Fighter and Fight of the Year Awards

By Mike Casey on December 8, 2015 Fighter and Fight of the Year Awards
Any irrelevant comments will be discarded, as will multiple posters in different guises.

Due to time and budget constraints, we can’t send signed photographs of Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm to our participants…

As another year on the boxing calendar draws to a close, is polling its readers and writers for their nominations in four important categories.

The categories are as follows:

Fighter of the Year
Fight of the Year
Prospect of the Year
The Fighter I Most Like to Watch

All you have to do is give your answer in each category and the results will then be tabulated to reveal our winners.

There is no reason to list the reasons for your choices (although you’re welcome to) as you will have every chance to express your views in our New Year round-up when the results are announced.

So who do you like for your Fighter of the Year? Tyson Fury? Saul Alvarez? Gennady Golovkin? Floyd Mayweather Jr? Timothy Bradley? Sergey Kovalev? Leo Santa Cruz? Roman Gonzalez?

And what about your Fight of the Year? Glowacki-Huck? Cleverley-Fonfara? Matthysse-Provodnikov? Lemieux-N’Dam? Martinez-Salido? Pascal-Gonzalez? Fury-Klitschko, if only because of its significance?

Who is your Prospect of The Year? Which young and up-and-coming fighter really caught your eye and seems destined to go right to the top?

Finally, which fighter did you most enjoy watching in 2015? He doesn’t have to be a champion or even a top prospect, as long as he gave you his best effort and made you glad that you tuned in.

It’s your chance to have your say, so don’t waste it. It’s one vote for each person, irrespective of your gender, sexual orientation, country, race or whether you think that a large wind turbine in your garden is environmentally friendly or an aesthetic calamity.

Any irrelevant comments will be discarded, as will multiple posters in different guises who think we don’t know what they’re doing.

The closing date for your votes is December 31 and may the best men win.

Due to time and budget constraints, we can’t send signed photographs of Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm to our participants.

Mike Casey is a writer and Founder & Editor of ALL TIME BOXING at He is a freelance journalist and boxing historian and a member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO).

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Walka O Wszystko Glowacki Huck

Fonfara vs Cleverly FULL FIGHT: Oct. 16, 2015 - PBC on Spike

Lucas Matthysse vs. Ruslan Provodnikov: HBO Boxing After Dark Highlights


Orlando Salido vs Roman Martinez 2 Highlights \ Орландо Салидо vs Роман Мартинес 2

Jean Pascal vs. Yuniesky Gonzalez: HBO World Championship Boxing Highlights

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  1. Mike Casey 05:07am, 12/15/2015

    Beautifully and precisely categorized, Groovey!

  2. GROOVEY 07:59pm, 12/14/2015

    Fighter of the Year- Mayweather.
    Fight of the Year- Danny Garcia vs Lamont Peterson
    Prospect of the Year- Felix Verdejo: lightweight
    The Fighter I Most Like to Watch- Terrance Crawford

  3. nicolas 12:11pm, 12/14/2015

    SONNY: I would agree with you, accept for one thing, how Mayweather went out of boxing, at least it appears, by boxing in his last fight Andre Berto.

  4. Sonny 04:36am, 12/14/2015

    Personally, fighter of the year is Mayweather. People criticize but he beat Pacquiao, no one has a better win this year, only Fury maybe

  5. Mike Casey 02:59am, 12/14/2015

    Thanks for voting, Nicolas.

  6. tuxtucis 12:32am, 12/14/2015

    Robbery of the year:  Feigenbutz win De Carolis

  7. nicolas 09:56pm, 12/13/2015

    For me the fighter of the year is Glolovkin. He is an interim champ for the WBC, the WBA and IBF champ at this time. While there has been criticism of him for possibly avoiding Ward and Lara, he has also been avoided by the likes of Martinez, Cotto, and Alvarez, who has stated he would only fight him if he came down to 155. But then how could Alvarez consider himself the true Middleweight champ? Also I think Glolovkin represents an interesting part of boxing history, as he and other boxers from what was once the Soviet Union are making an important impact on the professional sport, something that could not be done some 40 years ago, also as far as Ring mag would be concerned, it would be the second straight year that a fighter from that part of the world would be the fighter of the year. . If Glolovkin gets a lot of fighter of the year honors, would that not put some pressure on Alvarez not to be making the demands that he is trying to put on Glolovkin? Also a thought that comes to my mind, in regards to American born fighters. With the apparent retirement of Flooyd Mayweather, the inactivity of Andre Ward, if the best of the 17 weight classes were to be fighting one another, is it possible that no American born fighter would be a world champion?

  8. Clarence George 04:15am, 12/10/2015

    That was a helluva wallop, wasn’t it, Tuxtucis?  I think Tarver called it the “perfect punch.”

    You’re absolutely right about Golovkin, SheaSteezy.  I had the pleasure of meeting him once, and he’s the very definition of humility.

  9. tuxtucis 12:33am, 12/10/2015

    @Clarence George: Cojanu’s ko by Dennis really reminds me more Tarver ko Jones Jr. than Walcott ko Charles: both Dennis and Cojanu are southpaw and use straight left counter, while Walcott was orthodox and used a left uppercut (or hookercut?).

  10. SheaSteezy 11:38pm, 12/09/2015

    Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin for fighter of the year and most entertaining to watch. I love everything about this guy’s style and hes the most humble man you’ll ever meet!

  11. Jim Crue 12:29pm, 12/09/2015

    Thanks guys..good reasons all for Tony not fighting Jake.
    Tony Zale taught me the fundamentals of boxing in Chicago in the 1960’s but I was too young and ignorant to ask him many questions.
    Sure wish we had films of these guys in their prime.

  12. beaujack 12:10pm, 12/09/2015

    Jim Crue. In answer to your query why Tony Zale and Jake LaMotta never fought for the title I could only speculate. In 1941 when Tony Zale was champion he went into the Navy for 4 long years. LaMotta in 1941 was just starting his career starting out as a LH. After serving 4 years in the service Tony Zale was discharged and resumed his career at the ripe age of 33 in 1946..His main concern was to get rid of 4 years of rust and start making some dough at the same time…Who can blame him. At that time in 1946 Rocky Graziano became the best money attraction in boxing and the team of Art Winch and Sam Pian [Barney Ross trainers] chose Rocky Graziano over Jake LaMotta to fight.Rocky and Jake were boyhood friends but Graziano was the bigger drawing card and their 3 fights ruined both of them, no doubt..Tony Zale was about35 years old in their last fight and long in the tooth…Tony Zale of preWW2 would have made short work of Graziano IMO…

  13. Clarence George 11:33am, 12/09/2015

    Maybe the timing was off.  LaMotta turned pro in ‘41, Zale leaving the ring the following year for four years.  Though, yeah, I suppose they could have fought between ‘46 and ‘48, when Zale retired.  Hmmm…

    Prime vs. prime, I’d put my money on Zale.

  14. Mike Casey 10:05am, 12/09/2015

    It’s all a bit muddled, Jim. Jake was so good, he just couldn’t get a shot at the middleweight title. A Graziano-LaMotta fight was in the works but fell through because of - I believe - Rocky’s suspension. Jake fought Billy Fox on the understanding that he would get a fight with light heavy champ Gus Lesnevich, but was persuaded to go into the tank on the promise that his turn would come later. I don’t really know why a fight with Zale never happened.

  15. Jim Crue 09:38am, 12/09/2015

    Mike Casey or any of you historians.
    I read a while ago the new bio of Tony Zale. It was a good read but hagiography at it’s finest. My dream fight is Zale v LaMotta. Does anyone know why these two never fought? Zale was not really connected as they say and Jake rejected the mob until he didn’t. Is that the reason they did not fight? Zale fought Graziano because style make fights and they were made for each other and Rocky was a huge draw.
    Zale v LaMotta would have been SOME fight!! I find it hard to believe Nat Fleischer or any other writers of the day did not call for a fight between them.

  16. Clarence George 08:12am, 12/09/2015

    Wonderful, Beau Jack.  There was a Jewish fighter (Marty Pomerantz, I think) who once loaned Terry one of his Star of David-emblazoned trunks, which didn’t stop the Catholic Terry from making the Sign of the Cross.  One can only imagine the spectators’ confusion.  As for Beau Jack—my favorite lightweight.

  17. beaujack 07:25am, 12/09/2015

    Clarence, I too am a fan of the slam bang take no prisoners Rocky Graziano..As I have posted before I saw Mr Rocco Barbella fight since his 4 round prelim bouts up to his wars with Tony Zale, which took everything out of both of them. Graziano, was and fought like a “street fighter” and brought such tension to his bouts. One fight I recall vividly was at Dexter Park in Queens [home of the Bushwick semi-pro baseball team] in Queens NY. He fought a Frankie Terry, and it was the wildest fight I ever saw. Graziano and Terry kicked each other, took out their mouthpieces and tried to bite each other, knocked the poor referee to the canvas, forcing the cops to restore order. The crowd went bonkers, and Rocky eventually stopped Frankie Terry.
    The kicker in all this was , Rocky Graziano and Frankie Terry were related, being second cousins to each other ! Rocky along with Beau Jack were my favorite action fighters. Digitalis fighters were they…

  18. Clarence George 06:50am, 12/09/2015

    As I’ve mentioned here before, Jim, Rocky lived right next door to me.  He used to come over to visit Henny Youngman.  He would also head further west to visit Martha Raye.  Anyway, Rocky is unapologetically among my top 10.

  19. Clarence George 06:42am, 12/09/2015

    P.S.  Beaujack’s reminiscences are worth their weight in gold.

  20. Jim Crue 06:42am, 12/09/2015

    Yes I remember that issue of the Ring. Rocky was a small MW and he was connected, who wasn’t besides Robinson and Louis and LaMotta. He could have easily made WW. The MW and WW divisions were so deep in those days. Even Rocky said, ” I was a street fighter”. But watch the films available, he was way past his best, and he was obviously well schooled by Whitey Bimstein.
    I worked with a guy, rest his soul, who grew up on Mulberry St in Little Italy who was best friends with Rocky’s brother Lenny. He had great stories about Rocky. A character to say he least.

  21. Clarence George 06:25am, 12/09/2015

    Thanks for the kind words, Jim, and great post. 

    The May 1994 edition of “The Ring” features the greatest fighters of all time, division-by-division.  They say Graziano is overrated because he “was protected and connected.  He had tons of heart and power, but fought far too many welterweights to rate with the best of 160-pound champions.”  I say…bullshit!  (They also give short shrift to Liston, by the way.)

    Most fight fans today don’t know diddly.  I, too, have come across any number who have literally never heard of Greb, Armstrong, or Pep.  As for Ali being “The Greatest,” that’s just a knee-jerk mantra.  I don’t at all put Eric (who’s always civil) in that category, however wrong he is in his appreciation of today’s heavyweights.

  22. Mike Casey 06:16am, 12/09/2015

    Who’s your fighter of the year, Sweet? Any pick? You’ve got tons of time yet, so don’t worry!

  23. TheSweetScience 06:14am, 12/09/2015

    Kono vs kameda

  24. TheSweetScience 06:03am, 12/09/2015

    Added category: KO OF THE YEAR:
    Bracero ko’s Danny O’Connor. My jaw even hit the floor! What a surprise!

  25. Clarence George 06:00am, 12/09/2015

    Yeah, hardly banner.

  26. TheSweetScience 05:57am, 12/09/2015

    PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Felix Verdejo
    FIGHT OF THE YEAR: (off top of my head): Miura/Vargas because of the sheer
                  Back n forth, plus miura raising his fist after doing the worm and
                  Being proud of getting up… Then Vargas shocking us all in comeback!

    *** SURPRISE fight o the year goes to CREED, JR. VS PRETTY RICKY!!! So good!


  27. Jim Crue 05:55am, 12/09/2015

    I agree that Walcott does not get the attention he deserves. Same with Graziano. If we had films of the young Graziano he would be more appreciated. Beaujack actually saw him fight and has made many posts on this site about how exciting, take no prisoners, he was. I’m always amused when I see on this thing we call the internet ,videos posted about the 10 greatest knockouts or 10 greatest fights. Most of the great fights and knockouts were not filmed so these posters are perpetuating myths.
    Before I retired years ago I would have conversations with much younger colleagues about boxing. They all said Ali was the greatest of all time. When I asked why they thought that they looked at me dumbfounded. Maybe he was the greatest but they had no idea why. I asked them if they had ever heard of Sugar Ray Robinson, or Henry Armstrong, or Harry Greb. Some had not even heard of Duran!! But they knew Ali was the greatest!! I like this site because for the most part it does not perpetuate myths.
    I smile when I read the poster named Eric who I mostly disagree with, especially on the HW’s but thats what makes this site good. Honest, mostly respectful discussion.
    And I really like your stories of the journeyman fighters of long ago.

  28. Mike Casey 05:35am, 12/09/2015

    You make a good point about our writers ‘giving it thought’, Clarence. So the heck am I! It hasn’t exactly been a spectacular year, has it? Few things really jump out and stand apart. A bit like being asked to predict the outcome of a fight that doesn’t grab you!

  29. Clarence George 04:50am, 12/09/2015

    Thanks, Mike.  And I’m glad my not rounding up the usual suspects didn’t incur your displeasure.  Oh, the pretentiousness!  BOHOF.

    I’m sure the other guys are giving it thought, that’s all.

    Walcott doesn’t get the attention he deserves.

  30. Mike Casey 04:03am, 12/09/2015

    Thanks for your detailed post, Clarence. Yes, Walcott’s classic KO of Charles is one of my all time favourites. Let’s hope that some of the other writers on our panel will pitch in too.

  31. Mike Casey 04:01am, 12/09/2015

    Thanks, guys. The response so far has been excellent.

  32. tuxtucis 02:53am, 12/09/2015

    Match of the year: Hekkie Budler-Simphiwe Khonco
    Like to Watch: Vasyl Lomachenko

  33. miguel gggarcia 01:21am, 12/09/2015

    fighter of the year -postol
    fight of the year- miura vs vargas
    poy -Jcramirez
    fav fighter to watch -ggg.

  34. andrew 08:32pm, 12/08/2015

    I think voting for fighters few have heard of is pretentious.

  35. raxman 04:48pm, 12/08/2015

    the problem is its been an absolutely terrible year for the top level fighters. Given most only fight twice a year - it shouldn’t be hard for the top guys to give us two fights against top opposition - but it just doesn’t happen
    surely fighter of the year should go to the guy who beats the best opposition. its almost impossible to find anyone who’s done that in both their fights.
    Canelo is probably the closest to having 2 good wins over good opponents but to me his year doesn’t scream out fighter of the year, but surely his win over a legend in Cotto and good fighter in Kirkland trumps any others.
    No one would mention Bradley but he beat Rios a former titlist in convincing fashion and took the “0” off a good young fighter in Vargas. but again despite the better quality then most he doesn’t seem to warrant taking the chocolates either.
    Roman G is a great fighter but this year he beat 2 formerly good, but well past their used by date, opponents in Viloria and Sosa
    golovkin beat murray, Monroe jnr and Lemieux. those guys don’t have a win over a single top level opponent between them. No one should get fighter of the year for beating up B-C level opposition.
    GGG could certainly win “most talented fighter beating limited opposition in the most exciting of ways” though
    The Cruisers never get a look in but Glowaki whose victory over Huck (in a FOTY contender) on its own has to rate higher than the 3 wins GGG dished up
    ah who am I kidding - you guys are always going to count the “how” of GGG ahead of the “against who” - just give it to Golovkin

  36. Aztec Warrior 03:14pm, 12/08/2015

    Almost forgot,
    My “Whatever happened to ?” vote goes to - Mikey Garcia.
    Hopefully we’ll see him in 2016.

  37. Clarence George 02:45pm, 12/08/2015

    Check out that Walcott saunter.  Like Astaire.  Class and nothing but class.

  38. Clarence George 02:37pm, 12/08/2015

    I wanna play too.  Otherwise…massive pouting.

    Fighter of the Year:  Gennady Golovkin (hands down)
    Fight of the Year:  Donovan Dennis-Razvan Cojanu (what a KO!  Remarkable resemblance to what Walcott did to Charles.
    Prospect of the Year:  JoJo Diaz (outstanding fighter, though he needs to pick up the quality of his opposition a bit)
    The Fighter I Most Like to Watch:  Tony Luis (relentless, lots of heart.  I almost went with Oscar Escandon, but Luis is more mobile and versatile)
    Autographed Photo Requested: Anna Zielinski (a picture is worth a thousand words.

  39. Aztec Warrior 02:10pm, 12/08/2015

    Fighter of the year - Roman Gonzalez
    Fight of the year- Vargas/Miura
      It kind of reminded me of Mancin / Kim war.
    Prospect of the year - Errol Spence jr.
    Fighter I most enjoy- El Chocolatito. God given talent in action.

  40. miguel gggarcia 12:57pm, 12/08/2015

    fighter of the year= postol
    fight of the year = vargas/miura
    prospect of the year = jc ramirez
    the fighter i most like to watch is ggg his technique and intelligence are unique in the sport.

  41. Jan Swart 12:44pm, 12/08/2015


  42. beaujack 12:26pm, 12/08/2015

    How could it be anyone but GGG? He brings to the ring such electric power and expectations of a knockout. and he never fails to deliver…

  43. tuxtucis 11:33am, 12/08/2015

    I start with…
    fighter of the year: Roman Gonzalez
    prospect of the year: Kosei Tanaka
    (it’s not the size of the dog)

  44. Don from Prov 11:28am, 12/08/2015

    “It’s your chance to have your say, so don’t waste it. It’s one vote for each person, irrespective of your gender, sexual orientation, country, race or whether you think that a large wind turbine in your garden is environmentally friendly or an aesthetic calamity.

    Any irrelevant comments will be discarded, as will multiple posters in different guises who think we don’t know what they’re doing.”

    A side-note, Mr. Casey.  If I am not mistaken, and I am often mistaken, I believe that the above is directed to one particular poster.  And I admire that, sir.  Standing up, as yourself, and speaking to a truth.  In fact—again, if I am not wrong—it sort of represents a “High Noon” moment, and as the poster in question very well might, in his own mind, see himself the most feared gunslinger in the wild west, that would make it interesting to see if this feared gunslinger would actually respond to you as himself, and not under any false name or by filtering comments through others.

    If I am mistaken, or you simply don’t want any of this up on the thread, please feel free to have Mr. Ecksel remove this post; I would not only be far from insulted but would be happy to add an apology if one is called for.

  45. jim Crue 10:25am, 12/08/2015


  46. Eric 09:16am, 12/08/2015

    Holly Holm would be my selection for fighter of the year but since this is boxing only, I cast my vote for GGG. And the winner of the Spider Rico Is He Still Around Award goes to Antonio Tarver.

  47. Mike Casey 09:16am, 12/08/2015

    Thanks, Don!

  48. Don from Prov 09:09am, 12/08/2015

    I enjoyed the Vargas/Miura fight—

    And think well of Spence Jr. as a rising fighter

  49. Don from Prov 08:56am, 12/08/2015

    For me, fighter of the year—Gonzales, just because I found him electric to finally watch, and that—for me, at this moment—is enough to = fighter of
    the year (though some Lomachenko footwork dazzled me more than a bit)

  50. Mike Casey 08:28am, 12/08/2015

    Thanks, guys. Golovkin takes the early lead!

  51. adel 06:05am, 12/08/2015

    provodnikov vs matthysse fight of the year
    GGG fighter of the year

  52. Koolz 05:07am, 12/08/2015

    Fighter of the Year for me is GGG

    Fight of the Year…that’s a tough one.

  53. Koolz 05:06am, 12/08/2015

    Give it to Golovkin.

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