Boxing’s Summer Recycling Plan

By Paul Magno on July 9, 2018
Boxing’s Summer Recycling Plan
Showcasing this one as the main event on a FOX-televised card may be a bit much.

There’s nothing wrong with fighters who are less than top tier being able to earn some honest paydays…

Not every baseball game is the seventh game of the World Series and not every NFL game is the Super Bowl. Sometimes, the little games that lead to the big ones can be just as entertaining. At the very least, they’re necessary in that they add context to the reasoning behind why the big ones are the big ones.

Boxing, with thousands of licensed participants worldwide and hundreds of live cards sprinkled all over the globe in any given year, needs these building block fights more than any other sport. And if your “building blocks” also have a “name,” then maybe a little money can be made and the publicity from the main eventers can bring some attention to younger fighters on the card.

It’s easy to dump on retreads and recycled former champions—especially if, maybe, there’s an argument to be made that they’re causing themselves physical harm by fighting on—but there’s nothing wrong with fighters who are less than top tier being able to earn some honest paydays. Matched appropriately (and not used as chum for the young, hungry sharks of the sport), these guys can add lots of excitement and intrigue to the sport while fans are waiting on the truly big fights.

So, critics be damned—These are some summer recycling efforts that are actually pretty good.

Vivian Harris vs. DeMarcus Corley 7/21

Oh, there’s no doubt that both of these guys have seen better days—and those “better days” happened well over a decade ago. But while both can pass their physicals and are still getting calls from promoters, they WILL fight on, no matter what anyone thinks. However, if guys like this stay on the senior circuit and fight one another, the damage done is as minimal is it’s going to be. Last year, these two former champs met in a pretty entertaining and competitive bout, with “Chop Chop” coming out ahead, and this upcoming rematch at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, should be solid third-tier product as well. 

Andre Berto vs. Devon Alexander 8/4

Showcasing this one as the main event on a FOX-televised card may be a bit much, but there’s really nothing wrong with the match-up, itself. Alexander hasn’t always been a TV-friendly presence (actually, he’s RARELY been TV-friendly), but Berto HAS. Andre Berto has been unfairly lambasted for much of his career for just happening to be a very good, but not great welterweight who walked into a very lucrative HBO contract as the premium cable network was beginning its monumental fall from grace. Berto may never have been the elite-level fighter he was thought to be by the HBO suits, but he has always delivered entertaining and earnest performances in the ring. Even now, battered and past his prime, he’ll push Alexander and maybe, possibly earn his way back into the fringes of title contention.

Victor Ortiz vs. Brandon Rios

No date has been set yet and things haven’t progressed beyond the strong rumor phase, but what’s not to love about this one as a third-tier space-filler? Ortiz is probably still at his physical prime while Rios is well past it, but Ortiz’s lack of focus and other chinks in his mental armor make him vulnerable to even a tired, spent warhorse like Rios. Throw in some very real and longstanding personal beef between the two, as well as all-around excellent mic skills from both, and this becomes a no-lose proposition for event organizers. This will bring a big bang for small bucks.

Peter Quillin vs. J’Leon Love 8/4

Since being blown away in one round by Daniel Jacobs in December of 2015, Quillin has only fought once. The former middleweight champ has seemed either disinterested or disengaged when it comes to his boxing career since dropping the middleweight title. But “Kid Chocolate” was always a compelling fighter with a pleasing ring style. Maybe letting himself be booked against one-time prospect J’Leon Love, whose own career has been on auto-pilot since his three-round TKO loss to Rogelio Medina in 2014, is a sign that he wants to now make a serious comeback. The winner of Quillin-Love, broadcast on the FOX Berto-Alexander undercard, will probably be pushed right into the mix of an increasingly deep super middleweight division.

Alfredo Angulo vs. Gabriel Rosado 8/18

Back in 2009, Angulo blasted Rosado away in two rounds, but it’s pretty safe to say that won’t happen in this proposed El Paso, Texas 165 lb. catchweight rematch. Both fighters have been through career meat grinders since they last met. Rosado has emerged with a touch of veteran savvy beneath the battered body and scar tissue. Angulo, on the other hand, has emerged as little more than carne molida (ground beef). But the Mexican will fight and fight hard if engaged and the Philly-born Puerto Rican will bleed if touched. Yeah, Angulo is done and probably shouldn’t be fighting at this point, but if he IS, then let it be with another veteran who can at least bring him a fairly solid payday and maybe a bit of professional compassion.

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  1. Thrashem 04:29pm, 07/10/2018

    I’ll never watch another Alberto fight, because there is no fight. Maybe there is someone out there he can beat. Total waste of time sitting through an event containing his name.
    Rios is washed up and suffered too many beatings and should retire before he turns into a Joe Louis of later years. Not a pretty picture! Ortiz should have no problem if he trains. He would have beat Mayweather. Simple rule in boxing “Protect yourself at all times”

  2. Pete The Sneak 06:35am, 07/10/2018

    Toro has the beat!

  3. Kid Blast 06:28am, 07/10/2018

    Pete, I like all of them because of their unpredictably. Berto -Alexander is a real toss up, but I see Ortiz taking out a shot Rios in a true grudge affair.

    Rosado should be able to make Angulo walk around the ring like a dog with his collar on and Gabe holding the leach.

    Quillin wins by early KO.

    Corley-Harris is a true pick ‘em.

    All interesting imo and some even compelling.

  4. Pete The Sneak 04:34am, 07/10/2018

    Have to agree with this write up. These are fights that lean more towards the B-C side of boxing, but what A-Sides have been delivering lately? I would not mind coming into the house after a summer day of grilling and downing brewskies all over the place to sit down and watch any of these matches. And yes, in particular if Rios and Ortiz get it on. I think the riffing and trash talk and Rios F-Bombs before this fight would be something to behold and I can tell you that the dislike these two have for each other (particularly from the Rios side) is super genuine and not made up to sell the fight (though it couldn’t hurt). It’s been percolating for years and it would be great to see these two in the ring going at it despite their ages and past wars. But yeah, anyone of these fights would satisfy a summer evening for a boxing fan and who knows, you may get more bang for your buck on one of these than you would for a certain upcoming September ‘middleweight’  fight. Peace.

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