Canelo Alvarez: A Matter of Scale

By Robert Ecksel on August 15, 2013
Canelo Alvarez: A Matter of Scale
Mayweather came in at a sleek and ready 150.3 pounds. Canelo came in at 166.8 pounds.

When was the last time Canelo Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KOs) entered the ring as a genuine junior middleweight? Was it when he was a teenager fighting in Mexican bullrings? Without documentary evidence it’s hard to know for sure, but it certainly wasn’t any time recently. And judging by 30-day weigh-in required by the WBC in advance of his superfight with Floyd Mayweather (44-0, 26 KOs), it won’t be on September 14 either.

The idea of a 30-day pre-fight weigh-in is a good idea. One good idea deserves another and it would a good idea if fighters weighed in the day of the fight and not the day before. Disparities in weight hurt the game as well as the fighters, but that quaint notion, an irrelevant old truth, has gone the way of eight divisions.

Mayweather-Alvarez is contracted for a 152-pound catchweight. The maximum weight allowed for the 30-day weigh-in was 169 pounds. Mayweather, who is always in shape, came in at a sleek and ready 150.3 pounds. Canelo, by contrast, came in at 166.8 pounds.

If he is to legitimately make weight by the time of the fight, Canelo will have to lose about 15 pounds in the next four weeks. Radical diets and rapid weight loss programs aside, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. He may drop a pound or two here and there as he gears up for the fight of his life, but more likely than not he will dehydrate to make weight and rehydrate by fight time.

In his last fight against Austin Trout, Canelo weighed 153 pounds the day before the fight. At the opening bell, his weight had ballooned to 172 pounds.

All that fluctuation can’t be good for the body. It will weaken Canelo, who depends on power and strength. That extra weight will also be a liability when he’ll need speed plus accuracy, while not running out of gas, if he’s to have any hope at all of defeating Floyd Mayweather.

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  1. Bodyshots 07:46pm, 08/16/2013

    I agree that constant, intentional, and unrelenting pressure is Canelo’s best chance to earn the upset v. Floyd. Otherwise, few can tangle, grapple, and pot-shot their way to an uneventful UD better than Mayweather. Canelo never looked better than this weigh-in for Trout but I didn’t see an extra 2lbs to shave off. the weigh-in for this bout will be very interesting.

  2. Jack 02:46pm, 08/16/2013

    Robert, your analysis is “spot on”.

  3. Jack 02:43pm, 08/16/2013

    Guys, If he had to cut weight in order to come in under the 169 lb. 30 day limit, that shows complete irresponsibility on his and his teams part. He and his team are jeopardizing the best chance he has of winning this fight. He has no chance of winning if he can’t sustain constant pressure throughout the entire fight and if he is weakened by having to cut weight he has absolutely no chance of winning. He can’t outbox Floyd!!! My personal opinion about the fight is: Canelo will be lucky to hit Floyd with a handful of rice. Constant pressure is his only chance. In reality, this fight won’t be any different than Marquez or Guerrero, unfortunately!!!!

  4. The Fight Film Collector 12:20pm, 08/16/2013

    Good points Robert.  The weight issue is just a technicality that Floyd is hoping to enforce.  Good luck with that.  The only thing Canelo needs to do is win the fight.  If he comes in over-catch, he gets a fine. The fight won’t be cancelled.  It’s a parking ticket compared to the money Canelo can look forward to if his hand is raised at the end.  I’m sure the Canelo team knows that train drain isn’t an option.

  5. Lee 09:10am, 08/16/2013

    Robert I tried to email you to offer my most profuse thanks for the pic, but yahoo wouldn’t let me, so I’ll offer them here instead. Thanks man, you’re a champ!

  6. Lee 01:40am, 08/16/2013

    Who painted that drawing? I’d like a print.

  7. Mike Schmidt 12:51am, 08/16/2013

    In a responsible fashion he should be losing no more than 1.8 to a max of 2 lbs per week- sooooo - do the math- not good- and indicative of a difference between Floyd and a lot of other fighters- Floyd keeps himself in shape in between fights- like him or not but when it comes to the “hard work, dediciation” he is THE PROFESSIONAL. Adios Sir Robert and thanks for the short and interesting information. I am off in the next day to continue the August holiday trek- to Providence Bay and then deep woods with Bronson the Coyote/Shepherd Dog so will not be posting again for a bit. Have a good day Sir.

  8. FrankinDallas 06:59pm, 08/15/2013

    Who drew that painting? I’d like a print.

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