BoxRec—Undeniable Influence

By Marc Livitz on June 5, 2017
BoxRec—Undeniable Influence
Until there's an all-seeing governing body atop the sport, humans will be at the helm.

There are those who feel that the encyclopedia of the sport cannot be the only source of information when it comes to ratings…

It’s become so familiar in boxing circles that it’s even cited by well known TV personalities on pay-per-view telecasts. Few websites dedicated to the sport are as frequently visited as For fans and media members alike, the England-based page is well beyond an indispensable tool for gaining knowledge on the history of the sport as well as its participants. Much like websites such as eBay and Wikipedia, users can easily spend hours surfing through the pages of BoxRec and learning more about the fight game which has given us years of entertainment. According to Alexa, an Amazon company which tracks web activity and page hits, BoxRec sits on the peak of boxing websites.

The rating system offered by the page can however irk many a boxing fanatic. Information is laid out according to various algorithms and rating variables which allow users to find out just who, according to BoxRec, is the greatest fighter of the day as well as the coveted “best of all time” designation. It allows one of see, for example who is considered the best fighter from Mexico. The current top spot is not surprisingly set aside for Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (also the best in the world according to the site), while the obvious choice for the all-time greatest is Julio Cesar Chavez. Still, there are those who feel that the encyclopedia of the sport cannot be the only source of information when it comes to ratings. Take a look at it whenever you get the chance. For the longest time, the “pound for pound” argument was always settled (for some) with three simple words: Sugar Ray Robinson. This is no longer the case.

Whether or not Conor McGregor gets a shot at throwing and missing all night, he can rest assured that he did so against the all-time, pound-for-proud greatest boxer who ever lived. BoxRec currently has Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (49-0, 26 KO’s) as, well, the “TBE”, just as his line of clothing asserts. This may drive a fan or two to yank at their hair, much like the college football BCS rating system can do. There wouldn’t be much to complain about in terms of the computer which sets the matchups for the highest rated teams for games such the Sugar, Orange, Fiesta and Rose Bowls if weaker conferences didn’t receive an automatic bid.

What is your opinion, as fans of the sport of the website, Of course, the page in no way sets up mandatory matchups in the same fashion the BCS system does. Perhaps it would be nice if it had that opportunity so that we as fans would always, as opposed to sometimes get the fights we’d like to see. Until there’s an all-seeing governing body atop the sport of boxing, humans (as well as human error and decision making) will be at the helm. The floor is open. Fire away.

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  1. NICOLAS 10:52am, 06/08/2017

    I have no problem with there modern ratings. However it is there all time ratings that really strains credibility. Having Roy Jones as the greatest Cruiser weight of all time is ridiculous. Could understand super middleweight, and even light heavyweight, even though I might not agree. there are many other instances. Too many too bring up. Once I questioned one of the ratings of a boxer who fought in the40[‘s. A Philipino fighter who lived in Stockton, who they had in the top four. After you could not find him in the top 20.

  2. Sam 10:52am, 06/08/2017

    Yup, BoxRec ratings suck, their only saving grace is that they are better than anybody else’s ratings.

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