Camacho Jr. - Murtagh Fight Card Recap

By Matt Andrzejewski on August 23, 2013

I recently made the trip up to Rochester, NY to Frontier Field for the fight card headlined by Hector Camacho Jr. and Lee Murtagh. It was an interesting night out at the fights and below is my recap of the event.

The main event between Camacho Jr. and Murtagh was a clunker to say the least. Camacho Jr. came in well above the contracted weight and appeared to be badly out of shape. He wore his trunks exceedingly high to cover up his mid-section.

Camacho’s strategy was to move, all be it very slowly, and pot shot Murtagh. Once Camacho Jr. would throw, he would hold. Murtagh would at times try to bull rush his way to the inside. But as soon as he got in, Camacho Jr. would grab him tight.

The fight appeared to be more of a mauling and wrestling match. And it had its share of fouls. Murtagh was deducted a total of three points, mostly for low blows. The low blows would occur when he rushed in and Camacho Jr. would grab his head in the midst of holding. It appeared that the low blows were a direct result of the head being pulled down but referee Charlie Fitch ruled otherwise. Camacho Jr. himself would be penalized a low blow later in the bout.

The only clean blows landed in the fight did come from Camacho Jr. They wern’t often and always one at a time. Murtagh had absolutely nothing behind his punches and appeared to be just pushing them out when he threw.  It was not surprising after seeing him in person that he had just one knockout in 48 professional bouts entering this fight. The few clean shots Camacho Jr. did land did carry the majority of the rounds. And that, coupled with the point deductions, earned Camacho Jr. a very uninspired unanimous decision victory.

The main supporting bout was a fight between Ryon McKenzie and Hamid Abdul-Mateen. McKenzie entered the ring with a record of 13-0 with 11 knockouts. Mateen, with a record of 3-4-2, was brought in as the opponent.

McKenzie was in control throughout but never really stepped on the gas. Though he has 11 knockouts in 13 pro fights entering the ring, his punches never seemed to faze Mateen. Mateen, for his part, played mostly defense. He spent the majority of the night covering up and fighting in sporadic spots.

In the end, McKenzie was awarded a majority decision victory. I had the fight scored 79-73 for McKenzie and honestly do not know what the one judge who had it even was watching.

Super Featherweight prospect Alberto Machado opened the card and raised his record to 4-0 with his third knockout over the winless Andrew Moreno. The knockout came in the first round from a right hand to the body that had Moreno wincing in pain.

Greg Brady of Buffalo scored a first round knockout of Martez Williamson in Cruisweight action to raise his record to 3-1 with 3 knockouts. Williamson was very crude and winging punches while moving backwards. It was easy work for Brady and left me shocked that Williamson actually has one pro win on his resume.

In Super Featherweight action, Brandon Williams improved to 2-0 with a four round unanimous decision over the tough Luis Esquilin. Williams was busier throughout and landed some nice combinations on Esquilin. Esquilin though was able to land some effective counter shots in between the combinations of Williams. All four rounds were competitive but Williams did enough to win each round and pitch a shut out in the end.

The most excitement of the evening was provided by Super Featherweight Lavisas Williams. He scored a scintillating first round TKO over Roel Moreno. Williams came out throwing from the opening bell and landed a highlight reel right hand that send Moreno to the canvas early in the first round. Moreno was game and tried to get up but referee Charlie Fitch wisely called a halt to the bout. I know it was quick but I was very impressed with Williams. He possesses good hand speed and has some serious power. Williams is definitely someone for fight fans to keep an eye on in the future.

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