Bronco Billy Wins Bolivian Crown

By Ted Sares on December 26, 2013
Bronco Billy Wins Bolivian Crown
The not-so-strange saga of heavyweight Bronco Billy Wright continues. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Bronco Billy Wight (42-4) kept his quest for a heavyweight title alive. He KO’d Ricky “El Jibaro” Torrez (20-6-1) at the Poligimnasio Cerrado Municipal Romulo in Cholima Suarez, Santa Ana de Yacuma, Beni, Bolivia this past weekend to retain his WBC Latino Heavyweight and FECARBOX heavyweight titles that he won last November in another one-round blowout over Chilean Esteban “Londrito” Tababary. El Jibaro’s chin needs some checking as his seven losses have all come by way of early KO. But wait, Londrito’s 11 defeats include 10 by way of early sedation.

Glass jaws notwithstanding, the streaking Bronco has won three bouts in 2013, each in the first round. In fact, since September 2011 after a four-year layoff, the Nevadan tough guy by way of West Jordan, Utah has a long win streak of early stoppages. 

Billy’s next fight is scheduled for January 25 in Tauranga, New Zealand against one Richard “The Tutaki Express Train” Tutaki who sports a dismal 20-23-1 record with 16 losses coming by way of—you guessed it—early KOs. Among his conquerors have been Chauncy Welliver (twice), Bob Mirovic (twice), Shane Cameron, the infamous John “Fingers” Hopoate, Mark de Mori, and even limited Clarence Tillman. Look for Bronco to keep the “Express” off the tracks and extend his win streak to 14 since 1998 when he was KO’d by Tony Tucker (56-7). And since 1993 when he was stopped by Frans Botha, Billy’s record stands at 31-1.

The Dream

Like many other older heavyweights, road warrior Billy has a dream to become the next George Foreman (for whom he served as a sparring partner). He dreams of breaking Foreman’s record and becoming the oldest heavyweight champion of the world. He most likely will not even come close to realizing this dream, but God knows Bronco Billy Wright has earned every right to it. This link from his website provides some insight into Billy’s somewhat complex life:

In a sport where a totally shot Danny Williams just won by KO and WBU cruiserweight champion (German version) Roy Jones Jr. is on a three-fight winning streak, the 6-foot-4-inch, 313-pound Billy’s not-so—strange saga continues. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Bronco Billy Wright

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  1. Bronco Billy Wright 08:10pm, 02/04/2014

    Hello. Thank you everyone for your support and to
    for their continued coverage and encouragement with my boxing
    career. And quest to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World!
    I will be fighting Chauncy Welliver on February 14th. In New Zealand.
    Defending my WBC Latin American title and WBC Fecarbox title. Also
    on the line is the WBC ABCO title.
    This will be a great test for me and great victory for my career.
    Again I want to express my gratitude to each of you.
    Best Regards
    Bronco Billy Wright

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:16pm, 12/28/2013

    Ted Sares-He’s living his dream…just like you are with power lifting. I hope he makes some money Down Under….I say he KOs Botha in a return bout and yes he kicks Tyson’s ass straight up….in or out of the ring!

  3. Bob 07:00am, 12/28/2013

    Perhaps Bronco should test his mettle in Germany or Poland. Regardless of whether he gets a title shot, which is doubtful, he is an interesting character. The TV promo is very good. I’d like to see it on the air.

  4. Thresher 06:31pm, 12/27/2013

    Zito is a tough guy gangster wannabe who sucks around boxers. Makes me want to puke every time I see him.

  5. Eric 12:41pm, 12/27/2013

    Big George was 37 years old when he started his comeback and I believe he weighed in the 280lb range give or take a few in his first fight. Foreman would even get down to as low as 238lbs against Qawi. George was 42 when he landed his title shot against Holyfield, and 45 plus when he kayoed Moorer. There are elite athletes like Foreman, and then two or thee notches below the Foremans, Moores, and Hopkins, are good athletes like maybe this Bronco guy and then there is us ordinary folks further down the ladder. Foreman fought well below 313lbs and was over and done before a couple of years before he turned 49. This guy needs to fight someone like that Chuck Zito guy. Zito is the guy who has milked allegedly punching out Jean Claude Van Damme in a NYC strip club for like the last 10-15 years. I believe Zito fashions himself somewhat of a boxer and/or mixed martial artist and is even a good deal older than Bronco. I pick Bronco by knockout over Zito.

  6. John 09:40pm, 12/26/2013

    Comeback DREAMS in boxing can quickly turn into a NIGHTMARE. Great post, Eric. Thanks, Ted, for writing about these much lesser known guys.

  7. Tex Hassler 09:11pm, 12/26/2013

    It is not bad to have a dream but it is better to know when to hang the gloves up.

  8. Eric 03:11pm, 12/26/2013

    Bronco Billy weighs about as much as Big George did before he started his comeback. No dout about it, Bronco Billy would be a helluva guy to have in your corner in a barroom brawl but I can’t see him going very far at 49 years of age and weighing over 300lbs. Seems like a real standup guy though and I can’t help but have a great deal of admiration for him. Wish this guy the best of luck, but at his age and condition, perhaps his close friends need to talk him out of his quest to become the heavyweight champ. Remember a guy way back in the Seventies named Bobby Halpern who made a comeback after a long prison stint. Halpern was 44 at a time when 44 was considered not only old but ancient for a fighter, and had won a couple of bouts. Halpern was not only a little long in the tooth but pretty small for a heavyweight at 5’10” and about 190 or so pounds. Halpern would go on to be kayoed by Guy “Rocky” Casale in ‘78. Halpern also was kayoed by future heavyweight king Trevor Berbick earlier on in his comeback. George was successful at 40 plus because he had inhuman punching power, and I doubt his success will ever be replicated again. Bernard Hopkins is a super fit, extremely talented fighter who eats “clean” whether training or not. Both Hopkins and George were also champs when they were young, Bronco Billy doesn’t share Hopkins taste for eating healthy by the looks of it, and no matter how much power he carries, it is doubtful he come close to matching Foreman’s power.

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