Brownsville vs. Bensonhurst

By Teron Briggs on October 15, 2013
Brownsville vs. Bensonhurst
Malignaggi wasn't nearly as gracious to the press in attendance as he was to Zab Judah.

After Zab “Super” Judah and Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi both nearly came to blows with their previous opponents, before even stepping in the ring, it was quite a sight to see the two behave like bosom buddies at today’s presser to promote their upcoming fight. The two Brooklyn natives will meet at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY in a Showtime televised 12-round welterweight contest on Saturday, December 7, at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT.

The 36-year-old Judah (42-8, 29 KOs), a five-time, two-division champion from the Brownsville section of Brooklyn was all smiles as he uncharacteristically arrived at the presser early. Things have certainly changed for boxing’s former bad boy who won his first world title more than 13 years ago.

The former two-time, two-division champion, 32-year-old Malignaggi (32-5, 7 KOs), who was born and raised in Bensonhurst was late, because he came straight from the airport, after commentating for a Fox Sports 1 boxing card in Florida the previous night.

“I am happy to be back fighting in front of my hometown crowd,” Judah told the gathered media. “Paulie and I have known each other a long time and we have a mutual respect for each other, but this fight on December 7th, it is going to be like the ancient Roman days. There has to be a leader and that position belongs to me.”

Paulie, equally respectful of his buddy Zab, said, “I have always admired Zab’s skills and his resume speaks for itself, but this is the ‘Battle of Brooklyn’ and winning this fight is worth more than any world title.”

Unfortunately for the press in attendance, Paulie wasn’t nearly as gracious to them as he was to Zab. Malignaggi is well known for the courage he’s shown inside the ring, but he is equally well known, at least to some, for his sharp tongued rants outside it. He called boxing writers, or at least some of them, “fanboys” for their support of the judges’ decision for Adrien Broner, who recently bested the Bensonhurst kid in a close fight. Malignaggi said that even months after that loss, fans still come up to him and tell him they believed he won the fight. He was also very candid when he said that after losing his WBA title to Broner, “I was leaning towards not fighting again.” He gave his new business partner, Sam Watson, who works with powerful manager Al Haymon, the credit for motivating him to return.

There won’t be a world title on the line when these two face each other, but the winner would potentially set himself up for a big payday in arguably the most star-studded division in the sport.

In the co-main event, WBA super welterweight titleholder Erislandy Lara will defend his belt against former champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout.

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  1. Pete The Sneak 04:37am, 10/17/2013

    Irish Ol’ amigo, I think you captured it all in one sentence..LOL…Peace.

  2. Clarence George 04:01am, 10/17/2013

    There’s nothing like a good laugh first thing in the morning, NYI, and you provided it.  Thank you. 

    I’ll say this, though:  I’d rather watch Malignaggi-Judah than Trout-Lara…however marginally.

  3. NYIrish 03:26am, 10/17/2013

    I’d rather watch two chupacabras fight.

  4. Clarence George 08:01am, 10/16/2013

    Thanks very much, Pete.

    Yeah, I don’t understand why the strange canines spotted (both alive and dead) in Texas are called Chupacabras—no resemblance whatsoever with the creature ostensibly sighted in Puerto Rico.

  5. Pete The Sneak 07:31am, 10/16/2013

    CG…The Chupacabra was a trip man. I mean it had every scientist, mystery seeker, vampire slayer and UFO/creature hunter in the world heading to the little island in the carribean to seek out this alien and/or animalisitic freak of evolution. While scientists have claimed that they have solved the mystery (chupacabra carcasses have been found and identified as a dog, coyote, raccoon, or other common mammal — usually stricken with a parasitic infection that caused the animal to lose its fur and take on a gaunt, monstrous appearance), try telling that to the farmers, laborers and Grandma’s and Grandpas living’ up in the mountains deep within the island. They don’t believe it for a second. There was an original description of the first Chupacabra sighting in 1995 by a Boricua woman named Madelyne Tolentino. Her chupacabra was nearly identical to an alien monster in the science fiction / horror film “Species.” The similarities were too great to be coincidence; she had not only recently seen the film, but stated in interviews that the movie monster “looked like the chupacabra, with spines on its back and all. ... The resemblance to the chupacabra was really impressive.”
    She was the first person to report seeing the chupacabra, and her report was very influential, appearing not only on the front page of the local newspaper but all over the Internet. Soon other eyewitnesses repeated and exaggerated her description, but it is clear that what she described came from a movie, not real life…(Some of this info was gleamed from Author Benjamin Radford, who has written several books on such phenomena/paranormal ‘sightings.’)...Still, if you ever travel to Puerto Rico and head to some of the mountain towns and more rural locations off the beaten paths, to those folks the Chupacabra is still alive, is no damned coyote or dog and is still walking around sucking the blood of their live stock…Peace.

  6. Clarence George 06:28am, 10/16/2013

    Pete:  I well remember the Felt Forum, and going there with my brother in the early ‘70s to see some pro wrestling.  It’s now the Theater, I believe.

    The invitation is much appreciated.  Happy to return the hospitality whenever you come to Manhattan.  Can’t offer the same Puerto Rican delicacy, however.

    Speaking of Puerto Rico…I’m fascinated by cryptozoology, and wonder if you have any thoughts on the Chupacabra.

  7. Pete The Sneak 05:27am, 10/16/2013

    CG. Same here. I won’t dish out the $5.00 round trip subway fare from the Bronx to Brooklyn for this particular ‘Brooklyn Rivalry’ (yeah right) either…But I did get to see the Judah/Danny Garcia (and all the undercards) fight at Barclays and I have to say, wasn’t a bad seat in the house…The only MSG I’ve ever known is the one standing right now. but yeah, I’ve heard some incredible things about the ‘Original.’...For me, the venue I miss most was the adjoining smaller site, the Felt Forum. Not only a great place to see a fight up close and personal, but it was the place to meet/see some Outstanding NYC (and some out of state)) fighters who just showed up to be seen an just commiserate with the crowds…Hector Camacho, Iran Barkley, Juan Laporte, Mark Breland, Renaldo Snipes, Emile Griffith, Carl Williams, were just some of the regulars you would see/run into every week during the Forum’s Thursday night fight series…Oh well..Let me know when you do cross the bridge for a fight at Barclays. I’ll take you to a spot in the city that makes the best MOFONGO this side of Puerto Rico…Peace..

  8. Clarence George 03:59am, 10/16/2013

    Harrumph.  Looks like an airport lounge from the ‘60s.  Don’t hold with these newfangled structures myself.  I clearly have very different aesthetic sensibilities from this Mr. Z of whom you speak, and if it had been up to me I would have rebuilt the old Garden, down to the minutest detail, and at its old location.

    That said, Pete, I’m glad boxing has returned to Brooklyn.  But I still haven’t been, and Malignaggi-Judah is nowhere near compelling enough to get me to cross the bridge.

  9. Pete The Sneak 02:10am, 10/16/2013

    Paulie continues to bite the hand that feeds him with his constant whining and ranting against press folks who saw the Broner fight pretty much like everyone else. He lost. And I ain’t no Broner fan. His act is getting old…STFU and move on…..CG, not very structurally appealing on the outside (though Jay-Z would probably tell you otherwise), but the Barclay’s Center is a pretty damn good place to see fights…Peace

  10. Clarence George 05:41pm, 10/15/2013

    Good heavens, what a hideous structure!

  11. Ted 05:32pm, 10/15/2013

    Good one Teron

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