By the Book: Mayweather Schools Canelo

By Robert Ecksel on September 14, 2013
By the Book: Mayweather Schools Canelo
Making history and becoming history are two very different things. (Naoki Fukuda)

Pound-for-pound king Floyd “Money” Mayweather took Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to school Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas…

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Floyd “Money” Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs) decisioned formerly undefeated Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (42-1, 30 KOs) by scores of 117-111, 116-112, and an incomprehensible 114-114.

Canelo had been calling out Mayweather for the longest time, and he was ignored for the longest time. But after Floyd’s unsatisfactory one-sided romp over Robert Guerrero last May, The Money Team, with a little push from Showtime, agreed that Canelo was the most credible challenger out there. He was undefeated. He was young. He was strong. He had red hair and freckles.

But numbers and complexion do not a fighter make. In his last outing, Canelo defeated Austin Trout fair and square when they met in April, but No Doubt Trout, no one’s idea of a world-beater, extended him the distance in a fight that was competitive if not especially close. But Trout was inadequate preparation for a fight against Mayweather, as the evening resoundingly proved.

Some believed that Canelo was going to make history Saturday night. He said as much himself several times. But making history and becoming history are two very different things, and Canelo’s game plan, if it could be called a game plan, was as unimaginative at its inception as it was in its execution.

Despite outweighing Mayweather by 15 pounds, having gained 13 pounds since the weigh-in the day before the fight, Canelo tried to outbox the boxer, he tried to counterpunch with a counterpuncher. That might have looked good on paper, except that Mayweather is no ordinary boxer, any more than he is an ordinary counterpuncher.

Canelo must have known what he was getting into. He knew what gifts his opponent possessed. But that knowledge, if it wasn’t simply ignored, was pushed aside in favor of letting Canelo do what he does naturally. He didn’t jab his way in. He was hoping that his power would save the day, but seemed reluctant to bully the smaller man. His footwork, while never anything to write home about, was disappointingly pedestrian, as he never cut off the ring, seemingly content to follow Money May wherever he chose to lead him.

It wasn’t so much that Canelo lost the fight, although lose it he did, than Mayweather won the fight with his superior skills and Mensa-level ring IQ. In keeping with tradition, Floyd took a couple rounds to figure Canelo out, after which time it was pretty much a cakewalk. Whatever Canelo could do he did to the best of his ability. Mayweather, however, can do everything better. That won’t change this year or the next. It’s not likely to ever change. Canelo is a good fighter, perhaps even a very good fighter. The problem, at least as far as Canelo is concerned, is that Mayweather is simply superlative.

After the fight, no less than during the fight, Mayweather stuck closely to the script.

“Canelo is a young strong champion,” he said. “I take my hat off to him. I take my hat off to the country of Mexico. Mexico has produced some great champions throughout the years, and Canelo is a champion, he’s a true champion at heart. And a true champion like Canelo, he can take a loss and bounce back. My dad had a brilliant game plan. I took my time to go out there and get the job done. I think if I had pressed the attack early, I would have got the late stoppage. But it was cool today. It was cool. I got the job done. It’s about skills. I came in tonight and displayed my skills, and I’m happy with my performance.”

As happy as Money May was with his performance, Canelo was equally unhappy with his.

“I couldn’t catch him,” said Canelo. “He’s very elusive. He’s a great fighter. That’s what happened tonight. I couldn’t catch him. I didn’t know how to get him. It’s as simple as that. He’s very intelligent, he’s very elusive, and that’s what he demonstrated tonight. The frustration was getting in there, but he’s a great fighter. There was no solution for us tonight. We just could not catch him. But I’m only 23 years old. This is a great experience for me.”

Where Mayweather goes from here is anybody’s guess. He looks all but unbeatable at this weight. He can pull a Mickey Walker and go after the big guys, or he can coast to 50-0 and surpass Rocky Marciano’s longstanding 49-0 record. But whatever he decides, and history will be the judge, he reestablished himself, yet again, as the best boxer of his era.

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  1. Ted 11:41am, 09/17/2013

    Canelo will be much better for his next fight after having earned his PhD in the Sweet Science.” I almost pity his next opponent and it it’s Cotto, look for a slaughter.

  2. nicolas 11:22am, 09/17/2013

    Mr. Ecksel, While I did have Alvarez winning over Trout, and only by a point, I don’t think one could call that fight fair and square. Shellenberger from Texas (need we say more) , and I should also say the once respectable Stanley Christodolou. of the first eight rounds, only gave Trout one and zero rounds respectably. Only the judge from the Philippines, after eight had it scored fairly, giving four rounds a piece. I had Trout ahead by one point. Because of the open scoring, we knew the scores, yet it is certainly to me incomprehensible, that while Ross’s scorecard is looked upon with outrage, no complaints about the scoring of that fight. Interestingly, also of the last four rounds of that fight, only the Filipino judge once again, had it right by giving Alvarez 3 of the last four rounds, while Shellenberger and Christodoulou decided to give Trout 3 and 2 respectably, of the last four rounds, as if they knew they had done something really bad the first eight rounds. Yes I had Trout losing nine through eleven, but by him knowing the scoring, what was he to do? He did not fight well from 9 to 11, and Alvarez just basically did nothing in the last round, and gave the pursuing Trout the last round. Why the Showtime commentators did not make a big issue of this is to me because of their knowledge of the potential Mayweather-Alvarez box office potential, and shows their culpablilty in the corruption that is boxing. Trout of course did not complain after the decision was rendered, but was there a reason for that?

  3. nicolas 11:01am, 09/17/2013

    Let us just admit it, Mayweather is so good, that he probably could beat all the middleweights above him, though they might at least be a bit more competitive. Of course with a win over Martinez, people would sugggest that Martinez was over his best years, and that perhaps would be fair. A fight with Golovkin would perhaps be the most interesting, and the most dangerous of Mayweather’s career. Sadly in todays world, it seems that to go undefeated in your career is what a fighter wants to do, which is sort of understandable.

  4. Ted 05:41am, 09/17/2013

    All Time Greatness is usually something that is evaluated after a fighter retires so that prime work can be compared to the entire body of work. The jury will be out until then, but if he retires at 50-0 after having fought solid ending opposition, I will consider him an ATG without a second hesitation. If Finito and Chavez can be one, that so can Floyd.

    Time will tell.

  5. Ted Sares 05:34am, 09/17/2013

    Speaking for MYSELF, I think I have a pretty good idea as to just how great Mayweather is. I have not seen defensive mastery like that since Pep. I have not seen reflexes that sharp since I don’t know when. I have not seen counters like that since ever.  I have never seen better right hand leads. The stamina department is pretty good as well. And the focus is laser-like.

    All in all, I am satisfied that I am seeing a great fighter. ” Mayweather is truly something special. A one-man orchestra in a land of casual guitar strummers, the layer upon layer of excellence in his game is a treat for hardcore boxing fans and an utter frustration for those eager to see him fall.” Paul Magno

  6. Ted 05:27am, 09/17/2013

    over 16,000 reads. Good for!!

  7. Mike Schmidt 12:55am, 09/17/2013

    Solid solid points Gentlemen. Basilio is a classic - small man moving up and the list goes on and on- Mike Spinks moving up to fight Larry, Roy Jones moving up to fight the Quiet Man, Alexis was sure as hell no Jr Welter but fought a beast in Pryor, Napoles giving it a go against the beast Monzon, and how about the little tank Dick Tiger fighting big solid Light Heavies in Bob Foster and Jose Torres, and for that matter Bobby Foster moving up to fight Frazier, Shane Mosley, back in his prime days, a beast of a lightweight, fighting Jr Middles etc etc etc- stuff of legends made…..and Biker is solid in his comment that I am being charitable in my own Floyd comments… we just don’t know how great he is.. hey 45-0 without getting dropped or pounded- astounding!!!! We just don’t know what or how good he is and might not find out unless that special dance partner is in front of him- it sure was not Canelo at this stage of the young man’s career

  8. Shultzie 10:35pm, 09/16/2013

    Win or lose, I was just hoping that Mayweather got tagged hard enough for him to realize what a complete tool he.  I LOVE that he is getting rich off of beating inferior fighters.  In the end he will be broke and stupid and the more he makes now-the more he will lose tomorrow.  See you soon with a “Spare any change” sign pbf.

  9. bikermike 06:47pm, 09/16/2013

    I think Mike Schmidt said it much kinder than I have being saying….......pbf needs some credible opponents to be considered a top fighter of his time…..not a top money earner…a top fighter

  10. bikermike 06:36pm, 09/16/2013

    eric….just how much do you think pbf weighed when the first bell rang that hungarian dog fk with Juan Manuel Marquez….who had to weigh in at an all time high

  11. Eric 06:22pm, 09/16/2013

    typo: meant to say bantamweight to jr. featherweight is only 4 pounds

  12. Eric 06:20pm, 09/16/2013

    It’s not like there is a gigantic leap from jr. middle to middleweight anyhow, it’s only 6lbs. Fighters like Duran, Graziano, Basilio won the middleweight title each weighing a few scant pounds above the 154lb limit. Hagler fought a good deal of fights weighing a couple pounds under the 160lb limit. For all of his muscles, Hagler wasn’t a big middleweight at all. Ray Robinson was probably more welterweight than middleweight and would have been a “natural” jr. middleweight had that title been around. All those junior or super divisions that separate weight classes by a few scant pounds are indeed a joke. Bantamweight to Junior Lightweight is only 4 pounds. Give me a break. The ONLY “tweener” divisions we need from the original 8 is the cruiserweight or jr. heavyweight division. No reason why a 153 pounder can’t slug it out with a 158-160 pounder. Mayweather is a small man and perhaps 160 might be one jump too many but even spotting 8-10lbs isn’t an epic challenge if he’s so talented. I’m sure the 5’7” 156lb Duran was probably fighting a 6’1” Barkley who probably tipped the scales a helluva a lot closer to 175lbs than 160lbs on fight night.

  13. bikermike 04:25pm, 09/16/2013



    Win or lose… don;t see pbf taking on that kind of competition….
    .....Did any of you folks see ROBERTO DURAN…(well into his twilight ) ...kick the snot out of THE BLADE ???!?!??

  14. bikermike 03:52pm, 09/16/2013

    hauled the old ‘IRON LUNG’ out of moth balls…...took it down the road about a hundred miles….with a few stops..
    You can never go back…........the lady who would give me a BJ…..was married and had three children…..and I had to pay for all of my drinks…..

    My boozing buddy at the end of the line had fallen in love…and all the sluts I knew ...had become respectable….

    Ditto for the so called Champions…...of today….face the young lions…....or move on

  15. bikermike 03:43pm, 09/16/2013

    I’ll leave the floor to those who wish to comment upon the boxing prowess of pbf….but there will be no more comparisons to Roberto Duran….by informed fight fans….....OK !!!!

  16. bikermike 03:34pm, 09/16/2013

    pbf has to grow a large set of cojones he wants to be mentioned in the same BOOK as


    Besides Esteban de Jesus..(God rest his soul)...Buchanan..and all that was left in the Liightweight Division…..Duran went up from Lightweight to Welterweight…...and met the darling of the media ‘Champion’...leonard.. underdog…in a far away place…..won the crowd over from leonard….by his ferocious approach to ........what we call a boxing match….

    Duran hit leonard with his gloves….his elbows….his shoulders..his head…and his knees and his feet…

    leonard was not used to being treated so badly….and lost his temper….

    Duran won the ‘head game’..the middle of the ring…and the crowd…

    and had the referee not intervened…..Duran would have ripped leonards trunks off…..ripped his eyeballs out…and skull and butt fkd him ...right there in front of GOD AND EVERYBODY !!!!

  17. bikermike 03:23pm, 09/16/2013

    don’t get me wrong….pbf can fight some…(a phrase from the immortal Jimmy Cannon)

    He just doesn’t fight any one who can fight back

  18. bikermike 03:16pm, 09/16/2013

    back in the day..we had Ali…‘in what clearly was in the BACK NINE…or his career….
    .who was never in shape…his tits jiggled more than some on the beaches of Florida…
    He and his brain trust decided to take on the last HW gold medal winner of the Olympics…..Leon Spinks…(top ten available contender???)

    Spinks was as furious as was Frazier,,,,and he beat upon that man all night long

    I’ll guess we’ll have to wait for that age deterioration see pbf beat….unless he’s smart enough to quit…
    pbf won’t quit… a lot of big money fighters…or athletes…he’ll keep on keepn’ on….until it is too late

  19. bikermike 02:53pm, 09/16/2013

    comparing pbf to ROBERTO DURAN….is a marketing ploy…
    Duran fought the best of his time….and beat them all…..or..did very well ...(hagler vs duran)
    Difference between Duran and pbf….is that Duran was prepared to fight the best of his time…...pbf fights ‘comers….or guys past their prime’...
    Duran took the blows…but he never was a cherry picker..and lost some…cuz he was a warrior…

    pbf and leonard…and some others…are money fighters….not great fighters…

  20. bikermike 02:45pm, 09/16/2013

    ATL////we will agree to disagree…
    ....or…...bite me…
    the pbf bandwagon has drifted…..and pbf will continue to fight only those who are not a threat…
    ...notice he was on the UNDERCARD…his last outing…...the thrill has gone

  21. raxman 02:44pm, 09/16/2013

    mike schimdt - where were you when I was calling canelo on the same thing - smaller opponents etc - I said the other week that canelo’s only legit opponent was trout and…well put it this way, i’m glad í‘m on the other side of the world!! and by your reasoning you must agree with me re GGG - Rosado, ishida (especially given the feathers) both smaller guys - blown up 154ers - proska and macklin both meat for golovkin! so you’re with me on this MS right? GGG has all the talent in the world but he is yet to prove he can do anything but destroy guys he was always going to destroy, yeah? like canelo? looked after and made to look good so far.

  22. bikermike 02:40pm, 09/16/2013

    Honestly… many of you folks actually thought pbf was threatened with this match up….or any of his last fifteen fights..”“???  C’mon…be honest

  23. bikermike 02:34pm, 09/16/2013

    fewer and fewer fight fans are sticking to Boxing…there is a drift to ‘tuff man contests’ them what you want…

    of the Boxing fans left…..they get tired of standing in line to get the slop that Boxing promoters shovel off the back of the truck….and have to pay for it….

    Notice that pbf and his last opponent was coupled with a Championship fight….and it was on the undercard

    The fan base for pbf and his methods are spiralling

  24. bikermike 02:29pm, 09/16/2013

    pbf gets to do whatever he wants….and we get to pay for it….

    At least Ali fought Norton…Frazier and Foreman….and Jimmy Young (big asterisk on that one)

    pbf doesn’t fight opponents like that… they would be a threat…..
    pbf wouldn’t even fight my lesbo sister… she can throw a punch and bites if there is a clinch

  25. Mike Schmidt 01:44pm, 09/16/2013

    And P.S. I enjoyed the hell out of watching Floyd box- talk about a ring general and knowing the ebb and flow of a fight- when to turn it on, where to be in advance- throwing the jab off target to move the guys noggin where he wanted it for the right hand- fantastic old school stuff ANNNNND like him, don’t like him I don’t give a shit- the man is always in tip top ring condition, always 100% focused in the ring- it is too early to fathom were he stands legacy wise- he is not done yet- a proper dance partner, if one is even out there, may give us a better May idea of how great he is in terms of the usual round table pound for pound discussions- arm chair punchers- well hell you can’t blame a man for grabbing 40 mill give or take for the nights work- if you did not like the pick of opponent then shame on you for peeling out your pay may per view dollars!!!!!!

  26. Mike Schmidt 10:27am, 09/16/2013

    You got it Eric. All the props to Floyd but all time great- ie top ten pound for pound- nope- he has not taken on a dance partner to support that proposition- and beating a slow footed one dimensional attack kid who has feasted on beating small guys in Canelo is not it. Neither Sergio nor GGG are big Middles -step on up just as a host of the likes of Duran, Hearns, Leonard etc etc etc did- and perfectly understandable if Floyd does not want to step up- business is business and if you can make the kind of money Floyd is making hey why not- but please lets hold on this all time great business. Is Floyd the best of this era- yes that could be said- can you rate him over the likes of Robinson, Moore, Monzon’s incredible run, Greb, Ray Leonard,  etc etc- no not even remotely

  27. Eric 06:15am, 09/16/2013

    And Barkley leveled Tommy Hearns. And your point? Seems like I stated Duran was a “bloated” 154-pounder BUT he still took on the “natural” middleweight Hagler and the “huge” middleweight Barkley. Jose, is English your original language, or maybe your reading skills are lacking. Duran was never even a “natural” welterweight much less middleweight and yet he took on the beastly Hagler and the much larger Barkley. Comprende?

  28. Eric 05:10am, 09/16/2013

    Gayweather is every bit as big as Duran was and a half inch taller. Hagler wasn’t a big middleweight but Iran Barkley was a huge middleweight. Face it, Duran looked bloated at 154lbs and he still took on the fierce Hagler, and the 6’1” Barkley. Moving up and fighting Golovkin shouldn’t be impossible for someone as supposedly great as Floyd. Mickey Walker would fight 200-pounders while never weighing much more than 165-170lbs. How much did the great Henry Armstrong weigh when he went after the middleweight title, granted Garcia was an overblown welterweight himself. But if Gayweather wants to be recognized as an all-time great then he’s going to have to step up as these aforementioned legends did. Even though Pacquiao is past it, Gayweather is still hesistant to fight the smaller man. Maybe he’s waiting for Pacquiao to get knocked out one more time to really make sure the little Pacman poses no threat to his “undefeated record.”

  29. raxman 03:39am, 09/16/2013

    eric - for godsake man Golovkin is a middleweight who has never fought professionally at 154. he stopped fighting beneath the 152 amateur middleweight limit (152-165) over 10 years ago. if he was struggling to hold 152 as teenager how is he going to make 154 even for 5seconds. you may as well be talking about floyd fighting ward or dawson. put the hate aside coz its blinding you to sense mate

  30. paul 10:16pm, 09/15/2013

    Of course it was another yawn fest. I can see great boxing in the olympics. People spoke about how ‘boxing needs this’ - but it was another carbon copy of floyd’s last fights. Boxing needs what? A megalomaniac champion? It’s crazy that he has built so much interest from being so underwhelming, but it is that fact itself which compels people to watch him. This paradox is less entertaining and more just a bunch of people wanting to see a cocky asshole get ko’d - but no, we’re told BOXING NEEDS THIS. This is tiresome now.

  31. Planet 07:26pm, 09/15/2013

    Didn’t know the Pacquiao talk still existed. In some ways it would be fun to watch Pacquiao walk into Mayweather right hands for 12 rounds.  Were it to happen, we’d be greeted to endless chatter about Pacquiao being “past his prime,” even though, of course, he’s younger than Mayweather. The excuse making would be more entertaining than the fight. 

    As for GGG—Floyd’s body can’t even carry 150lbs. Just because he’s great doesn’t mean its fair for us to demand that he fight middleweights, especially if the fight purse won’t be great for a GGG fight (which it won’t).  Garcia and Broner get two of the remaining four; I’m guessing Khan and maybe Marquez (my dark horse) get the others. None are very good matches; none of this is Mayweather’s fault.

  32. david 06:33pm, 09/15/2013

    I am not a Mayweather   fan , but last he did win and sadly I don’t see any body beating him now. Canelo disappointed me , I thought he was going to come out like a raging bull ,instead he came out like a tamed pussy. Waiting for what ? He was the bigger ,stronger, younger guy he should have been pressing the action all night. How can Canelo and his camp stand to Mayweather and his camp laugh at them and call them stupid?  The only one I would like Mayweather to fight is Brandon Rios a true warrior .  Pacquiao is not the same fighter any more!!!

  33. Eric 05:36pm, 09/15/2013


    Sorry but bikermike pretty much nailed it with his assessment of Floyd. He couldn’t have been anymore accurate than that. Gayweather is scared to death of fighting Pacquiao and he won’t even remotely consider Golovkin if he values good health.

  34. AKT 05:18pm, 09/15/2013

    @bikermike You sound very ignorant. You shouldn’t speak on sites like this, about issues you know very little about. Your rant is very similar to what you’d pick up hearsay as opposed to hard facts. Do some research man…

  35. bikermike 05:12pm, 09/15/2013

    pbf is a prima donna….a diva…a star ....the rules don’t apply to guys like him…
    Instead of the ‘champ’ facing the number one available contender every ninety days….as the rules clearly state….

    pbf fights who and when and where he wants…and has a lot to say about who the judges and refereee are….as well as what weight requirements will be agreed to…. return..his ‘worthy opponent’ gets a purse about six times the earned income of his best year…

    it assures pbf of his title ...and keeps him in the cash flow he needs to continue his lifestyle….

    pbf only agrees to fight guys he can beat…..or believes he can beat…

    so far….he’s batting a thousand

    I’ll let you know more…once I see the replay ....for free !!

  36. Ted the Bull 04:50pm, 09/15/2013

    Mayweather is entitled to an easy one—maybe in the UK. Then let the others sort it out. Rios, Prov, Bradley, Pac, Garcia. Plenty to choose from. Forget GGG. That will never happen.

  37. raxman 03:17pm, 09/15/2013

    obviously a win for Bradley and Pac will determine the next opponent -  but people need to forget about GGG - he will never make 154 pounds. he cannot make it, if he could he would’ve started there. the guy was fighting in the amateurs at middleweight (152- 165 pound limit) from 2003. his last amo tourney where he fought at welterweight was in 2001. and I know its day of fight weigh in but still he stopped being able to hold 152 when he was 21? how is he going to make 154 for even a minute when he’s 31? No, Golovkin needs to go north, not south.

  38. JuicyPeach 02:44pm, 09/15/2013

    Money May and Garcia were brilliant!!  Keep it going Fellas!

  39. Darrell 02:27pm, 09/15/2013

    I’ll correct it for you Tex, Pacquiao in his prime is the only one who COULD’VE beaten Floyd.  Don’t assume absolutes in boxing….don’t you know that already?  Certainly not with the best boxer of the last quarter century….that’s FMJ, so as not to confuse you.

  40. gil 02:18pm, 09/15/2013

    Canelo’s promoters are always looking for much lighter rivals for him,  now they want Cotto who is a welter,  but Canelo climbed to ring weighting 165 pounds vs FM.    He should   fight with real middle weight boxers,  and stop cheating the fans.  Check the weight of   his 10 rivals   the 3 previous   fights they had before facing Canelo,  all were   light weight or superlight, or welter, with Canelo always having at least 10 or 12   pounds advantage.  That is why he looked powerful.  What will happen when he faces enemies weighting   above 164 pounds?    And who was   judge Ross that   said the fight was 114-114?  Canelo’s   girlfriend?

  41. sam 11:47am, 09/15/2013

    He is now number one in the world no one can bet him now

  42. Ted the Bull 11:27am, 09/15/2013

    May is like a coiled cobra waiting to spring out and spit (jab and lead and counter) with his venom. His ability to frustrate and go into cruise control is a real delight for me. I like methodical slaughters. That’s why I like the Klits. May just does his in a more artistic way.

  43. Tex Hassler 11:09am, 09/15/2013

    It is amazing to me that Canelo had no fight plan. Mayweather is open to a right to the body but no one sees to take advantage of that.
    I believe Pacquiao in his prime would have beaten Floyd M. but I do not know about now. It is the most interesting fight out there right now if it ever happens.

  44. sam 11:09am, 09/15/2013

    He is not just a boxer but a king enjoy it you the king like ali

  45. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:57am, 09/15/2013

    C.J. Ross doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings….that’s why she scores all of her fights as a Draw….makes sense if you think about….beside that she’s an absolute neat freak and 114-114 on the scorecard looks so much more orderly….yea that’s it…orderly. Giving her these plum judging assignments is Vegas’ reminder that this is the city where house odds rule the day and night and don’t forget it baby!

  46. Jose 10:50am, 09/15/2013

    Two fine boxers, Money and my man Danny, took to clumsy over hyped boxers to school. That’s why is called boxing and not free for all fighting like that other so-called sport. To Money and my man Danny, that’s how is done. Long life boxing!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Ted the Bull 10:45am, 09/15/2013

    I had it 118-110

  48. Ted the Bull 10:43am, 09/15/2013

    If Pac beats Rios, a ;Pac-May fight would top all records for money. Simple as that. If Rios wins by big KO, and could make a decent catch weight, a Rios-Mayweather fight would be interesting but STILL a decisive win for May.

    also, if BRADLEY can whip JMM, He could get into the mix. Lots of good possibilities here, but I think may is entitled to an “easy” one maybe in the UK.

  49. Pete The Sneak 08:54am, 09/15/2013

    @Darrell…my “Yawn” was not that FMJ’s work wasn’t masterful, it was…I was “yawning’ to the fact that the outcome was pretty much what me (and many of my fellow posters and writers here) were expecting/predicting. Another FMJ clinic and UD (yes, UD no matter what that idiot Judge said) for Floyd against a talented but overmatched yet very well hyped opponent. So, what else is new?...The word ‘rematch’ should not even be mentioned here…Garcia showed some really good boxing ability, however he should not be the next ‘one’ for FMJ…No contest…Peace..

  50. JohnnyC 08:25am, 09/15/2013

    I have said this til I’m blue in the face, Mayweather continues to get away with fighting all flat footed fighters, fighters that do not have great foot work and that are quick enough to cut off the enormous 22’ ++ ring. Manny Paquiao is the only fighter in boxing that can do this. We keep falling for Mayweathers hype, it’s to sell PPV, not have his crown taken from him.  I have nothing against Mayweather, he’s one of the greatest. I love watching him fight and study his science. What is the number one thing every fighter says when they are done??? He’s too allusive, I could never catch up with him…Every fighter has said this.
    I wrote some blogs back what his blue print is, and it sure isn’t what Golden Girl Promotions has. Oops “Golden Boy”. Anyway, I will list what it is and we can go from there.
    1. MGM, Home field advantage.
    2. Giant 22’ ++ ring dimensions. (almost the size of a BB court, LOL)
    3. Judges, stacked in his favor.
    4. Referee, stacked in his favor.
    5. Intimidating. Tremendous intimidation factor for opponents.
    6. Flat footed opponents. Not quick enough to cut the BB court off.
    7. His guidelines on drug testing, and what drugs.
    8. Approves all rules and regulations, including weight. (Just like Canelo came down to a catch weight, BRILLIANT!)

    I’m tired of talking, I’m tired of writing, I’m tired of explaining. MANNY PACQUIAO IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN TAKE HIS CROWN, THE ONLY ONE. We must stop falling for the hype of all these flat footed fighter and only except Manny as his next opponent. The people who pay his $41 million (US) need to stand up and tell him, Manny or nothing!!!
    JohnnyC, The Italian Battalion.
    Professional retired trainer, and boxer.
    Souther California (It’s not cool to be cool, It’s cool to stay in school)

  51. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:59am, 09/15/2013

    C.J. Ross is Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s love child.

  52. Eric 07:56am, 09/15/2013

    Time to pick ANOTHER SAFE OPPONENT and OVERHYPE HIM AND THE MATCH AGAIN. Time to keep ducking people who stand a chance of defeating you AGAIN. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwn. Could have told you this was going to happen. Wait, I already did.

  53. Ted Spoon 07:44am, 09/15/2013

    Though I expected Mayweather to win I did not expect it to be so dominant and felt a little cheated that Canelo wasn’t even able to give him a good-to-honest crack on the jaw; I was given due heads-up on this outcome but thought most were being a little pessimistic. On the plus side I did like Canelo’s composure throughout, and though dominated he wasn’t embarrassed. He kept trying and didn’t gas-out. The jab sometimes landed, but nothing worked from there. Floyd is so good at tucking away all the vital spots. A fight with GGG at 154lbs? Nobody has a prayer below 160lbs…it will prove tough to sell sequential PPV’s. I bought a little into the hype this time. Floyd will have to do something out of character to pique my interest again.

  54. Mohummad Humza Elahi 06:56am, 09/15/2013

    @Clarence - I agree that Paulie wouldn’t cut it but it could be a fight that sells more than some of the other options.  I agree that Golovkin is probably the only guy left that would generate any interest from me.  He just cuts the ring so damn nicely plus he’s natural at 160-165, so getting down to 154 wouldn’t really be a problem.
    Canelo had the right idea of not going past 165 but he doesn’t move at that weight naturally and in the end, it didn’t even matter.
    In my opinion, the suits at Showtime are going to look to leverage on trying to hype a post-Mayweather era and here’s how:
    Garcia-Matthysse was the clear winner on the night, action-packed and exciting.  To sell the next 4 cards, we could see near fantasy type matches being made plus whoever they pick to fight Floyd.  The one big negative is that we then could only see 2 big cards for the next 2 years and nothing in between. 
    For me, this whole situation just got a hella lot more interesting.

  55. Ted 06:51am, 09/15/2013

    Jose, I will take my bow for calling Garcia the winner BEFORE he won. That is all.

  56. Cheekay Brandon 06:33am, 09/15/2013

    My point is truer than ever: there is now huge vacuum of talent and interest.
    For example, we love Danny Garcia. I was cheering loudly at his master work last night, and its great to watch a fighter improve right before our eyes. None of us, however, think he can defeat Floyd Mayweather.  Even more, none of us think its a good idea for him to try.

    The only point I must be sure to emphasize is that Mayweather is to blame for none of boxing’s problems: he’s just that great, and any narrative that belittles this fact is missing the point.  I’m privileged to watch this.

  57. Clarence George 06:06am, 09/15/2013

    Oh, I understood AKT.  I, too, was being drily witty (anyway, I tried).  No matter—I very much doubt Mayweather will ever agree to a match with Golovkin.

  58. Clarence George 06:02am, 09/15/2013

    I wonder, but not with unwarranted interest, what’s in the offing.  Will Alvarez take his Rich Little-like impersonation of Guerrero on the road?  Let’s hope not.  As for Mayweather…Garcia in February or March?  Virtually no chance of winning, of course, but the only likely fight that can be hyped…at least to some extent.  They’ll never again get away with the kind of crap they subjected us to with “The One.”  The One?  Just another Mayweather snoozer.  Besides, what would they call it, “The Next One”?  “Next!” would be more fitting.

  59. AKT 05:52am, 09/15/2013

    Sorry @Clarence George. My comment was a bit of English dry humour. My point is that I think it’s pointless to test the skills of a praying mantis against an elephant, it it just successfully defeated a rhino.

  60. Clarence George 05:33am, 09/15/2013

    True enough, AKT, but I don’t think they could ever agree on a catchweight.

  61. AKT 05:14am, 09/15/2013

    Floyd Mayweather, after last night’s performance, has nothing left to prove. If he coasts through his next 4 fights, I couldn’t care less. September 14 was the litmus test. He passed.

  62. AKT 05:11am, 09/15/2013

    @Clarence George - what about one of the Klitschkos? Either one of them is definitely not Malignaggi.

  63. Clarence George 03:40am, 09/15/2013

    Excellent point, Mohummad:  Hyping, let alone overhyping, future Mayweather bouts will be anything but easy.  Will fans be bovine-like willing, never mind eager, to put out hard-earned shekels for boring fights with foregone outcomes?  The opponents will have to be something special.  Malignaggi won’t cut the mustard, though Golovkin would.

  64. Mohummad Humza Elahi 03:20am, 09/15/2013

    Great night of boxing, glad I stayed up for it.  Floyd put on an absolute clinic and doesn’t look 36 at all, so no chance of him slipping in his next 4 four fights.  He’s faced the most “credible” opponent in and around his weight class and so Showtime are the ones with the headache now of lining up fights that bring the money for the next 2 years.

    Khan? Money but a worse beating than last night. Alexander? Worse money but a better match. Maidana? OK money, but doesn’t have the ability.

    I’m gonna put it out there now and say that it’s actually Malignaggi that could make it a PPV occassion, and possibly a close match.  And by close I mean Floyd winning 118-110.

  65. Clarence George 03:12am, 09/15/2013

    Glenn:  A bit, yes.  Speaking of which, yesterday was the 90th anniversary of Dempsey-Firpo.

  66. GlennR 03:09am, 09/15/2013

    Bit too Dempsey - Tunney Clarence?

  67. Clarence George 02:56am, 09/15/2013

    Congratulations on your Garcia pick, Glenn.  It’s not what I wanted and certainly not what I expected, but, hey, it’s not gonna give me a sour stomach.

  68. GlennR 02:47am, 09/15/2013

    Oh and Clarence, i proudly claim the call on Garcia-Mathysse…..... Danny was consistently underrated and LM overrated IMO.

    Wonderful display of defense and excellent counter punching.

  69. GlennR 02:45am, 09/15/2013

    Wonderful, simply wonderful.

    Quite simply a genius at his finest, ive never been more impressed by FMJ. The only thing left is for some experts to finally give this guy his dues.

  70. Clarence George 02:43am, 09/15/2013

    Completely agree with your assessment, Pete—a high-level boxing match needs to be something greater than a mere showcase for Mayweather’s ring genius.

    Anyway, the fight went exactly as I expected, save for the majority decision.  Intended to lay the groundwork for a rematch?  If so, a forlorn hope.  Mayweather completely outclassed Alvarez, and there’s no reason whatsoever for a second meeting.

    I remain as stunned as I was pre-fight by savvy boxing writers and analysts, guys I respect, who thought Alvarez was going to win.  Based on what, his manifest inferiority to Mayweather?

    As for Garcia…congratulations!  It’s not the outcome I anticipated or hoped for, but credit must be given where it’s due.

  71. Matt McGrain 02:37am, 09/15/2013

    Masterpiece.  Exactly what I expected to see aside from the disgusting judging.

  72. raxman 01:55am, 09/15/2013

    darrell - thank you mate for calling it as it was - a boxing master class. once again a top level opponent brings the best out in floyd. the result being a very very good fighter looks second rate. s now all the guys that were saying floyd was in trouble, had made a huge mistake picking canelo, and would lose - will now be the same guys saying that canelo is a joke and floyd a cherry picker and (worse) a runner. i think i hate that the most - the runner bit, if you don’t stand in the phone box taking a punch for everyone you throw you’re labelled runner. its a disgrace

  73. Jack 01:11am, 09/15/2013

    I forgot that I said i wouldn’t buy the PPV but my roommate said she wanted to see the fight because she knows Leonard Ellerbe ( no she’s not a hooker ). So we got the fight and I’m glad we did, it was a lot more exciting than I thought it would be and I was able to see Garcia vs Matthysse which was an excellent fight also. Garcia carries on the tradition of tough Philadelphia fighters.

  74. Jack 12:55am, 09/15/2013

    Like I said ( probably too many times ) Canelo would be lucky to hit Floyd with a handful of rice and there was no way he could outbox floyd. I can’t believe Teddy Atlas got the fight so wrong. I will say this, the guys that post on this website have a higher boxing IQ than the majority of other sites. You can tell the difference between a casual or occasional boxing fan and someone who has been around the game for a while, by the comments they post. Also, guys that have been around the game are not normally caught up in hype and BS. I wonder if Oscar was able to see the fight or he was in lockdown, what a crock that stunt was!!! I give Canelo credit, he made weight, was in good shape but at this point of his career was totally outclassed

  75. Darrell 11:06pm, 09/14/2013

    Not a yawn at all.  A technical BOXING masterpiece.  I enjoyed it immensely.

  76. Pete The Sneak 10:53pm, 09/14/2013

    Yawn….Next?...Did we think any differently?...Another FMJ match where the hype was more interesting than the fight….Not an FMJ fan, but got to give him his props…Peace.

  77. Jose 10:14pm, 09/14/2013

    My name (Your name) is Jose and my man is named Danny. He will be abused by Mathysse somebody said. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Like Money, he took his clumsy antagonist to school.

  78. Darrell 10:11pm, 09/14/2013

    I had it 8-3, 1 even…an easy nights work.

    Thank you Floyd, roll on to the middleweights please.

    Canelo can take heart that he showed some decent skills tonight…..but he would do well to avoid real middleweights & not go up himself.  GGG, amongst others, would tax that arse.

  79. J Gam 10:04pm, 09/14/2013

    Incomprehensible doesn’t begin to describe the 114 card.  That judge needs to be suspended and investigated.

    I gave two rounds to Alvarez late in the fight, and they still weren’t decisive.  The rest - not even close.

    I don’t care for Mayweather’s antics outside the ring, but he’s truly a human mongoose.  Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone else offering this level of hype for another fight, particularly after the dismantling of this very solid Mexican prodigy.

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