Bryant Jennings In-Depth

By Dennis Taylor on July 6, 2015
Bryant Jennings In-Depth
Growing up on Philly's mean streets, Jennings starred in football, basketball and track.

Jennings told his remarkable story from a wedding reception honoring Hank Lundy, who was married earlier in the day…

Bryant Jennings spoke in-depth on Sunday’s Ringside Boxing Show about growing up on Philadelphia’s mean streets (spoiler alert: he wasn’t such a nice guy), starring in football, basketball and track at Benjamin Franklin High School, and, at age 24, gradually becoming aware of the boxing gym on the other end of the recreation center where he played city league hoops.

Six years and 36 fights later (17 amateur, 19 pro), the 30-year-old Philadelphian went 12 rounds with future Hall of Famer Wladimir Klitschko. How good will he be when he finally gets some experience?

The best part? Jennings told us his remarkable story from a wedding reception honoring his friend, Hammerin’ Hank Lundy, who was married earlier in the day.

The Bryant Jennings interview is preceded by our weekly roundtable of expert analysts—Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid, and John J. Raspanti— who give their takes on what goes on in Mayweather’s head, why Kovalev can’t find Stevenson, how Al Haymon has enraged the boxing establishment, and what British boxing fans think about.

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    WBO = We Be Oafs

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    The WBO has Fedosov and Szpilka in their top 10 but no Bryant…..perfect! Does his name ever cross Wilder’s lips?

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