight poll is October 7.

Get thinking, leave your top super middleweights here and enjoy!

Mike Casey is the Founder & Editor of ALL TIME BOXING at He is a freelance journalist and boxing historian and a member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO).

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朴 鐘八 S カシアス内藤 Chong-Pal Park vs Cassius Naito

Victor Cordoba | Christophe Tiozzo 1/3

Victor Cordoba | Christophe Tiozzo 2/3

Victor Cordoba | Christophe Tiozzo 3/3

Michael Nunn vs James Toney (Full Fight.)

terry norris v steve little 1 of 2

terry norris v steve little 2 of 2

Roy Jones Junior v Frank Liles 2 (1988 Olympic Trials)

Joe Calzaghe vs Byron Mitchell [1/2]

Joe Calzaghe vs Byron Mitchell [2/2]


Chris Eubanks Knockouts

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  1. James Deignan 10:22am, 10/14/2017

    1.joe calzaghe
    2.andre ward
    3.roy Jones
    4.steve Collins
    5.chris eubank
    6. Nigel Benn
    7.carl froch
    8.james Toney
    9.michael Nunn
    10.frankie Lyle’s

  2. nick 01:26am, 09/21/2012

    This list was supposed to be about Super Middleweights. However some have made lists of fighters who would be the very best at fighting around 168, which of course expands the list of fighters. While in the list of Cruiserweights I would have Evander Hollyfield number one, I would feel that below 200 pounds I would put Joe Louis at Number One.  While I would have my original list of Super Middleweights in this revised list of the first four, Roy Jones, James Toney, Andre Ward and Joe Calzaghe. I think these other 6 men would be part of the top ten, and this is not in any particular order. Bernard Hopkins, Dick Tiger, Sugar Ray Robinson, Harry Greb, Sam Langford, and Bob Fitzsimmons.

  3. Eric Jorgensen 02:34pm, 09/20/2012

    Going by the best fighters who regularly fought @ 168 or below when in their primes, I make it like this:

    1-Bob Fitzsimmons
    2-Harry Greb
    3-Billy Conn
    4-Jack Dillon
    5-Mickey Walker
    6-Roy Jones, Jr.
    7-Lloyd Marshall
    8-Jack Delaney
    9-Joe Calzaghe
    10-James Toney

    [Reckon Sam Langford was over 168 by the time he peaked but could be wrong.  If I am, he’s #1, IMO.]

  4. tomcoen25 03:49pm, 09/19/2012

    1) Andre Ward for opposition/ Calzaghe longevity
    2) Roy Jones beat Toney
    3) Carl Froch opposition
    4) Mikkel Kessler beat Froch and longevity
    5) Nigel Benn beat McClellan
    6) Chris Eubank opposition
    7) Steve Collins opposition
    8) Sakio Bika scrappy fights with the with the two top on list
    9) James Toney clearly talented but didn’t do much in the super middle division except batter a shot Iran Barkley and then get humiliated by Roy Jones
    10) Robin Reid inconsistent but had some very good nights

  5. tuxtucis 06:08am, 09/11/2012

    Alternative ranking
    1) Bob Fitzsimmons
    2) Sam Langford
    3) Jack Dillon
    4) Roy Jones Jr.
    5) Philadelphia Jack O’Brien
    6) Billy Conn
    7) Joe Choynski
    8) Joe Calzaghe
    9) Andre Ward
    10) Steve Collins

  6. tuxtucis 06:05am, 09/11/2012

    Although younger than cruiserweight division, supermiddleweights showed far more talents…
    1) Roy Jones Jr
    2) Joe Calzaghe
    3) Andre Ward
    4) Steve Collins
    5) Chris Eubank
    6) Nigel Benn
    7) Sven Ottke
    8) Frankie Liles
    9) Michael Nunn
    10)Mikkel Kessler

  7. nick 12:29pm, 09/10/2012

    1. Roy Jones
    2. James Toney
    3. Andre Ward
    4. Joe Calzaghe
    5 Michael Nunn
    6. Chris Eubanks
    7. Nigel Benn
    8. Frankie Liles
    9. Steve Collins
    10. Sven Ottke

  8. the thresher 11:15am, 09/10/2012

    On Queer Street?

  9. Jason 12:32pm, 09/08/2012

    Am I the only one to choose Nunn? Where’s Lacy?

  10. Jason 12:30pm, 09/08/2012

    1) Roy Jones Jr.
    2) Joe Calzaghe
    3) James Toney
    4) Nigel Benn
    5) Tommy Hearns
    6) Byron Mitchell
    7) Steve Collins
    8) Chris Eubank
    9) Mikkel Kessler
    10) Michael Nunn

    ** Obviously Andre Ward deserves a spot but it’s hard to judge him while he’s only 28. If he beats Dawson tonight, then I may have to update. Same goes for Froch.

  11. Mike Casey 07:05am, 09/08/2012

    Careful, Ted. A little bird tells me that one of their eight-year old panel members has seen your post and is very upset.

  12. the thresher 06:25am, 09/08/2012

    What’s amazing is that Steve Collins in not even in the IBHOF. What does that tell you about the young kids who vote for the candidates?

  13. Mike Casey 02:18pm, 09/07/2012

    1. Joe Calzaghe
    2. Roy Jones Jr
    3. James Toney
    4. Chris Eubank
    5. Nigel Benn
    6. Steve Collins
    7. Mikkel Kessler
    8. Chong-Pal Park
    9. Sven Ottke
    10. In-Chul Baek

  14. mike schmidt 01:23pm, 09/07/2012

    1) Joe Calzaghe (by a landslide)                                         
    2) Roy Jones                                                              
    3) James Toney                                                          
    4) Chris Eubank                                                                
    5) Nigel Benn                                                                  
    6) Andre Ward                                                                  
    7) Steve Collins                                                                
    8) Tommy Hearns                                                                
    9) Mikkel Kessler                                                                
    10) Sven Ottke

  15. The Thresher 12:56pm, 09/07/2012

    1) Joe Calzaghe
    2) Roy Jones Jr.
    3) Steve Collins
    4)  James Toney
    5) Chris Eubank
    6) Nigel Benn
    7)  Sven Ottke
    8)  Andre Ward
    9) Frankie Liles
    10) Tie between Chong-Pal Park and In-Chul Baek

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