Brook vs. Spence—Keep or Cancel?

By Marc Livitz on May 23, 2017
Brook vs. Spence—Keep or Cancel?
Should Saturday’s IBF title bout between Kell Brook and Errol Spence go on as planned?

Less than an hour’s drive from Manchester lays Bramall Lane football stadium, which is set to host this weekend’s clash…

The tragic news out of England made its way to our respective televisions, computer screens and devices on Monday evening. Innocent lives were taken in an inexplicable act of terrorism at the Manchester Arena and many of the victims were young children. Such incidents are meant to divide, shock and frighten, yet what they also do is prompt us to hug our loved ones just a bit tighter. Less than an hour’s drive to the east from Manchester lays Yorkshire, more to the point, Bramall Lane football stadium, which is set to host Saturday’s IBF World welterweight title clash between Kell Brook and Errol Spence. The United Kingdom is actually set to host an even bigger event this weekend, The FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium between London’s two most popular clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea.

One of the best ways to show those who seek to harm decent people that their actions won’t sway how we live our lives is to frankly, just keep on living. There may be calls from some to postpone or even cancel events scheduled for this weekend in England, whether out of respect or sadly, fear. The individuals who we pay to see entertain us, regardless of their chosen vocation help us get through our lives, which can be tedious enough without the actions of malevolent groups hampering our everyday decisions. Should the bout between Brook and Spence go on as planned? 

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  1. Alt Knight 07:04am, 05/24/2017

    A moratorium on immigration from certain countries, and YES, Saudi Arabia, Mr. Trump, would be a good start. Maybe even a deportation or two. These symbolic gestures do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, the people unaffected by this tragedy will forget about the victims in a week or so, if that long, and go back to their six-pack and television, and those with power will continue to do the same things that brought us to this tragedy. It is indeed insanity. How many Muslim terror attacks have happened in England? Doesn’t look like anyone is doing anything to prevent this kind of thing from happening over and over again.  When you have a POTUS going over and sucking/cucking up to Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t leave you thinking much will change. God Help Us.

  2. Anonymous 06:23am, 05/24/2017

    Livitz, spare me the drama. Of course the attack was horrific. And this one was especially terrible.

    But you raise the issue of continuing in your title and to not continue is to send up the white flag to these scum. That’s precisely what termism is; to alter your routine activities because they have made you alter them.

  3. Marc Livitz 05:19pm, 05/23/2017

    Anonymous, thank you for reading. If you did, in fact read the entirety of the two paragraphs above, then you’ll notice that I present ideas and not opinions. One of the first things I did upon learning of this tragedy yesterday was to contact my friends in Manchester to see if they and their children were safe. Anonymous, do you have kids? Can you relate to what took place in any way?

    I don’t think I’ve replied to anyone’s comments more than a few times over the past several years. Children were murdered in cold blood. The youngest victim was only eight years old. Think about that next time you jump the gun and rip someone’s work or better yet, contact the editor and let him know when we can expect your journalistic contribution. I’m not sure who is on the losing end here. Who lost more I.Q. points? You in writing your comment or me reading it? Take care of yourself.

  4. Alt Knight 04:52pm, 05/23/2017

    Heart goes out to the victims and I challenge European leaders to stop wringing their hands and actually be PROACTIVE INSTEAD OF REACTIVE. And no, we shouldn’t carry on as if nothing happened. People in the West shouldn’t accept that terrorism is a part of every day life. All the leaders of the West ever do is wring their hands when this type of thing occurs, they never actually do anything to stop this from happening again. This thinking that we should carry on everyday life as if nothing happened to really show those terrorists is moronic. Yeah, that will really show them. RIP to the victims and condolences to the ones that they left behind.

  5. Anonymous 10:30am, 05/23/2017

    Dumb article. Of course we should continue.

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