Bradley Wants Marquez

By Ted Sares on April 18, 2013
Bradley Wants Marquez
If the Russian almost took him out, imagine what the legendary Marquez would do.

Timothy Bradley says he “would like to find out who is the best” now that both he and Juan Manuel Marquez have “beaten” Manny Pacquiao…

“I prefer Bradley vs. Pacquiao over Marquez. I think he could settle a lot of things inside him.”—Cameron Dunkin

According to a story in dated April 17, 2013, Timothy Bradley says he “would like to find out who is the best” now that both he and Juan Manuel Marquez have “beaten” Manny Pacquiao.

More specifically, Bradley told “He’s the guy who knocked out Pacquiao…Let’s see who the best is. He’s a great champion and a great warrior, and I would love the opportunity to have a shot at one of the best fighters, pound-for-pound, if not, one of the best fighters ever. A lot of people, especially after seeing me fight Provodnikov, a lot of people will bet against me, but I tell you this. Don’t bet against me because you’ll lose your money again.”

Tim’s logic seems spurious at best. First, most observers think he lost to Manny hands down—no pun intended. Secondly, he absorbed tremendous punishment courtesy of Ruslan Provodnikov.

Meanwhile, Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1) plans to announce his next fight shortly—maybe as soon as Monday—and many think it could, in fact, be a showdown with Bradley (30-0), though it’s hard to see how JMM can pass up the kind of money a fifth fight with Pacquiao would bring him.

“I do not care about a fifth fight [with Pacquiao],” says Marquez. “After what happened in the first three fights where there were controversial decisions—controversial where we had actually won—and in this fourth fight we had a great victory and I would be very satisfied to let the memory of that remain, and to keep that feeling in place for myself, and also for the Mexicans. We must go forward, pursue new goals, new directions. And for me to have had four fights with someone they had rated as the best pound-for-pound—and I made it clear that he is not the best pound-for-pound—searching for new challenges is important.”

Uh huh, but $20 million has a way of changing all of that. It’s all about business and will come down to PPV numbers. Marquez vs. Pacquiao equals big PPV numbers; Marquez vs. Bradley does not. In fact, Dan Rafael sees it as a fight that at best would generate possibly 250,000 to 300,000 PPV buys.

Interestingly, Manny is the wild card. A rematch with Bradley would be a fight for redemption. A fifth fight with Marquez would involve redemption, but a mega purse as well. There is also the distinct possibility that the winner of a Bradley-Marquez fight could take on the winner of a Pacquiao-Mike Alvarado match. Thing is, Manny represents big PPV numbers whomever he fights.

Back to Marquez vs. Bradley

In my view, Bradley may be damaged goods. If so, the last guy in the world he should fight is the crafty “Dinamita” who would get to him with sharp and damaging counters and then likely knock him clean out. If the Russian almost took him out, imagine what the legendary Marquez would do. After the great Provodnikov fight, most observers said a rematch would be ill-advised. Using a bit of logic (which is always dangerous to do when it comes to boxing), if a rematch with Provodnikov is ill-advised, what would a fight with Marquez represent? As BLH’s Scott Christ put, “Until we see him back in a fight, it’s impossible for anyone not in his camp to know just how much this fight may have damaged the rest of his career.”

Health-wise, Bradley’s best bet would be a rematch with Pacquiao or maybe a matchup with Brandon Rios where his skills and style could give him the edge

Given the risk-reward equation, I just don’t see Marquez vs. Bradley as a go.

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  1. mike 08:01am, 04/24/2013

    just waiting for that fight like 4 ever

  2. mike 07:45am, 04/24/2013

    pls can some one tell me aw to make prediction of fights and possibly bet my stake before or during fights. like jmm vs tim am interested pls. my mobile is 08082317675
    my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    i appreciate

  3. ted 05:01am, 04/24/2013

    nicolas, great stuff, JMM depends on his opponent’s aggression to use his own. Bradley, based on his last fight, can be lured into firefights, and that’s when Marquez is most dangerous.  If they fight, I see a stoppage via too many counterpunches. However, you are correct in that JMM was getting handled by Manny until that right from hell.

  4. nicolas 08:55pm, 04/23/2013

    The fight is supposed to take place on September 14th this year By that time Marquez will be 40, and Bradley will be 30. While this might not be the biggest fight around like a fifth Marquez-Pacquiao fight would perhaps be, I don’t think like some here feel that Bradley will get steamrolled. Using the logic that many seem to be writing, in that case Foreman should have blasted out Muhammad ALi, and 30 years later Kelly Pavlik should have beaten Bernard Hopkins. When Bradley fought Pacquiao, he did have that foot or leg problem which certainly caused him problems. When I saw the fight, I had Pacquiao winning 8-4. When I saw one of the rounds again, I think the 7th, I have to say that I did not feel that Pacquiao really landed some of those punches the HBO crew seemed to feel that he did, a round that I gave to Pacquiao. Also Marquez before the knockout, was in some difficulties with Pacquiao. I feel Marquez should be favored. But I certainly would be surprised if Bradley is beaten decisively.

  5. Ted 06:50am, 04/23/2013

    I could not agree more, Mike. Bradley needs to do risk-reward and he needs to factor in his long term health as a major part of his analysis. One of the problems with boxers (not to mention most of us) is that we tend to live in the moment and forget that what we do today has long range implications. Go for the gold today, and pay the piper later. There needs to be a balance and this is where advisors and mentors play a role, but boxers really have none. I think Manny Steward was a rare one, but he is gone sadly.

  6. Michael Hegan 05:53am, 04/23/2013

    For the very few of us…who’ve said from day one…..Bradley had shown the ability to hit and not get hit.
    The old axe…..Bradley had no problem making weight…as nobody could hear him knocking at the door to get in…so he missed a lotta meals..

    Seriously…North American Fight fans are fixated with knockouts…and Bradley is not a knockout fighter.
    I offer this…to score Boxing…a blow scores when it hits the target…face..body ...side of the head…etc..
    At the end of the Pacquiao Bradley match…Pacquiao looked like he stopped a lawn mower with his face…it was so discolored and swollen….whereas Bradley didn’t have a scratch on him.

    With the Provodnikov match….I saw much less of that ability to avoid punishment.  Did Bradley’s corner want Bradley to show more aggression…and change his style against the tuff Russian ...??

    I’d offer this advice to Bradley….do what you do well….it is what got you the Title…...Mike are not !!! do don’t try to stand and exchange with opponents when you can simply overwhelm them with volumes of accurate blows… much so….even North American officials will have to admit you have won….even against the crowd darling.

    BTW…I’d advise Bradley not to give a rematch in Russia…to Provodnikov

  7. Michael Hegan 05:18am, 04/23/2013

    A rematch with Pacquaio would be best for both fighters….certainly with the money….but also to put the demons to rest in both corners about the last one.

    Provodnikov dammed near took Bradley’s head off on several occassions…was he that good..or was Bradley not as slick as he was against Pacquaio.
    In any case….a gate and viewer audience will be huge ...for a Pacquaio Bradley rematch. for Marquez as Bradley’s opponent…

    Gotta give Bradley some credit….he’s not seeking cream puffs ...when he defends his Title.

    Prayers and respects to those lost and injured ....and their families…in that cowardly act in Boston.
    I hope any and all involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent a country of laws permits.

  8. Ted 11:58am, 04/22/2013


  9. NYIrish 11:51am, 04/22/2013

    If Bradley can’t see punches coming any better than he did against Provodnikov, I hope Marquez stops him early.  He can’t afford to win too many fights like he did against Provo.

  10. ted 07:26am, 04/22/2013

    But Darrell, if he fights Prov again before Marquez, he will be meat ready for slaughtering. Just saying.

  11. Darrell 10:22pm, 04/21/2013

    Yeah, it’s a bit strange from Tim even though I’m one of those few who thought that he squeaked the Pacquiao decision…..a very close fight.

    His first port of call is to end it decisively with Provodnikov before he fights Marquez.  Bradley can’t hurt Marquez.

  12. Ted 11:54am, 04/21/2013

    Kid has the beat.

  13. kid vegas 08:17am, 04/21/2013

    Greeting from Henderson and Lake Las Vegas. Seems to me Bradley could get really beaten up if he fights Marquez. He would be better off fighting Pac. As you like to say, that’s where the risk-reward is more in his favor. Lots of money and less punishment. It’s a no brainier.

  14. Ted 10:22am, 04/20/2013

    I have a bunch of photos of the boxer, but decided to just leave this topic for good. No more. It’s done and over.

  15. Ted 05:19pm, 04/19/2013

    Prayers have been answered. It’s over.

  16. Ted 09:10am, 04/19/2013

    I also believe he was a medical student but the press is so f—ked up, no one should believe anything until it’s over WHICH SHOULD BE VERY SOON AS THEY HAVE SOMEONE TRAPPED IN WATERTOWN.

  17. Tex Hassler 08:37am, 04/19/2013

    We pray that peace will come back to Boston soon. As for Bradley I think he was greatly damaged in his last fight and now wants a big pay day. He needs to retire before even more damage is done to him.

  18. Carl Jackson 07:35am, 04/19/2013


    Dead Suspect Was A 26-Year-Old Boxer Named Tamerlan Tsarnaev

    Read more:

  19. Ted 05:51am, 04/19/2013

    Boston is in lock down again. Son is home and wife cannot get out to come back home to NH. Surreal situation. One suspect dead; another on the run. How can this be happening ?

    Makes writing seem unimportant, but at least it’s a cathartic.

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