Bradley-Pacquiao II Predictions

By Boxing News on April 11, 2014
Bradley-Pacquiao II Predictions
This is how the writers see Saturday's rematch between Bradley and Pacquiao.

Few were clamoring for a rematch after their controversial first fight, and few will be clamoring for the inevitable rubber match…

Saturday’s rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas may be a case of supply exceeding demand. Few were clamoring for a rematch after their controversial first fight, and few will be clamoring for a rubber match when Pacquiao is awarded an equally controversial decision. But Pacquiao and Bradley are elite fighters. One may be more entertaining than the other. One may rely more on power rather than skill. But if we strip aside the promotional shenanigans that have come to define our sport and focus on the action, of which there should be plenty, we won’t be disappointed. Can Pacquiao regain the fire of his youth? Can Bradley prove, as he feels the need to prove in each and every fight, that he belongs with the best of the best? This is how the writers see the rematch between Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao.

Daniel Attias: “The aftermath of the first Pacquiao Bradley fight was felt throughout the boxing world. The HBO crew made a big point of unfairly calling the result one of the worst in boxing history. I always felt the fight was a close one, how on earth Harold Lederman gave that scorecard is beyond me! Pacquiao landed some clean, hard shots but it’s fair to say Bradley was busy enough to win his fair share of rounds. Bradley has proven himself the more impressive fighter since the first fight while Manny got knocked out against his arch nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez and then won a comeback against the tough but limited Brandon Rios. I feel as though we will see another close affair with Bradley’s work rate being the difference. I believe he will look to really push the older Pacquiao by taking the fight to him. Pacquiao’s straight left could be the great equalizer but Bradley should be smart enough to keep away from it enough to outwork Pacquiao and land a decision win.”

J. Fredrick Baptiste: “What intrigues me about this rematch is how dramatically each fighter’s fortunes have changed since their first encounter. Tim Bradley desperately needed to earn some respect following the gift he received versus Manny Pacquiao, and he did. His confidence is soaring at this point, while the great Pacquiao is still trying to recapture his. Personally, I’d love to see the Pac Man avenge the jacking of that first fight vs. The Desert Storm. I believe Pacquiao is still great for the business of the sport and considering his rumored financial distress a loss would be devastating. However, the timid, overwhelmed, allegedly injured Timothy Bradley he faced off with the first time around will not be in attendance this April 13. It is for this reason I predict a unanimous decision in favor of Timothy Bradley.”

Adam Berlin: “Let’s hope the judges don’t overcompensate for the outcry that followed Bradley/Pacquiao 1. I had the first fight a draw when I watched it on pay-per-view, and then, after seeing the replay, had Bradley winning. In this fight Bradley will have two healthy feet instead of one, which will allow him to move more rapidly and add leverage to his punches. In fight 1, Bradley punched in bunches. In fight 2, he’ll punch in more frequent bunches and, fleeter of foot, will be less susceptible to Pac Man’s heavier hands. Pacquiao’s strategy will be dictated by Bradley’s pre-fight head games. Trying to prove he’s still the hungry fighter from yesteryear, Manny will be ultra-aggressive, which will play right into Bradley’s strength as a counter-puncher. The un-brutal truth is that Manny Pacquiao hasn’t knocked anyone out since 2009. This will be another points victory for Timothy Bradley as he silences the boos from fight 1.”

Cheekay Brandon: “The first fight sent my boxing fandom on a leave of absence, as such a fix demonstrates how little the boxing financial elite thinks of its fans. Like many things that I have conflicted feelings about, I’ve chosen to focus on the elements that I enjoy, as independent of what the judges say, there will still be a championship fight between two elites. The first fight saw a dispirited Manny Pacquiao easily outpoint either an overmatched or injured Timothy Bradley. The good news about the rematch is that both fighters have looked inspired since then. Pacquiao has looked like the buzzsaw of old, even in his knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez (Dec. 2012). Bradley displayed all-world guts in his victory over Ruslan Provodnikov (March 2013), and impressive balance in his defeat of Juan Manuel Marquez (Oct. 2013). Without any mitigating circumstances and both fighters near the top of their game, my prediction goes the way of pure talent, and Manny Pacquiao is a far better fighter than Timothy Bradley. The difference between the two in talent is the definitive difference between great talent and hall-of-fame talent—Bradley has been a multiple division champion and built a fantastic career. Pacquiao, however, has been transcendent. I expect Bradley to fight smart, to try to time Pacquiao’s approaches (only Juan Manuel Marquez has been able to), to counter intelligently and resist the Pacquiao blitzkrieg. Pacquiao will start fast, and unleash the combination beast early. Look for Bradley to be very competitive early, slowly wearing down as rounds 4 and 5 arrive. I don’t expect a washout or outright domination, but I do expect Pacquiao to win the majority of rounds handily, with effective aggression. Final prediction: Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision, 8 rounds to 4, where Bradley tastes the canvas once or twice in the mid rounds. Bradley will survive and even make the fight competitive at times. I expect a surprisingly fun, action-packed and entertaining fight that might wash away some of the bad taste in our mouths from the first fight fiasco.”

Teron Briggs: “We’ll almost certainly get a better version of Bradley in this rematch and a lesser version of Pacquiao. Whether you want to blame his injured feet, which he said resulted from his decision to try to channel Mike Tyson by fighting sockless, or Manny’s surreal quickness and power, Bradley will better equipped to compete this time. On the other hand, Pacquiao is a fight removed from one of the most brutal knockouts in recent memory and at 35 years old, with almost 20 years of professional experience, is getting a bit long in the tooth for a fighter who relies so much on speed. This is a more evenly matched fight than when they first met two years ago, but I believe that Pacquiao possesses the superior skills. He’s still more explosive than Bradley, and he’s just as good of a boxer. This contest won’t be nearly as easy for Manny as the Rios fight was because Bradley is a lot quicker than Brandon and an infinitely better counterpuncher. Nonetheless, Pacman will box, and occasionally slug, his way to a points decision 8-4 or 9-3.”

Joe Bruno: “This is when we find out if Pacquiao is a shot fighter. Bradley is a nice fighter and a little on the downside, but in his prime he couldn’t beat Pacquiao in his prime. Prediction—Pacquiao by late stoppage. He’s not shot yet.”

Mike Casey: “I want to see this fight but I wouldn’t pay to see it. There lies the problem with too many fights these days and it’s everything to do with the unpleasant smell that surrounds them and the dreadful feeling that there will never be a satisfactory conclusion. Promoters and marketers think we love all this and enough suckers still do to fill the coffers. But the real boxing fans who lived through better days just want to go outside and be sick. I am more interested in knowing whether Liverpool will beat Manchester City on Sunday afternoon and who will be crowned Masters champion at Augusta. For a long time in my life, that wasn’t so. Boxing trumped football and golf and everything else. While other sports have their problems, I know for the most part that what I’m seeing is real and hasn’t in some way been pre-arranged. But boxing decided that it wanted to be like wrestling and is now fast reaching the point where it is scarcely more credible. Funnily enough, I think Timothy Bradley will decision Manny Pacquiao beyond reasonable doubt this time. Similarly, I believe that Carl Froch will beat George Groves again without controversy. Life is just like that. Pac was a great fighter. Bradley is an OK fighter. But Manny is close to the end game and won’t win many more even if he wins this one.”

George Thomas Clark: “Manny Pacquiao near his peak is better head to head than Timothy Bradley, and he proved so their first fight, out power-punching Bradley about two to one, but lost one of those odiferous decisions that frequently plague boxing. Since that encounter, however, Pacquiao has been flattened by Juan Manuel Marquez, a man Bradley subsequently decisioned. Comparative fights are often misleading—Ali lost to Frazier who Foreman demolished, therefore Foreman will destroy Ali—so each matchup must be separately considered. Does Manny Pacquiao still have the speed and endurance necessary to catch and pummel a superior boxer? If he doesn’t, he’ll lose. My hunch—a fantasy, perhaps—is that muscular Manny can still, probably for the last time, beat anyone his size except oh-so-elusive Floyd Mayweather. I won’t bet the farm on that, just a few bushels of wheat.”

Mohummad Humza Elahi: “Understandably, there’s a lot of mixed opinion around this fight; not the outcome (which I don’t think is a foregone conclusion) but the fact that Bradley refuses to acknowledge that he lost. To be honest, no fighter worth his salt would acknowledge losing in a controversial decision, not in this day and age. Bradley didn’t give an inch outside the ring and I don’t think he’ll give an inch inside either. If he can beat Provodnikov with a concussion and outthink Marquez, he has all the tools to beat Pacquiao. Even when giving up power and speed, Manny can still get hit and I think Bradley’s tactics of edging rounds with a higher output may swing things on the cards. Manny needs a KO. BADLY. Even a shutout doesn’t help his cause amongst those who claim he’s lost his killer instinct and Bradley, as elite as he is, is not a fitting swansong for the Filipino Warrior. I think Pacquiao wins, but it’s going to be a rollercoaster!”

Clarence George: “A tough fight to call. In fact, I wouldn’t be unduly surprised if it resulted in a draw, but I think Pacquiao still has what it takes to eke out a win over the excellent if underappreciated Bradley by split or majority decision. If so, can a rubber match be far behind?”

Norman Marcus: “Bradley is a good journeyman fighter but lacks any personality or style that sets him apart from the crowd. He gets rocked too easy by his opponents with that semi glass jaw of his. Reminds me of Floyd Patterson. He likes to go to the hospital, often by ambulance after a win? That doesn’t sound right does it? Calls himself Desert Storm? That wasn’t even a war. The Philly Police could have liberated Kuwait! Bad choice of a nickname. Iraqi tanks only had one gear- reverse! This guy truthfully lost to Pacquiao, sparring partner Provodnikov and beat a 40-year-old Marquez in another split decision. What a record! Mediocrity, excellent word. Fits better than Desert Storm. Tim is a very nice fellow and family man. But he should keep his day job. His luck is gonna run out soon. Pacman by a late KO.”

Gordon Marino: “Pacquiao in a unanimous decision: Pacquiao is inspired for this contest. Unlike in their last encounter, he will close the distance and apply constant pressure to ‘Desert Storm.’ If Bradley holds his ground and fights, then Pacman will stop him. If Bradley runs, Tim will lose the decision. A key factor is that Bradley does not have the power to keep Pacquiao at bay or to make him hesitate in his attack. I also believe that Pacquiao’s flash-dance footwork is back and that is at the core of his boxing brilliance.”

Matt McGrain: “It’s sad to see one of Pacquiao’s final fights wasted on an opponent he’s already clearly beaten because of miserable judging, and more than likely we’ll see more of the same—a middling fight won by the better fighter.”

Richard Mendel: “I am really puzzled about the upcoming fight. I am a big fan of both fighters, and want whoever is best to carry the fight. Pacquiao and Bradley both seem to be throwback type of fighters. In my opinion Pacquiao may not be as far past his prime as people think. Although he isn’t as hungry as he once was, I do think he has something he wants to prove. As far as the first fight is concerned I agree with virtually everyone that Pacquiao clearly won the fight. Now, I think the first fight has really got to be viewed in perspective. Tim Bradley has really come a long way in a short period of time. He gave an excellent accounting of himself against Ruslan Provodnikov, despite it being a close fight, and then followed up by beating Juan Manual Marquez handily. The trouble is that Tim Bradley’s tremendous heart may also be his biggest weakness. When hurt Bradley fights on reflex, and Bradley’s reflex is to escalate the exchange. He fights in a “kill or be killed mode” even when another strategy might make more sense. Everything is likely to come down to a contrast of styles. The history between Pacquiao and Marquez has been arduous. However, Bradley didn’t have that rough a time with Marquez, but that doesn’t translate to the second fight in a predictive manner. I don’t have that good a feel for who is likely to come-out ahead on Saturday, but suppose I am leaning a little bit toward Pacquiao. The one thing I do have a strong opinion about is Bradley has emerged as a great fan favorite and I like him a lot, but he reminds me too much of another hometown favorite of mine, Matthew Saad Muhammad. Both Tim Bradley and Matthew Saad Muhammad fight with an ‘always escalate’ mentality that doesn’t hold a lot of promise for a healthy retirement.”

Ezra Salkin: “Pacman really won the first fight but how badly was Bradley hampered by his injured wheels? Let’s forget the socks excuse. Bradley got hurt after being sucked up in a Manny Pacquiao whirlwind, so, presumably, the same thing could happen here. At the same time, it seemed, as marked by his periods of inactivity, Manny didn’t really take Bradley seriously. This time he surely will, unless he really has lost it, because if he loses I don’t see anywhere else for him to go. In the end, as good as Bradley is, and even if he stays healthy this time around, I believe a motivated Manny Pacquiao just has too much talent for him and will win a hard fought unanimous decision or even a controversial stoppage victory.”

Ted Sares: “Pacquiao ‘beat’ Bradley once and I see no reason why he can’t do it again. Neither seems capable of stopping the other. Maybe Pac could have stopped Rios if he had not resorted to some inexplicable mercy stuff, but who has Tim ever stopped at this level? He couldn’t stop the much-waxed Kendall Holt and he couldn’t stop the defense-challenged Lamont Peterson. Yes, he did stop Devon Alexander but Devon quit claiming he couldn’t see. Meanwhile, Manny looked sharp against Rios while Bradley struggled a bit against serial whiner Juan Manuel Marquez but still cleanly beat him. Both Manny and Bradley went through hell with JMM and Provodnikov, respectively, but Tim went through 12 rounds of it while Manny went through one punch of it. This clearly has the makings of a bore fest. I am going with Pacquiao by close decision.”

Ted Spoon: “But what if Bradley wins the fight and doesn’t get the decision? If this happens then I’ll agree that Manny is not the fighter he once was. Solid as Tim is, I don’t think he brings enough to the plate, other than the ability to keep Manny busy which is precisely what he wants, what he needs. The only time in their first fight that Bradley got any kind of foothold was when Manny eased up. With no fight altering punch and a relatively aggressive style, Tim would have to show me something new in order to win. What got the better of Marquez, smooth footwork, is offset against Pacman’s dashes. Manny will fluster the boxer again, except this time he will work a groove during his attack, show variety, and further inflame that cyber-quarrel between himself and Floyd after a convincing display over twelve.”

Caryn A. Tate: “I don’t like to hear it said that the first Bradley-Pacquiao fight ended in a ‘controversial decision.’ It wasn’t a controversy—it was a gift, pure and simple. The boxing world needs to stop accepting these sorts of decisions as ‘oh well, that’s boxing’ and start demanding justice and accountability. Despite not winning on paper, Pacquiao won a clear decision in the first fight. I expect him to do the same in the rematch. Bradley is a skilled boxer and I think can avoid getting knocked out, though I do expect that he’ll be hurt a few times during the course of the bout. I also think Bradley will put in a good showing (again, much like he did the first time), but Pacquiao will outwork him and look good doing it.”

Jeff Weston: “This isn’t an easy one. I’ll go with Pac purely because I hope he fights Mayweather after it.”

Peter Wood: “It’s obvious. This time Bradley legitimately wins but Pacquiao gets a gift decision. It’s a pathetic setup for the rubber match.”

Jarrett Zook: “Pac was robbed in the first fight and there is no doubt about that. Some people don’t feel that way, but the fact is that he outlanded Bradley by almost a hundred punches. If that somehow wasn’t enough, Pacquiao is by far the harder puncher as well. Therefore, I predict that Pacquiao will outclass Bradley in the rematch and hopefully the judges will get it right this time. That being said, Pac is not getting any younger and speed is often the first thing to go with age. The great Filipino looked good against Rios his last time out, but Rios has a style that is tailor-made to suit Pacquiao’s strengths. After foolishly, but entertainingly, slugging it out with Provodnikov, Bradley returned to his old ways and stunk out Marquez in a close victory. Bradley is still the same Bradley he’s always been physically and since Pacquiao isn’t getting any younger, I feel that this fight has a good chance of being closer than the first. Like I said earlier though, Pac still has enough to overwhelm Bradley with volume punching and will take a reasonably close UD victory.”

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  1. Bk Don 11:32am, 04/14/2014

    So despite particpating in submitting my prediction I just had an opporunity to read this full article today. Did Cheekay Brandon really called the first fight a “fix”? Wow! that’s an extremely bold statement to put in print. I would love to know who he thinks fixed the fight. Was it Top Rank, who had more to gain with Pacman winning, or Bradley, who somehow managed to fix the decision despite the fact that the promoter/venue/commission had every reason to want to see the other man? win? I just don’t get that logic. The first fight was a horrible decision by inept judges. It’s as simple as that until someone can show some hard facts to prove otherwise.

  2. Taliba 04:51pm, 04/12/2014

    We would be seeing a boring Bradley in this second fight with the Pacman. Bradley’s game plan would be basically on the defensive. Keep his distance from Pacquiao, using his left jabs and wait for Pacquiao to come in.  Pacquiao should not commit the same mistake as he did with Marquez. Pacquiao’s power and speed would overwhelm Bradley in rounds 8-10. Where Pacquiao will KO Braldey with a combination and finish him with a whacking left to the chin. BOOOOMMM! Hattonized Bradley is “Desert Storm” no more. And would be considering early retirement.

  3. kid vegas 12:47pm, 04/12/2014

    Pac’s head is not in a great place right now. Bradley is on the upswing. I look for Bradley to win a dominant UD and for Pac to say goodbye.

  4. Eric 12:38pm, 04/12/2014

    Bradley’s camp is already whining that they have to have a knockout to win. Bradley isn’t capable of knocking Pacquiao out. Look for a decision victory for Manny, this will set up a third meeting. Bradley will predictibly whine that he was robbed.

  5. Pete The Sneak 08:08am, 04/12/2014

    bikermike, you may not be very far off there and I think despite my Pac prediction it’s a solid bet my man. Good luck…Peace.

  6. bikermike 08:02am, 04/12/2014

    Pete the sneak…great post….!!  I think Berlin said the same thing…with a cupla bank shots….in his portion of the article
    With the ..I WUZ FKN ROBBED…thing going around after Pac’s first loss to Bradley….it will be hard to bring in an unbiased jury ..

    Still….I’m sticking with my bet on Bradley

  7. bikermike 07:57am, 04/12/2014

    Hey ..Norm Marcus….what’s with all that sugar coating shit…c’mon…spit it out….What do you really feel ???!!

    take care buddy

  8. Pete The Sneak 07:56am, 04/12/2014

    Will wait till next weeks re-broadcast to see this fight (sorry, no PPV money for Arum from this Rican), however with that said, I see Pac taking it to a more confident, yet under-skilled Bradley in comparison to Pac and Manny winning a close UD. Honestly think that as result of the whack job decision of the last fight, Bradley will need to KO and/or seriously hurt Manny to win this fight and brother, that ain’t happening…Peace.

  9. bikermike 07:54am, 04/12/2014

    I’m bringing the beer for this one…and that way ...I can say I didn’t give Bob Arum a dime…..but I’ve got a hundred bucks ...covered by my Jamaican friends….for Bradley to win ...AGAIN…..btw…these guys are still pissed off at me for the hundred I took from them , when they backed Marquez against Bradley.

    Boxing also includes the art of not getting hit…as well as what some want to see ..a fighter with KO power in both hands…and lightning shooting out of his ass

    Bradley is no knock out kind of fighter…so some dismiss him completely because of that. 
    I’m going Bradley…no disrespect to Pacquiao…but Manny is definitely on the back nine of his career

  10. bikermike 07:40am, 04/12/2014

    and give Both of these guys credit ...there is a rematch..and I’ll assume it will be run in a fair and professional manner…

    Not to mention any names…but there was this guy whose name rhymes with leonard….who didn’t give Hearns his rematch until Tommy was qualified to apply for his senior pension..and that same ‘fellow’ never gave Hagler a rematch at all !!!

  11. bikermike 07:34am, 04/12/2014

    Berlin touches upon that SORRY ABOUT THE LAST ONE…syndrom that sometimes happens in Boxing…..Take that first Holyfield Lewis match….called a draw….allowing Holyfield to leave with his straps .....

    Now ..that one was a close one…but most of the knowledgeable fight fans could see it as a split decision for Lewis…but a hell of a fight ...just the same.  wdf….big lummox lewis had twelve rounds to dispose of the aged ...puffed up Cruiser weight(some say..not me)..and Holyfield was still swinging at the final bell….

    Second one….even a closer match than the first…and of the two wars….the second was closer to a draw than was the first .....imho. 

    As lewis was seen some….to have been reemed the first time….only a sniper in the crowd and a poisoned water bottle coupled with bricks in ‘the real deal’s ’ gloves ...would overcome the bias of that decision

  12. bikermike 07:22am, 04/12/2014

    Steven makes some good points…as do many of the other posters.

    Let’s dwell on that fight with Provodnikov(?).  Bradley is as aware of the ‘disputed win’ over the beloved Pacquaio…and someone got him to try to switch his style in that dog fight with Rusian.

    ...similar to the advice given to Chis Byrd…after he climbed the mountain…

    someone said ‘stop being a CUTIE..and stand and deliver the blows !’....well it damned near got Byrd’s head torn off and land in the second balcony with Ibeabuchi…..and Bradley was lucky the tuff Provodnikov never got a clean combo off and landed….

    No…If Bradley fights the way he has fought almost his entire career…he should be able to outpoint a two year older Pacquaio…....

    I was horrified to hear even so much as a whisper about Pacquaio having financial problems

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:17am, 04/12/2014

    Clarence George-Regarding your diagnosis for tonight’s fight… Sam Jaffe might have said to Vince Edwards: “I concur, Doctor.”

  14. Steven 06:15am, 04/12/2014

    Where did the turnip truck tip over? Where do all these whack job predictions come from?  I am afraid these insane “experts” opinion reflect wants not facts.  Geniuses - DO NOT mistake getting KOd more brutal then getting beaten and pounded for 12 rounds. Bradley got beaten by Provo. He got mugged, raped and beaten. The refs rotten handling of the affair altered the outcome. Bradley barely beat a shell of the fighter JMM was when he fought Pac in IV. DO NOT forget he was getting beaten to a pulp before a hail Mary.

    Bradley will get put in his place tonight and exposed for what he is: a very fast B+ fighter that get’s points just for flailing his arms, elbows and head.  Pac in dominating fashion.

  15. Clarence George 05:37am, 04/12/2014

    That’s all right, Irish.  As my father used to say when I squeamishly objected to his using his jam knife to cut a piece of the communal butter:  “It all goes into the same stomach.” 

    Your thoughts on tonight’s bout?  I won’t be watching it, not because I share Matt’s sensibilities, but because I can’t stand even the idea of Pay-Per-View.  Besides, I’m not at all convinced this will be a particularly good fight.

    And, now, if you’ll excuse me…“Totally Tooned In” (vintage cartoons) is on Antenna TV.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:09am, 04/12/2014

    Wrong article again! Friggin’ Jaegermeister!

  17. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:00am, 04/12/2014

    Clarence George-Girlpile! Yikes! That sounds dangerous to me! If I’m not mistaken that’s what got Wilder and Ibeabuchi in hot water! Which reminds me…not too long ago I rode up in an elevator with a pair of gorgeous ” escorts”...a white angel and a black princess….. who, as it turned out were on their way to provide their services in the room next to mine… that’s the kind of girlpile I’m talking about!

  18. Darrell 11:40pm, 04/11/2014

    Wow, Pilipino’s really do take losses by their idol badly.  Even worse, they take confidence & belief by the opponent who would dare to challenge the prowess, physical or otherwise, of their demi-god as being “loudmouthed”......rather sad, & kind of lockstep moronic all in one.

    Anyhow… still senses a denial of the first fights closeness & almost crushing disbelief, after the Marquez KO, that the boxing worlds oh-so-cute howdie doodie pinup boy actually may have feet of clay (& no, I’m not talking about Bradley or his dud ankles in the first fight) by a large number of the pundits.  There seems to be a sense of angry yearning on behalf of the Pilipino Flash.  That he was sooooo hard done by by the verdict of the first fight, that a sense of impending justice must take place & Bradley, for his utter impertinence, must be sacrificed forthwith without any mercy whatsoever.  It is a foul & ugly attitude, Bradley neither deserves that sort of disapprobation & Pacquiao would not willingly be a partaker in such bad sportsmanship either, I would think.

    With all that said, & my disdain for the “wholesome” persona that Pacquiao’s rabid followers hold of him out for all to see, I still think Pacquiao will get the win….....he can KO Bradley, & about anyone at or around that weight, no doubts but this win will most likely be by decision,......political decision.

  19. PACMANUSA 10:46pm, 04/11/2014

    Pacquiao by knockout in 6-8 rounds !

    But a knockout is not quite good enough , hurt that loudmouth hoodrat enough so he never fights again !

  20. judge 09:44pm, 04/11/2014

    Some people is talking about Manny’s last KO win, have they also questioned when was the last time Bradley get a KO win to his credit?... He only has 12 KO wins in 30 figths, a very low percentage indeed.  At the age of 30, I dont believe he is getting any stronger… Bradley, the loudmouth boxer can run but he cant hide….

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