Brooklyn’s Judah Outclasses Paris

By Teron Briggs on March 25, 2012
Brooklyn’s Judah Outclasses Paris
Judah jokingly referred to himself as an “old man," but looked more like the Zab of old

“My team put together a great game plan for me and I just went in there and executed,” the relaxed looking Judah said after the fight…

BROOKLYN, NY—Zab “Super” Judah (42-7, 23 KOs) once again lived up to his nickname as he stopped the game but outgunned Vernon Paris (26-1, 1 KOs) in front of a jubilant hometown crowd at the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn. Judah firmly positioned himself as the IBF mandatory challenger for a title shot against the winner of the upcoming rematch between Lamont Peterson vs. Amir Khan.

“My team put together a great game plan for me and I just went in there and executed,” the relaxed looking Judah said after the fight. From round one, it was clear to those watching that Judah not only had the edge in experience, but also in speed and power. Paris, who had built up his undefeated record facing fringe contenders and journeymen, couldn’t get out of the way of the southpaw Judah’s powerful left hand.

In the second round of the fight, Judah connected with a lightening quick left hook that rattled Paris, bringing the crowd to its feet. He jokingly referred to himself as an “old man” who was “over the hill,” yet he threw fluid combinations with the sharpness and precision of a young Zab Judah, the same attributes that helped him capture the undisputed welterweight championship of the world.

Paris was able to weather the storm in the third round, but he couldn’t muster much of his own offense, as he tried to avoid Judah’s punches and was forced into a defensive posture. Things were going so well for the former champ, that he could be seen smiling from ear to ear at the end of the fourth round, acknowledging to the crowd that he was in control of things. 

Paris, whose biggest win to date came over Tim Coleman, never mounted the vicious body attack that capitulated him to the #3 position in the IBF rankings.  As Judah continued to put more rounds in the bank, Paris seemed content to try to win the war of words, repeatedly mouthing off to his opponent, while repeatedly eating leather. In the middle rounds, the undefeated contender seemed to have no backup game plan, as he resorted to unsportsmanlike conduct by hitting Judah below the belt.

By the eighth round, the only outstanding question was whether Paris would be able to make it to final bell of the scheduled 10-round bout.  Another huge left by Judah in the ninth sent Paris reeling into the corner and provided a resounding answer to that question. Judah, sensing his foe was hurt, uncorked a timely barrage of punches that forced the referee to call a halt to the bout at 2:27.

Judah, who has been in the ring with the best in the sport—Mayweather, Cotto and Khan, to name a few—said that with the new Barclays Center opening up downtown Brooklyn, boxing fans could definitely look forward to seeing more of him.

The co-feature saw former title challenger Tomas Adamek (44-2, 28 KOs) win a lopsided, but entertaining decision over Nagy Aguilera (17-6, 12 KOs), no relation to Christina, though they both sport love handles.  Adamek, returning to the ring following his TKO lost in September of last year to WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, out-boxed and outslugged his game opponent.

The fourth round featured the best round of fighting of the night, as both fighters abandoned their jabs, instead opting to only throw power shots. Adamek got the better of the exchanges, though Nagy did land some effective looping punches.

Aguilera, now bleeding from his quickly closing right eye, had arguably his best round of the night in the eight, as he continued to walk through his opponent’s punches and seemed to stun him with accurate right hands.

Unfortunately for Nagy, that was his last shining moment, as Adamek closed out the show in the ninth and 10th rounds by landing the harder and crisper blows. Adamek, who had a sizable contingent of fans cheering for him, was awarded a unanimous decision.

On the undercard, Philadelphia heavyweight Bryant Jennings (12-0, 5 KOs) pulled off a mild upset by forcing former WBO heavyweight champion Sergei Liakhovich’s corner to throw in the towel after the ninth round. Jennings outworked and out-landed Liakhovich, who seemed to be unable to put together any kind of consistent offense. Jennings notched by far the biggest win of his career, and seems to have a bright future in the otherwise dull division.

Also on the undercard, the former promising prospect from Brooklyn, Curtis “Showtime” Stevens (21-3, 15 KOs), returned to the ring for the first time in two years to score a first round KO over the outclassed Romaro Johnson (11-5-1, 6 KOs).

Some of the many boxing luminaries in attendance at the fight were former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe, former Olympic gold medalist Mark Breland, former junior welterweight champ Paulie Malignaggi, the legendary Don King and NY Golden Gloves director Brian Adams.

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  1. Don from Prov 10:41am, 03/30/2012

    No, one loss being the end of a career is an idea, a very current one, that I detest.

    Danny Jacobs: I don’t know what he was/is going to be.  Paris: I will say that there was talk during the lead-in? that he didn’t like to train: That is not a good thing.  And in all honesty, he didn’t show me much.  It wasn’t exactly Vargas losing to Felix T.  So, what I am saying, exactly, is that Paris did not impress me as a boxer, was completely clueless about how to adjust: In fact, he just plain looked clueless in the ring, and based on what I saw, I’m not dying to see him again.  The young man may end up being the fighter of the decade, and I might be holding desperately onto his bandwagon at some point.  But right now, he does not = must see for this fan.  Plenty of fighters who lose make me want to see them again—

    Not Vernon.
    But he’s got you up in NH.
    And probably plenty of others.

  2. Cheekay Brandon 08:37am, 03/28/2012

    Fantastic report! Was supposed to be in town for it, but couldn’t make it.

  3. the thresher 08:17am, 03/27/2012

    Don from Prov. What, one loss makes the guy a stiiff? That’s not right. Danny Jacobs losses to Pirog and all of a sudden he is a bum. Is this the new norm?

  4. Don from Prov 08:10am, 03/26/2012

    Well, I finally got to see Veron (Midnight in) Paris.  I MIGHT be able go another month or two without seeing him a second time. 

    Folks have already pointed out what a good write-up this was, but they’re right, so I’ll add my name to the list of those saying so.

  5. the thresher 06:57pm, 03/25/2012

    Thanks for the account Teron.

  6. the thresher 06:55pm, 03/25/2012

    Wow. I sure missed this one. Good for Zab.

  7. bk don 03:45pm, 03/25/2012

    Thanks for the kind words all. I was quite impressed by Zab, but the difference in his performance between this fight and the last are pretty startling. I didn’t convey that in the article as much I would’ve liked. I don’t know if it’s an indication that he had a bad game plan against Khan, or that Paris wasn’t that good. One way or the other we’ll find out soon if Zab still has enough talent to compete at the elite level. We know this much though, he’s not washed up, and that’s a start.

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 02:48pm, 03/25/2012

    Teron-Great report….too much of everything from Zab….Paris will re-set and make another run. Liakhovich and Fields need to just let it go…no…really…just let it go before really serious damage is done!

  9. brian moloney 02:15pm, 03/25/2012

    Zab I have always like you. Great fighter (still are) You are a TRUE CHAMP in my EYES. Never DODGE anybody. I am HAPPY to see that you got your shit together back on the right track. You will be a dominate champ again. God Bless you Zab

  10. Jo 11:28am, 03/25/2012

    Fantastically entertaining yet informed recap. You have a great ability to write for all to consume - even for boxing novices like me :-).

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