Broner TKOs Theophane

By Robert Ecksel on April 1, 2016
Broner TKOs Theophane
“I’m talking about water and Cornflakes.” (Stephanie Trapp/Premier Boxing Champions)

“One thing I’m trying to find out about Adrien Broner, is he a boxing promoter, is he a rapper, is he a porn star, or is he a gangster?”

Friday night at the DC Armory in Washington, DC, former WBA super lightweight champion Adrien Broner (32-2, 24 KOs), from Cincinnati, Ohio, stopped Ashley Theophane (39-7-1, 11 KOs), from Las Vegas by way of Paddington, London, at 1:10 of round nine.

Fighting out of the blue corner in silver trunks, Broner, with his week from hell still reverberating, was less impressive than usual. Despite his superior skills, athleticism, speed and power, he struggled to get Theophane out of there, after dominating the first four rounds of the fight, in a somewhat indifferent performance.

Theophane, fighting out of the red corner in gold and black trunks, was a huge underdog coming in. His lack of power was a liability, but he felt that if he could take Broner into the later rounds, he had a chance to win the WBA title Broner was forced to vacate a day earlier.

Broner outclassed Theophane in the first half of the fight, but he hung in there. Theophane turned the tide in round five and won the next three rounds. Broner appeared to have lost interest in the fight. Perhaps Theophane was too easy a mark. Or maybe the criminal proceedings that await him in Cincinnati was affecting him more than he was willing to admit.

Broner landed a big right hand uppercut in round nine that wobbled Theophane. Several rights followed. Theophane was hurt. With his man on the ropes, Broner landed a low blow followed by a right to the head. Theophane moved to the center of the ring and gestured that Broner had hit him below the belt. The referee Luis Pabon misread the gesture and thought that Theophane was signaling defeat.

Pabon waved it off and that was that.

After the fight, Broner called out Floyd Mayweather, his former friend turned arch-nemesis.

In an interview with that was published yesterday, Mayweather said about Broner, “I think he has a lot of problems. Adrien Broner was just an alcoholic six months ago. One thing I’m trying to find out about Adrien Broner, is he a boxing promoter, is he a rapper, is he a porn star, or is he a gangster? Like I said before, ‘The Problem,’ that’s what Adrien Broner likes to call himself, if I’m not mistaken, the problem that he really needs to focus on is his problem in Cincinnati…I think the best name for him is not ‘The Problem’ it’s ‘Snake.’ The reason why is because of this. Say a snake is hurt and sick. You nurture that snake, you help that snake, you give that snake medicine, and you get that snake back to 100%. As soon as you turn your back, a snake will bite you.”

It’s hard to know who started the name-calling. It’s even harder to care.

Maybe Broner is to blame. He started it. He called Floyd’s company “Hateweather Promotions,” to which Floyd did not take kindly.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion,” he said. “We can’t knock him for that. If we really do our homework, I mean, this company has made crazy money. It’s not always about the money, but a lot of times, with my lifestyle and my persona and everything else, money is always going to come up. He said ‘Hateweather Promotions’; I’m still trying to find out what AB stands for. Always broke? I mean, that’s what I thought AB stands for. Last year, I think Leonard made more money than Adrien Broner. He gave himself a 10-figure name: About Billions. We know he ain’t never seen eight figures or nine figures. He’s barely seen 7 figures. It could be safe to say that just one of my cars costs more than he made in his whole career.”

Say what you will about Mayweather, but no one can deny he’s a classy guy.

Returning the fight, Broner called out Mayweather during his post-fight interview.

“As you know, I’ve been going through a lot and for me to come in here and bottle everything up and do what I did, I want to give myself a pat on the back,” Broner said.

“When people fight me, they come with their ‘A’ game, and he came with his ‘A’ game. But even his ‘A’ game wasn’t enough tonight.”

Turning his attention from Theophane to Mayweather, Broner said, “I’m a man, but at the end of the day, somebody that I look up to, someone that I admire took the chance to do an interview and talk bad about me. I’m a man—Floyd has got to see me.”

Mayweather was laughing as Broner spoke. Floyd must have thought he was Chris Rock or Hannibal Buress.

“I come from nothing,” continued Broner. “I’m talking about water and Cornflakes. And I would never let a man disrespect me like that. So you gotta see me. I don’t care if we’re sparring or if we’re fighting, let’s get it on.”

As challenges go it was a bit incoherent. But the guys on Spike TV, led by Antonio Tarver, thought a match between a fighter who is retired and a fighter who ought to be retired sounded like a great idea.

I’m not opposed to Broner and Mayweather fighting if they want.

I just want to know in advance how much it is going to cost.

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  1. Eric 06:08am, 04/02/2016

    AB and TBE having a little lover’s spat. These kind of things happen between couples all the time.

  2. bikermike 02:31am, 04/02/2016

    I felt the match was stopped too early…..not that it would have mattered

  3. procopy 01:09am, 04/02/2016

    knockout via low blow. an interesting way to make a comeback.

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