Bracero Flattens O’Connor

By Robert Ecksel on October 10, 2015
Bracero Flattens O’Connor
This was O’Connor’s chance to exact revenge on Bracero. (Getty Images/Maddy Meyer)

Bracero accomplished what few people thought he was capable of accomplishing, and it was as decisive as they come…

Saturday night at Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts, in a fight televised live on NBC Sports Network, 34-year-old Gabriel Bracero (24-2, 5 KOs), from Brooklyn, New York, KO’d 30-year-old Danny O’Connor (26-3, 10 KOs), a southpaw from Framingham, Massachusetts, 41 seconds into the first round.

This was a fight O’Connor was supposed to win. Fighting out of the blue corner in blue and green trunks in front of a hometown crowd, this was his chance to exact revenge on Bracero, who handed him his first loss in 2011.

But Bracero, fighting out of the red corner in red trunks trimmed with gold, who had lost two of his last seven fights, including a fight six months earlier, accomplished what few people thought he was capable of accomplishing, and it was as decisive as they come.

O’Connor threw a lazy left from the southpaw stance. Bracero stepped to his left and delivered a perfectly time right hand that landed flush. O’Connor didn’t see it coming and hit the deck with a thud. He was out cold.

It took several anxious minutes before O’Connor was permitted to sit on a stool. Fortunately he was okay. But it was a devastating knockout, a career-ending knockout, from a man whose last early stoppage was in 2012.

Each fighter landed two punches.

But only one of those punches mattered.

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Gabriel Bracero Knocks out Danny O'Connor

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  1. peter 03:12am, 10/12/2015

    Pretty punch; ugly sport.

  2. KB 08:23am, 10/11/2015

    Get well Danny. Enjoy your family. Think things through.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:42am, 10/11/2015

    Some people need to be protected from themselves and Danny Bhoy is one of them…..he clearly doesn’t possess the physicality required to compete in this “sport” at the professional level without getting himself killed. Saying that he didn’t see that one coming is like saying maybe he’ll do better next time…..Christ!....let’s hope and pray there’s no next time .

  4. theSweetScience 09:37pm, 10/10/2015

    This one made my jaw drop. Whole night set up for O’Connor, and could not have gone more opposite. I started the pre-bell thoughts with “ya know, im for Danny Bhoy here. Bigtime. How will he return? Re-newed and vicious? Or flat, aged, stiff? But either way… How is it that the guy that beat him in their first matchup, the WINNER, has to trudge into the loser’s HOMEtown? On the loser’ (loser in their first meeting, i mean)s terms”? The whole thing, full circle, and all set up for Danny Bhoy to exact his “revenge”. Both fighters downplayed the Red Sox/Yankees style matchup, byntrying to say they are taking this as if they had never met the other fighter. Yea, it was 4 1/2 years since they first went toe to toe, so they are both different people now. But try and tell me this was not supposed to be a war, when Dan even has the very DATE of the their first fight TATTOOED ON HIS WRIST! Well, it looks like he will need October 10. 2015 tattooed on the other fist.
    My whole reasoning for this comment, is the fact that a night where the fight-gods were supposed to align for a prodigal son, it in fact should very well have, as opposed to re-birthing a career, ended a career. If this was the man O’Connor, in his words, “has had on his mind for nearly half of a decade, then this may be where he stops his fists. Hangs up the gloves. This knockout was a gruesome as they come. Not only did i halt and let out an “oh my god! Did he just go down within the first minute”?... But i instantly cringed. Let alone the way his whole left leg buckle backwards underneath his own full weight, but after his head bounced off the canvas, his neck seized, slung to the left, scarlily, almost looked broken. Ive seen plenty of knockouts… But not many of this magnitude, placement on the map, and so instantly sudden. In his own backyard, by a man that only has 4 ko to his credit. None of that matters now, cuz we should all have Danny Bhoy is our hopeful thoughts. He may have been allowed to go out in his feet at home, but theres lingering fright behind this one. It looked like a ufc knockout, the way the body seized and the neck twisted awry. I was in your corner, danny. Not a huge fan, but was pulling for ya. Now even more-so. May your body be well. And your mind be healthy…

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