Bring Me the Head of Danny Garcia

By Robert Ecksel on July 18, 2013
Bring Me the Head of Danny Garcia
"I will show the world," said Matthysse, "I am the best 140-pound fighter on the planet."

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer announced this afternoon that WBC/WBA junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia (26-0, 20 KOs) will defend his titles against the hardest hitting man in boxing, Argentinean Lucas Matthysse (34-2, 32 KOs), on the Sept. 14 undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez.

The superlatives are flying fast and furious, as superlatives tend to do, in perfect tune with the recent announcement, but this may be one of those rare instances when the enthusiasm is justified.

Pay-per-view cards are habitually weighted down with junk. It’s not unusual to sit through four noncompetitive fights of marginal interest while waiting impatiently for the main event. If nothing else, by having Garcia vs. Matthysse on the card, we have another reason beside Floyd and Canelo to tune into THE ONE.

“This is the fight I wanted and the fight that I asked for,” said the 26-year-old Garcia, somewhat belying his reaction to Matthysse’s destruction of Lamont Peterson. “That is why I’m so happy this fight has been made and will be a part of this huge event. I’m more confident than ever in my abilities and I’m going to show it on September 14. Matthysse is a good fighter and has a big punch, but I’m a talented fighter with what it takes to be a champion and stay that way. This is an opportunity for the world to see what I can really do in the ring.”

No doubt Danny Swift is being handsomely rewarded for putting it all on the line against the 30-year-old Matthysse. He hasn’t learned to lose, which will work to his advantage. But defeating a surprisingly competitive Zab Judah last April, and an inconsistent Amir Khan and somewhat decrepit Erik Morales twice in 2012, may be inadequate preparation, as though adequate preparation exists, for hoping to dismantle The Machine.

“I’m glad I finally get a chance to fight Danny Garcia,” said the “speak softly and carry a big stick” Matthysse. “This is the fight that the entire boxing world (especially my country Argentina) and I wanted. I want to thank my promoters Golden Boy Promotions and Mario Arano for making this fight possible. On September 14, I will show the world that I am the best 140-pound fighter on the planet.”

Garcia has had a good run. He’s a fine fighter and may even defeat Matthysse. But this is a fight where the challenger is the favorite going in. It’s also a fight where Angel Garcia’s juju will have no effect.

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  1. raxman 08:49pm, 07/22/2013

    don from prov - I keep saying the same thing. smart money is on matthysse (although I see that most got on that band wagon post Lamont Peterson) but no way would Garcia be scared. he’s a tough kid with an unbeaten record. you don’t get to where he is at 25 without a whole load of self belief - it probably wont help him. but maybe he catches la machina with the left hook

  2. Rick 10:53pm, 07/20/2013

    Lucas has never even been down and I can hardly see Garcia dumping him. Judah had Garcia buzzed pretty good in his last fight. Imagine what Lucas is capable of. The only fights Lucas will lose is against slick boxers which Garcia isn’t. He may have a good chin but Lucas’s is made of iron. I can’t see Garcia taking his shots for 12 rounds but I do see Lucas taking Garcia’s as long as need be. I don’t see how Lucas can lose this fight.

  3. NYIrish 05:53am, 07/20/2013

    This one will end early. Garcia doesn’t look that impressive until his opponent is headed to the canvas. Swift will start getting banged up but will suddenly dump the Argentine.

  4. Koolz 01:23am, 07/20/2013

    Don from Prov

    Matthysse has knocked down everyone he has fought.

    He also does not let it go to the scorecards anymore.

    Garcia should be worried.

  5. Don from Prov 06:08pm, 07/19/2013

    I’m not quite sure what would make you think that Garcia, a world champion and a tough young man, will be scared, Koolz.  Beaten, I think so—but scared?

  6. Koolz 01:25pm, 07/19/2013

    Let’s not forget the psychological battle that will go on in this fight.

    Danny will go into this fight being scared and cautious of Matthysse’s Power.

    This will make him fight differently then he normally would fight.  He won’t be able to rely on the left hook. 
    Lucas on the other had is going to go in there and explode all over.  It’s going to be Peterson all over again.

    Bahhh Danny he has no chance.

  7. Pete The Sneak 04:55am, 07/19/2013

    Leighton, great Post. I too believe the Khan fight against Swift was no fluke. Let’s face it, Khan can look really good for a couple of rounds, but once that chin is checked it’s always. oh, oh, here we go again. And Danny can crack. Now with that being said, ‘La Maquina’ is another story. Lucas may not possess the better boxing skills between the 2 fighters, but I’m thinking how Zab Judah was able to take Danny deep into the fight and connect with some serious shots on Swift. I don’t think it will take Lucas that long to hurt Danny and I see a devastating Matthysse KO of Garcia in the middle rounds, especially when Danny decides to go toe to toe with him (you know it will happen). Either way, this in itself is most certainly a real main event fight and has now convinced me to shell out purchase the event. Peace.

  8. nicolas 09:19pm, 07/18/2013

    Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia is alongside Ride The High Country, perhaps my favorite Sam Peckinpah film. This is a good second fight, and great if the Mayweather-Alvarez fight isn’t good. However it is a sad state of affairs in boxing, when the Jr. Welterweight film should be a main event by itself, and is a much anticipated one, and the biggest fight in the Jr. Welterweight division that can be made.

  9. Leighton 08:24pm, 07/18/2013

    I like Khan, but his loss against Danny Garcia was anything but a fluke. I always root for the boxer over the brawler, but a glass-chinned fighter need only make a single mistake to lose it all against a hammer-fisted foe like “Swift”. If Khan can open himself to teaching, I think Virgil Hunter can forge him into the kind of conservative, strategic fighter that doesn’t make those mistakes, but that remains to be seen.

    All that said, I favor Matthysse over Garcia. I’m looking forward to seeing Danny’s foul-mouthed father finally rendered speechless.

  10. Darrell 08:13pm, 07/18/2013

    Angel Garcia’s juju….Hahaha.

    Well, this could be better than the main event!  I’ll go Swift, a more polished boxer & also a pretty tough kid with a decent punch…I do like Matthysse too so I could change my mind on who I believe will win & who I will actually back.

  11. Koolz 08:09pm, 07/18/2013

    Danny is doomed!  Finally we get to show the world what a joke of title you hold.  Beating Khan was a fluke!

    Matthysse will absolutely destroy him!  I can see this being a TKO even with Danny trying to stay in there but the ref stopping the fight in around the fifth round.

    Or maybe Danny will try and box in the pocket against Lucas then it could be another 3 round KO!

    Danny could try and jab and box outside but Lucas will cut off the ring and get him.  I can’t wait to see Danny’s face when he feels that first punch of Lucas!  OH it’s going to be Great!

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