Brandon Krause Interview/Analysis on Joshua-Wilder

By Jonathan Arouh on November 1, 2017
Brandon Krause Interview/Analysis on Joshua-Wilder
Is Joshua or Wilder the superior heavyweight? Uncertain? Well, uncertainty is not new.

“More than 32 knockouts out of 33 wins will get you to believe, or whatever the heck it is, but the guy can punch…”

Who is the superior heavyweight, Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder? Uncertain? Well, uncertainty involving the United States and Great Britain is not new. Shortly before the establishment of the United States, in 1768, the Townshend Acts were imposed on the American colonists by the British, whereby a variety of common items that were manufactured in Great Britain became subject to import tariffs. This left the colonists upset and unwilling to comply. So the British sent military regiments to enforce their rule in Boston, Massachusetts. This led to the riotous Boston Massacre which resulted in the death of five American colonists. At this point, people were uncertain as to who was the true leader of the American colonies. Was it the British or the people resisting the British rule? Thankfully, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Joseph Warren, and their band of colonial American rebels ended that uncertainty by rising up and establishing a nation where people could live in freedom, and do things like write their own articles, and lead their own gyms.

Sometimes, that gym leadership needs to take a page out of the book of the people who brought modern day gym owners their right to freely lead their own gyms. That kind of leadership needs to happen when a gym is on the brink of closing. And for a gym that has been around for years and years, it needs a leader who was trained by the original gym owner since he was almost 14 years old; was the 2002 Los Angeles Golden Gloves Champion, trained WBC Halbmittelgewicht Champion Mia St. John; and sparred with the likes of John Molina, Diego Corrales, Joel Casamayor, Jesus Soto Karass, and Alfonso Gomez named Brandon Krause.

In 2009, people were uncertain about the fate of Outlaws Boxing Gym (originally Teddy G’s Boxing Gym). Few people were coming in and the owner at the time, Cliff Rayman, was overworked with his own full-time job outside of the gym. Thankfully, Brandon Krause ended that uncertainty when he rose up by investing in a gym that he loved, that he was a part of, and that he knew. Since buying Outlaws Boxing Gym in 2009, Brandon Krause does regular appearances on ESNEWS and has nurtured the gym into thriving condition where he has regular clientele of people working out, a stable of amateur fighters including the 165 lbs. 43rd PAL National Champion Jerry Bradford who is trained by Cliff Rayman the gym’s previous owner, and professional boxer Jessy Martinez who Brandon himself has trained since Jessy was 15 years old. Being able to run your own gym is a good reason to rise up against the British, but also because “I my friend am a coffee drinker, and I would hate to think that I would be stuck drinking tea if the British would have won.” says Brandon Krause. “Yeah, you know what, you can’t tax without representation, you can’t rule from afar, and absolutely, the people of the New World rose up and started the greatest country there ever was, the United States of America, and I think justifiably so.”

So it can be productive when Great Britain and the United States fight. The first time they fought, the world saw the birth of a great new country. Perhaps when they fight again, we can end the uncertainty of who is the best heavyweight in the world, Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder.

I was curious about a fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, so on October 18, 2017, I asked Brandon Krause.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder will face off against one another at some point?

Probably a 7 or 8, I think it’s a pretty strong possibility, I think all the powers that be are trying to maneuver these guys towards each other, and it will be the biggest heavyweight fight since Tyson-Lewis.

If they fight and there is no knockout, who is likely to win?

I think probably Wilder may have picked it up, he’s the more active guy. He’s got more of a variety of punches, he throws more combinations, I think the stats will show that in general he has a higher volume, and I think he’ll try to hustle in that fight also… Now if I think if somebody got put to sleep, it’s probably Wilder also is the guy that got knocked out.

That leads me to my next question, if there is knockout, who is likely to win?

If there is a knockout, it’s probably Joshua is the one that got the knockout. Not to say that Wilder doesn’t have knockout power, he does, it’s a little bit inflated, more than 32 knockouts out of 33 wins will get you to believe, or whatever the heck it is, but the guy can punch, man!

If Joshua wins, what will be the contributing factor?

I think the experience that he gained in that dramatic fight with Wlad, I think if this fight would have happened before that, it would be much more even, but now I heavily favor Joshua because of the experience he’s gained in that fight. Meanwhile, Wilder’s title reign has been somewhat laughable.

If Wilder wins, what will be his contributing factor?

He’s the wild card, the upside is with him, and I was a big fan of Wilder before he started defending his title because he was like a work in progress. When’s the last time you’ve seen a heavyweight throw these combinations? Dig to the body, hook off the jab, you know, it was like watching a young Lennox, and I thought when they brought on Mark Greenland, he was even more improving, right, and I just thought that he was going to bring more of a dynamic…“whatever” to the heavyweight division, but the guy, he has regressed since he won that title.

On paper, what match in history does this most resemble?

It’s pretty unique, because you’ve got two of these super heavyweights fighting each other, two Olympians, two undefeated guys with huge knockout ratios, I don’t know that you could really equate this to anything that history has shown you before.

Aside from the matches they already have scheduled, do you feel either of them should fight anybody else before they fight each other?

Yeah, I was stoked to see Wilder-Ortiz, it’s a shame it’s not happening. Wilder, I think he needs more seasoning, if he wants to, if he really wants to dream of winning this fight, and fighting just these kind of lower rung contenders ain’t gonna do it, you know. Now the rematch with Stiverne, Wilder will have too easy of a time of it.

And Joshua, anyone?

Yes! Heavyweight has been pretty much shit since Lennox. And all the big promoters and broadcasters have done a good job of finally making some heavyweights that we know about, that we’ve seen consistently fight, and now they’re having them avoid each other. All the big dogs, AJ, Wilder, Parker, Baby Miller, Ortiz, they should all be fighting each other, we shouldn’t have any Pulevs in the mix, we shouldn’t have any Carlos Takams, you know those guys haven’t earned their shot, in fact, every time they’ve gotten their shot, they’ve gotten just annihilated. So, all these fights are there, but dudes are going to have to start risk—oh and let’s not forget about Tyson Fury, these guys are going to have to take a little bit of a risk, if they want to be talked about of the heavyweights of the golden era.

Can they reach the same potential in their legacies, if they never fight each other?

No, this opportunity is there, they have to take it. You know, if Floyd would have retired without fighting Manny, it would have been a huge black eye against him.

Should the fight be held in the U.S., U.K., or somewhere else?

I think it would be bigger in the U.K. And for whatever reason, you know, maybe because the grass is always greener, but that European boxing just seems a little classier than American boxing. But wouldn’t you love to see that in front of 80 or 90 thousand people at Wembley, you know, as opposed to 8 thousand at MGM?

(Jessy Martinez fights Nam Phan on November 3, at the Sportsmans Lodge in Studio City, CA.)

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