Boxing à la Holstein

By Clarence George on June 16, 2013
Boxing à la Holstein
Fan-friendly junior welter Selcuk Aydin will face Aaron Herrera in Germany on July 27.

“All the dogs I have are German Shepherds from Germany, and I fly them back to Germany to show them.”—George Foreman

Fan-friendly junior welter Selcuk Aydin will face Aaron Herrera for a scheduled 10 rounds in Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen, Germany, on July 27.

Twenty-nine-year-old Aydin (24-2, 17 KOs) fought only once in 2012, suffering the first loss of his seven-year career, defeated by Robert Guerrero via unanimous decision in July. His second loss came in January of this year, defeated by Jesus Soto Karass via majority decision. “The Turkish Warrior” last fought in March, beating Giuseppe Lauri by unanimous decision.

Twenty-two-year-old Herrera (25-2, 17 KOs), a pro since 2006, fought four times last year, beating Joksan Hernandez by unanimous decision in February, stopping Zaid Zavaleta by first-round TKO in April, losing to Fernando Garcia by unanimous decision in July, and stopping Jorge Pimentel by first-round KO in November. “La Joya” has already fought once this year, losing to Jason Pagara by unanimous decision in May.

The Turk and the Mexican appear to have similar records and histories, but appearances tend to be no truer than one’s first love. Aydin has defeated some impressive competition, including twice decisioning the very good indeed Ionut Dan Ion. Besides, Aydin is a resident of Hamburg, and favorite-son status is Hühnersuppe—it may not help, but it sure as hell can’t hurt.

Aydin to win, if only by unanimous decision.

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Selcuk Aydin - R. Guerrero

Jason Pagara vs. Aaron Herrera- FULL FIGHT

Selcuk Aydin vs Giuseppe Lauri - Full Fight (22.03.2013)

Aaron Herrera vs. Manuel Garcia

Selcuk Aydin vs. Luis Hernandez

Aaron Herrera vs Carlos Wiston Velasquez, highlights

Selçuk AYDIN vs Jesus Soto KARASS - Sat. Jan 26th - SHOWTIME Boxing -Las Vegas

Aarón la joya herrera vs Zahid Zavala

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  1. Clarence George 05:58pm, 06/17/2013

    At least part of Hungary was under the impertinent control of the Ottoman Empire for quite some time, so there could be Turkish blood.  That said, I like to think of myself as 100% Hungarian.

  2. Ted 05:08pm, 06/17/2013

    No. Hungarians are too far removed to be part Turks, but actually I AM part Turk, part Greek, part Italian, and part mean!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Clarence George 12:54pm, 06/17/2013

    Well and colorfully put, Ted.

    Aydin is admittedly limited. I didn’t understand his strategy, or whatever the hell that was, against Jesus Soto Karass, for instance.  But he’s tough and hits hard, characteristics that are of paramount importance to me.

    Being of Hungarian descent, Irish, I probably have some Turkish blood in me.  Formidable, eh?  Fortunately for my would-be opponents, I’m usually a lumbering, peaceable bear, who focuses on cosseting his tummy.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 12:18pm, 06/17/2013

    Or was it an Iranian wrestler…no…I’m pretty dadgummed sure it was a Turkish competitor. In my view some of the strongest men and women on the face of the Earth come from Southern and Eastern Europe.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 12:06pm, 06/17/2013

    Clarence George-Which reminds me…years ago a friend of mine was competing internationally in wrestling….long story short…in a match with a Turkish grappler he said that when his opponent grasped his wrist his grip was so strong that he was unable free his hand and more than that the circulation to his hand was shut down to the point that his hand literally “fell asleep”...needless to say he didn’t win that match!

  6. Ted 09:54am, 06/17/2013

    Turks are better Greco-Roman wrestlers than they are boxers, but they are strong as oxen and mean as crocodiles.  This one is a crowd pleaser who should never be taken for granted.

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