Broner Does Versace / Versace Does Broner

By Boxing News on July 8, 2013
Broner Does Versace / Versace Does Broner
Kanye West doesn't have much to worry about. And good old boxing has survived worse.

While many of us are wondering whether newly crowned WBA welterweight champion Adrien Broner will fight Marcos Maidana, The Problem is attending to other things. Making hay while the sun shines, the champ has embraced Versace, and Versace in turn has embraced the champ. If one has wings there’s no reason not to fly. But whether Broner is reaching for the stars or skirting rooftops depends on one’s altitude. This video features Broner rapping, a thing unto itself, as well as the requisite scantily clad women writhing seductively amid signs of conspicuous consumption. We’re not hip-hop experts, but something tells us that Kanye West doesn’t have much to worry about. And good old boxing, with its granite chin, has survived worse. But in the final analysis (with more analysis to follow), it’s a good thing Adrien Broner can fight…

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  1. Pablo 12:10pm, 12/15/2013

    5 months later and i did! Well done Chino, great job!!!!!

  2. Robert Ecksel 07:23pm, 07/09/2013

    If I were to give you 5000 reasons why this video is on the site, would that suffice?

  3. Kurt 05:19am, 07/09/2013

    What’s the purpose of this video?  Why is it on this website?  Who takes credit for the description of it?

  4. Pablo 12:32am, 07/09/2013

    Would love to see Maidana kick Broner’s ass.

  5. Paul 10:50pm, 07/08/2013

    Don’t want to appear pedantic, but you compare Broner to Kanye West in this article, but isn’t West’s latest album, released a few weeks ago, bombing hardcore? I think Broner could easily be compared to West in musical talent, but that ISN’T A compliment. In my mind you could be 1,000,000,000,000 times more entertaining than Kanye West and still be absolutely terrible. Tangent over.

  6. Toughguy 10:34pm, 07/08/2013

    History is replete of stories that shooting at the top can be easy, but it is character that will keep you there. Broner has nothing of that.

  7. Kaliesha 07:53pm, 07/08/2013



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