Brandon Rios’s Career in Jeopardy Following Positive Test

By Ryan O'Hara on December 14, 2013
Brandon Rios’s Career in Jeopardy Following Positive Test

Brandon Rios tested positive for a banned substance following his unanimous decision defeat to Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 23 in Macau. Rios has denied any wrongdoing.

Rios tested positive for dimenthylamylamine in his post-fight urinalysis. Both he and Pacquiao, were randomly tested by the VADA, on five different occasions. Pacquiao passed all five exams. However, Rios failed just the final exam. Unfortunately for Rios, this isn’t baseball, and an .800 average, is not good enough for the VADA.

Dimenthylamylamine, commonly known as a weight slasher, can also be used to build muscle, and increase athletic performance. However, there are dangers to using the drug. According to the FDA, DMAA, can elevate blood pressure and could lead to cardiovascular problems including: heart attack, shortness of breath, and tightening of the chest.

The entire situation looks sketchy for Brandon Rios because this drug could also be used for a fighter to try and make weight if they’re having problems cutting weight. Reports are beginning to surface, that Rios, was struggling to make weight. The drug is also found in the over-the-counter fitness supplement Jack3d. The name of the drug immediately sends red flags all around.

In addition, Brandon Rios admitted to using Jack3d when he was just getting started at a pro, but noted his trainer, Robert Garcia, ultimately convinced him to stop taking it. Is Rios telling the truth?

The China Professional Boxing Association has already suspended Brandon Rios for five months, beginning from the day of his fight with Pacquiao. Rios, and his team, are likely to appeal the ruling, and hopefully can provide a B sample, that can clear his name. However, if the B sample also turns out to be positive, Rios is in for more humiliation.

Robert Garcia claimed that he didn’t know about the positive test. “This is the first I’m hearing about it,” Garcia said. “I haven’t heard that.” I will give Garcia the benefit of the doubt on this one. Garcia is busy getting ready Marcos Maidana ready for Adrien Broner tomorrow night. He probably hasn’t been thinking of anything else.

In addition, Rios raised suspicions that maybe his final test was sabotaged in some form by Manny Pacquiao’s camp, following a dust-up between Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, and Alex Ariza, Rios’s conditioning coach.Rios was quick to take back his comments stating, “I’m not going to sit here and blame nobody.” But Rios still found the timing of the positive test to be odd.

“I passed all those other tests and all of a sudden, the last time, the last one, after we had that incident, then that’s when we tested positive,” Rios said.

This is not the only occasion where Rios, has struggled to make weight. For example, Rios came in overweight against John Murray, and lost his WBA Welterweight title, on the scale. Rios went on to stop Murray in the 11th round. In Rios’s next bout, he came in overweight once again, against Richard Abril. With the title only on the line for Abril, Rios went on to win a split decision, a decision highly disputed by boxing analysts.

In reality, Brandon Rios has a history of struggling to make weight and has not been focused on boxing, clearly.Therefore, his positive test for DMAA, is unfortunately, not very surprising. Nutritionist Victor Conte blamed Ariza for Rios’s positive test. “How could you not know about DMAA if you’re involved in protecting your fighter from having a positive test or consuming something that will cause a positive test?” Conte asked. “Whose job was that? I would assume it would be Alex Ariza. He did a bad job. My opinion? He should be fired.” It will be interesting to see how things play out for Rios, as a definite blow has been dealt to the future of his career.

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