Broner vs. DeMarco: A Career Defining Match-Up

By Rudy Mondragón on November 16, 2012
Broner vs. DeMarco: A Career Defining Match-Up
Will Adrien Broner’s boxing ability and ring IQ help him keep his unbeaten streak alive?

The key to a Broner victory will be intelligent counterpunching with potshots, right hand counters, and utilization of his jab…

Adrien “The Problem” Broner and Antonio DeMarco, who fight Saturday night at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, have two things in common. Both fighters are not looking past each other, and both fighters know a decisive victory will present mega-fight opportunities in the future.

“DeMarco is definitely my best opponent so far on paper,” said Broner in a recent interview. “It is the biggest fight of my career thus far and I am not looking past anyone.”

Broner (24-0, 20 KOs) is coming off a fifth round TKO victory over Vicente Escobedo, a fight where he failed to make weight and was stripped of his WBO junior lightweight title. Having grown out of that weight class, none too gracefully I might add, it seems that moving up to the lightweight division will be a smooth and natural transition, especially given the fact that he already puts on 10-15 lbs, the day of his fights. One thing to look out for in the quick, strong, smart, and savvy counterpuncher is his ability to adapt to a southpaw. In a fight against southpaw Daniel Ponce de Leon in March 2011, Adrien took some time adjusting to his opponent’s southpaw style and didn’t take control of the fight until the fifth round of their 10-round nontitle match. He is fighting a much taller fighter in DeMarco, who also has a longer reach, so it will be interesting to see how much Broner has developed since his fight with Ponce de Leon.

DeMarco (28-2-1, 21 KOs) is a hungry southpaw who is a fan favorite due to his willingness to take risks and go toe-to-toe in full-out brawls. “Whoever wins this fight will have many opportunities to further his career,” said DeMarco. “I want what every boxer wants, recognition and success.” DeMarco is no stranger to fighting against quick and savvy counterpunchers. In an epic Fight of the Year candidate (only to lose that honor to Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto) on October 2011, DeMarco fought his way back to win an 11th round stoppage over Jorge Linares. Down on points and in CompuBox punch count, DeMarco’s persistence, resiliency, tenacity, and heart won him the fight. These qualities will be on display Saturday night when he attempts to overwhelm Broner.

Broner has been in fights where the audience was rooting against him, yet he always seems to find a way to block it out, maintain composure, and stick to his game plan. DeMarco was privileged to fight the late Edwin Valero and he learned a valuable lesson: Never stop learning in the fight game. That experience also served as a wake-up call for the young fighter. He has won five straight since that loss to Valero.

Bottom line, will DeMarco’s heart, cast iron chin, and power punches lead him to victory? Or will Broner’s boxing ability and ring IQ help him earn his 25th career win?

A great deal is at stake in this bout. The beauty and deception of boxing is that, as Broner perfectly states, “a knockout is a punch away,” and one needs to be careful in every fight. It is anyone’s fight this weekend with endless possibilities as to its outcome. The key to a Broner victory will be intelligent counterpunching with potshots, right hand counters, and utilization of his jab. DeMarco will need to exploit Broner’s need to adjust to a southpaw style, overwhelm the Cincinnati Kid with his power punches, and make it a brawl to test Broner’s composure.

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  1. THE THRESHER 08:36pm, 11/17/2012

    “he will ice him in the late rounds—7th or 8th. Broner will dazzle and sizzle in this one.”


  2. the thresher 06:47am, 11/17/2012

    What does the record show and 10 years from now, that’s what people will recognize. It is what it is. Sorry to say.

  3. Da UnKnown Comic 06:39am, 11/17/2012

    Thresher?  Almost lost to Ponce?  Come on man. The World Over knows Broner lost that. And so does Broner…

  4. the thresher 05:41pm, 11/16/2012

    The reason Broner almost got beaten by Ponce was that he prepared for the old Ponce, but a new one showed up who could fight technically and defend himself for a change. No one was prepared for that Ponce de Leon. Since then, Ponce ‘s career has soared so the proof is in the pudding.

    This time, Broner will not underestimate DeMarco, but he will ice him in the late rounds—7th or 8th. Broner will dazzle and sizzle in this one.

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