Bruno’s Daughters Speak

By Robert Ecksel on February 6, 2016
Bruno’s Daughters Speak
“Leave it to the youngsters. We can see that, but I'm not sure he can.” (Nicholas Bowman)

“I love my father and I’m so proud of him,” said Rachel, “but he’s achieved everything he set out to achieve…”

Even David Haye has had second thoughts. Not about becoming heavyweight champion another time, which seems as likely as not, but about the wisdom of Frank Bruno returning to the ring.

Among those who agree with Haye, or with whom Haye agrees, are Rachel and Nicola Bruno, daughters of the aforementioned 54-year-old former WBC heavyweight champion.

“When you’re ill,” Rachel, 29, told the Daily Mail, “you reminisce about the past,” while Nicola, 34, added, perhaps a little too hopefully, “I don’t think anyone would be silly enough to try to arrange a comeback fight.”

They spoke after Bruno announced that he was “coming back into boxing” to help him cope with the effects of his bi-polar medication.

“I love my father and I’m so proud of him,” said Rachel, “but when he retired he’d achieved everything he set out to achieve. He’s had his time. Just leave it to the youngsters. We can see that, but I’m not sure he can.”

Clearly he cannot, which is just one of the reasons he needs to be saved from himself.

“I’m cross with some of the people around my dad who I don’t feel have his best interests at heart,” Rachel said. “I’ve told them not to book any more work for him until he’s better. What he needs is rest, peace and quiet with his family and those who do know what’s best for him.”

What is best for Bruno and what is best for those who can profit from Bruno are two different things.

“I can watch videos of Dad’s old fights and they still stir up some nice memories,” said Nicola, “but I think this talk of a comeback is just one of his lightning ideas.”

Bruno’s agent Dave Davies agrees with Frank’s daughters.

“Frank, like many other former sports stars, misses the good times when he was in the boxing ring,” he said, “and watching his son train has reignited his wish to return to the ring.”

Bruno needs to be careful what he wishes for. Hopefully good sense will prevail.

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  1. bikermike 01:23pm, 02/09/2016

    SAY IT AIN’T SO…......FRANK !!!!

  2. nicolas 12:01pm, 02/08/2016

    When you are a big star athlete, I guess sometimes the adoration of the public is a real plus, when you don’t have it anymore, then I am sure it can be quite depressing. Even though I have never been famous, I still often miss my youth, and I am sure that Mr. Bruno is going through quite a lot. Many former boxers seem to die at a much younger age than the general public, and it seems as if many other athletes have that happen to them as well. Then we have people like Jake LaMotta, a man when the movie Raging Bull came out,  in 1980, I don’t think anyone though would be past his 90’s I think, and I can’t say that I really now, part of his secret is the fame he got from that movie. After that film he seems to have been elevated to become listed as one of the greatest middleweights of all time. He also did the DVD audio commentary for that film (It is the best audio commentary of that film). I believe he is quite often honored in this day and age.

  3. Eric 10:27am, 02/07/2016

    Bruno vs. Shannon The Cannon? Let’s Go Champ!! I say that Foreman can beat Bruno & Shannon, even now.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:36am, 02/07/2016

    Put’em in with Bronco Billy….that’ll get rid of that itch!

  5. gordon analla 04:20pm, 02/06/2016

    A daughter’s love for her Father.  That’s the story.  Bless them both.

  6. Eric 10:29am, 02/06/2016

    It was nearly 29 years ago when Foreman made his comeback at 37-38 years of age. The Archie Moores, George Blandas, Gordie Howes were viewed as freaks instead of the norm back then. I remember when it wsa rumored that Jim Brown was thinking of making a comeback in his 40’s and Wilt The Stilt was always threatening about playing again up until he was about fitty. The “old” scale in the world of sports keeps getting moved up it seems. How can a man 54 years of age seriously think about competing in any sport at the professional level against men half his age? Didn’t they used to have some kind of seniors tour in boxing a few years back? You had Holmes vs. Weaver II, Bugner vs. Bonecrusher, etc. Grow up, Frank!!

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