BoxRec Hits Two Million Mark

By Robert Ecksel on July 21, 2016
BoxRec Hits Two Million Mark is the essential website for those who are entrenched in the fight game.

John Sheppard has shepherded BoxRec from a part-time operation into the most visited boxing website on the planet…

Two million fights. It’s almost inconceivable. From its modest beginnings in 2000 to its current place of prominence in the boxing firmament, is the essential website for those who are entrenched in the fight game. TV execs, fighters, promoters, matchmakers, boxing writers, and fans with a hankering for research turn to BoxRec, often several times a day, to glean from a single (and singular) website what in the past would have required a small library of RING record books to achieve.

John Sheppard has shepherded BoxRec from a part-time operation into the most visited boxing website on the planet.

In an interview with Thomas Hauser, Sheppard recalled attending his first fight card in 1995, headlined by Naseem Hamed, which was the seed from which BoxRec grew.

“It was the first time I’d been to a fight,” said Sheppard, “and my reaction to it was that the entire spectacle was barbaric and degrading. I sat there watching people punch each other in the head, wondering why they were doing it. It went on and on interminably for hours. I was sprayed with blood, getting more and more miserable, telling myself, ‘I don’t want to be here.’ And then, during Naseem’s fight, something clicked in my head. The subtlety of what he was doing, the genius of it all, became obvious to me. It wasn’t a disgusting spectacle anymore. It was art, and I found myself cheering.”

The cheering has not stopped.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Sheppard has enhanced the service provided by BoxRec by enabling their customers to view premium reports via direct links to the Pod Index, which analyzes performances of judges and fighters, using data-driven metrics.

There are a few must-read boxing websites, too few in the opinion of some, but BoxRec is indispensable.

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  1. No10Count 02:12pm, 07/29/2016

    The ONLY ranking system that isn’t biased on personal opinion.
    Not saying it’s always 100% right BUT it is the best out there.

    It allows you to get a feel of a fight before hand.
    Shows you who’s ducking who.
    One thing I would like is fight night weights.  Think that should be a mandatory stat for all fighters.

  2. Matt McGrain 12:40pm, 07/26/2016

    Yeah, there’s no more important site, it’s sad to see it occasionally get run down by folks, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

  3. Your Name 05:47am, 07/25/2016

    I have been using boxrec for many years and have an account but last week when I went on I was told to log in. When I logged in it said they were incorrect details. Then when I tried again it said password is incorrect. When I tried again it said password already in use. Then when I tried to change password it said “password” is incorrect. Boxrec is the greatest data base for boxing records in the world but they decided they didn’t want me to any longer to,be a logged in member, i presume.

  4. oldscholl 06:06am, 07/24/2016

    Actually its not that difficult to register and it doesn’t cost you anything. Once you register and login you get the full compliment of of W-L-D, rounds, etc.

    Terence Crawford

    Global Id 447121
    Alias     Hunter / Bud
    Birth Name Terence Allan Crawford
    Country   USA    
    Hometown   Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    Birthplace Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    Division   Light Welterweight
    Age     28      
    Born     1987-09-28
    Stance   Orthodox  
    Reach     178cm    
    Height   173cm    

    Date     Opponent             W-L-D   Location             Result    
    2008-03-14 Brian Cummings         2-0-0   Denver, US           W KO   1
    2008-04-03 Filiberto Nieto       1-4-0   Glen Burnie, US       W RTD 1
    2008-07-26 Damon Antoine         8-25-1   York, US             W UD   4
    2008-08-22 Aaron Anderson         0-0-0   Iowa City, US         W UD   4
    2008-11-08 Michael Williams       5-6-0   York, US             W TKO 2
    2009-03-07 Travis Hartman         9-10-1   York, US             W UD   4
    2009-03-21 Lucas Rodas           3-4-0   Cincinnati, US         W KO   1
    2009-05-02 Miguel Delgado         3-11-0   Johnstown, US         W TKO 3
    2009-10-31 Steve Marquez         9-14-1   Johnstown, US         W TKO 1
    2009-12-19 Corey Sommerville       1-3-0   Knoxville, US         W TKO 2
    2010-05-01 Marty Robbins         23-45-1   Iowa City, US         W KO   3
    2010-07-31 Ron Boyd             6-10-1   York, US             W TKO 1
    2011-02-26 Anthony Mora         15-6-0   Grand Island, US       W KO   1
    2011-07-30 Derrick Campos         20-11-0   Denver, US           W TKO 2
    2011-09-10 Angel Rios           9-6-0   Atlantic City, US       W UD   8
    2012-04-14 Andre Gorges         11-2-0   Las Vegas, US         W KO   5
    2012-06-08 David Rodela         16-5-3   Las Vegas, US         W KO   2
    2012-09-13 Hardy Paredes         15-10-0   Las Vegas, US         W TKO 4
    2012-11-10 Sidney Siqueira       19-6-1   Las Vegas, US         W TKO 6
    2013-03-30 Breidis Prescott       26-4-0   Las Vegas, US         W UD 10
    2013-06-15 Alejandro Sanabria     34-1-1   Dallas, US           W TKO 6
          vacant WBO NABO Lightweight Title
    2013-10-05 Andrey Klimov         16-0-0   Orlando, US           W UD 10
    2014-03-01 Ricky Burns           36-2-1   Glasgow, UK           W UD 12
          WBO World Lightweight Title
    2014-06-28 Yuriorkis Gamboa       23-0-0   Omaha, US           W TKO 9
          WBO World Lightweight Title
    2014-11-29 Raymundo Beltran       29-6-1   Omaha, US           W UD 12
          WBO World Lightweight Title
    2015-04-18 Thomas Dulorme         22-1-0   Arlington, US         W TKO 6
          vacant WBO World Light Welterweight Title
    2015-10-24 Dierry Jean           29-1-0   Omaha, US           W TKO 10
          WBO World Light Welterweight Title
    2016-02-27 Henry Lundy           26-5-1   New York, US         W TKO 5
          WBO World Light Welterweight Title
    2016-07-23 Viktor Postol         28-0-0   Las Vegas, US         W UD 12
          WBC World Light Welterweight Title
          WBO World Light Welterweight Title

    Record to Date

      Won 29 (KOs 20)
    Lost 0
    Drawn 0
    Total 29
    May be used with attribution - ©

  5. manda 04:59am, 07/24/2016

    You have to log on to Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else, I don’t see a problem with it. It’s quick and easy and you can us the watch fighters feature and see all info for free.

  6. Angus 02:43pm, 07/23/2016

    Yes I agree the removal of the round unless you register is a critical failure. Making something more difficult even in the smallest way diminishes your brand.

  7. peter 09:55am, 07/23/2016

    I’m told you have to register with them. But good luck registering. I’ve tried for years and still can’t figure it out!

  8. Just curious 05:54pm, 07/22/2016

    The most valuable site there is, but it is inexplicable why they no longer list the round in which a stoppage occurred. Does anyone have an explanation? Is there a reason? If not, it’s as crazy as allowing pro boxers compete in the Olympics. Regardless, Mr. Sheppard should be commended for creating this wonderful site.

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