Mainstream Media: Marquez-Concepcion II

By Michael Schmidt on October 27, 2011
Mainstream Media: Marquez-Concepcion II
The fighters were inundated with autograph and photo requests along the sidewalks

Mainstream media was once again putting forth the proposition that boxing had, amongst other things, “shot itself in the foot…”

As I sat ringside this past weekend at The Hershey Centre, Ontario, Canada, for what turned out to be as exciting and entertaining a fight card as I have ever seen (if you don’t believe me then ask Al Bernstein and Guy Jutras who were both ringside), I could not help but be amused as I waxed boxing philosophic with ringside pal Ranny Tal. Mainstream U.S. and Canadian media was once again this past week putting forth the proposition that boxing had, amongst other things, “shot itself in the foot,” was “a close to dead,” “a niche sport,” etcetera, etcetera. This of course was “the rising” put forth via the Hopkins latest fiasco. Say it enough times and it must be true. Not so! The Hershey Centre was filled to the rafters, 6000 strong, screaming and yelling at the effort put forth by the fighters, and most particularly by Mr. Logan McGuiness and Mr. Samuel Vargas in their mutual victories. No optical illusion at all. Alive and more than well thank you very much. Which brings me to this coming weekend.

This coming weekend in Sonora, Mexico there will be a renewal of boxing festivities and hostilities as Marquez-Concepcion II takes place. This is a rematch of their “Fight of the Year” frontrunner held in Panama in April. Twenty-six-year-old Luis “El Nica” Concepcion (23-2) will try to regain the WBA flyweight title from 23-year-old Hernan “Tyson” Marquez (31-2). Their first fight was electrifying to say the least. Sixteen thousand screaming Panamanian fans crammed into Arena Roberto Duran. “Manos de Piedra” was himself in attendance as were, amongst a host of others, Eusebio Pedroza, and Yuriorkis Gamboa. A wet mop was kept ringside for the referee to wipe up in the beer that found its way to the canvas via tossed plastic cups. Prelim action was stopped a few times to administer the wipe down. Atmosphere indeed. Concepcion, the local prohibitive favorite defending Champion, had dispatched 14 of his previous 16 opponents, seven in the first round, including prior champion Kaovichit in one. That victory was followed by one of the better off the top ropes back flips and “stick it” landings by the new champion. Concepcion vs. Marquez “Fight of the Year “indeed. Both fighters were down in the first and Concepcion, down in the third and the 10th, was finally stopped, bruised and battered, by way of the ringside physician having seen enough. Indeed the whole week in Panama leading up to the fight was boxing boxing boxing. Radio, TV and the three major newspapers had front and center coverage every single day.

If you had the pleasure to walk the streets with one of the Champions, as I did that week, you watched as the fighters were inundated with constant greetings and autograph and photo requests along the sidewalks. Construction workers, three stories up, would yell down in appreciation, “Ola El Campeon, Ola.” Sorry mainstream media, boxing is alive and well. Not perhaps in a theater near you but all the same, alive and well. Panama, Mexico, Germany…and so the list goes on in venues packed with screaming and yelling fans enjoying the sweet science.“El Nica” vs. “Tyson” Marquez. They will fight, these little big men, in a big rematch. There will be no injury toss fiasco; not down in this neck of the woods and certainly not with that big Latin beat and Latin pride banging away in the background. You have to walk the walk hereabouts and these two wonderful young fighters, “El Nica” and “Tyson” Marquez, do just that. 

Different personalities these two great young warriors. “El Nica” like his in the ring style can fill a room with his loud personality in a hurry. There is a not-too-subtle mischievousness to those hard eyes. Want a photograph together? No problem. Want a punch in the nose? Well, that is no problem either. Marquez, steady, reflective and studied, oh so studied. I had had the pleasure of being in the dressing room before fight number one and Marquez was so calm, so focused, that it was hard to believe he was about to go into the gladiatorial Arena Roberto Duran. Two young men, Champions. They have already brought out the best of each other and in turn have shown why boxing is alive and well. The best to the both of them then this weekend in a renewal of the best sport in the world, for this guy, anyways, always. Alive and well indeed from The Hershey Centre through to Panama, Mexico, and beyond…

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