California Boxing Hall of Fame

By Robert Ecksel on April 9, 2012
California Boxing Hall of Fame
The New York Hall of Fame just had its induction ceremony, and now it's California's turn

The New York Boxing Hall of Fame just had its induction ceremony, and now it’s California’s turn.

The California Boxing Hall of Fame holds its annual induction ceremony on October 20 at the Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City. In attendance this year will be Bobby Chacon, Carlos Palomino, Shane Mosley, Danny “Little Red” Lopez, Rodolfo “El Gato” Gonzalez, Albert Davila and Art Frias.

Price of admission is $50, which includes lunch. Those out of towners who want to stay at the Sportsman Lodge will receive a discount if they mention the California Boxing Hall of Fame.

More information about the CBHOF is available by contacting:

Don Fraser
California Boxing Hall of Fame
10516 Addison St.
North Hollywood, CA.  91601
(818) 761-4887

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  1. Carol Hamilton 05:25pm, 05/08/2015

    Where do I start looking to a boxing belt title for California light heavy weight champ Chuck Hamilton in 1970. And other titles and information about him. Any help would be appreciated. Even a picture of what the belt looked like in 1970. thanks!

  2. the thresher 05:00am, 04/10/2012

    I’d love to go to this 3-day deal with my buddy Charlie Norkus Jr. Look, we are talking Tampa and fine cigars here.

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