Canelo Alvarez Stripped of Pretend Ring Magazine Title

By Paul Magno on June 12, 2018
Canelo Alvarez Stripped of Pretend Ring Magazine Title
Saul Alvarez was the real middleweight champ like I’m the primo ballerino at the Bolshoi.

If the purpose of rankings and titles is to bring order and respectability to the sport, then they need to reflect what’s actually going on in the sport…

Having dragged myself out of bed at 3 p.m. after an all-night romp at a Mexican strip club (and then an after-party or two), I’m working under the assumption that the other writers at this site have beaten me to the punch when it comes to pieces involving actual relevant boxing news.

So, I’ll just bite into some amusing bullshit.

A few weeks back, there was some inner brouhaha at Golden Boy-owned Ring Magazine and its accompanying RingTV website over Canelo Alvarez and his status as their middleweight champ. Apparently, the editorial board, headed by that nice older lady with the ponytail (whose name escapes me at the moment), had voted to strip Alvarez of their magazine’s pretend title after his failed clenbuterol tests led to a suspension by the NSAC. The decision, however, was overturned by new publisher and former Golden Boy spokesperson Stefan Friedman.

Three nerds at Ring Magazine griped. Three nerds with blogs griped. Nobody else gave a damn.

But now, apparently feeling the pressure from unreturned staff Facebook messages or scaled-back LOLs in personal correspondences with said staff, Friedman has relented.

“After a closer study of the efficacy of hair-follicle testing; re-looking at our past and current drug policies; and speaking with those who have been affiliated with Ring Magazine for decades,” Friedman wrote, “I have decided to abide by the Editorial Board’s vote to strip Canelo Alvarez of the Ring Magazine Middleweight championship.”

Alvarez now has 90 days to return his cardboard belt—at his expense—to the Ring Magazine treehouse headquarters or face a fine of up to a nickel a day.

What does all of this mean to boxing?

Absolutely nothing.

Saul Alvarez was the real middleweight champ like I’m the primo ballerino at the Bolshoi.

Forget that silliness about title lineages. The sacred, historical lineage at middleweight only goes as far back as Bernard Hopkins (and, even then, Hopkins never really “beat the man who beat the man”). If the purpose of rankings and titles is to bring order and respectability to the sport, then they need to reflect what’s actually going on in the sport. Alvarez was a non-committal middleweight, fighting at catchweights, who happened to beat another non-committal middleweight in Miguel Cotto.

Alvarez beat the man who beat the man (in the Cotto-Martinez-Pavlik-Taylor-Hopkins lineage), but did that one win suddenly make him the REAL champ? Of course not.

Gennady Golovkin may have parlayed his thirst for big money bouts against junior middleweights into a lifelong free ride, but he has the best résumé at 160 at the moment and is, therefore, the most accomplished fighter in the division. To name anyone else the “real” champ is silliness bordering on stupidity. It’s like saying that the “real” world champs are the Boston Red Sox and not the winners of the World Series because the Red Sox won their regular season series with the Yankees and the Yankees are, historically, the most decorated, most successful franchise in baseball history. Nonsense.

What the folks at Ring Magazine (and those guys at the equally ridiculous Transnational Boxing Rankings Board) try to do is not so much preserve lineages, but establish them—based on their own whims and wishes. It’s fantasy league shit, really, put together by groups of writers (of varying levels of knowledge) behind a veil of secrecy. And because all of this—again—is based on whims and wishes, there’s no real basis in reality. That makes it possible to strip or not strip fighters based on the positioning of the bunched up panties in their cracks on any given day.

But getting back to the case of Canelo Alvarez, specifically—the bossman at Ring Magazine will leave it up to the Editorial board to determine when/if Alvarez gets put back into the middleweight and pound-for-pound rankings. (Oh wow, he got cut from the pound-for-pound rankings, too? Wow…that’s some tough love shit right there!)

In the meantime, the brain trust at the Bible of Boxing plans on assembling a group of experts to form an advisory board regarding their drug and PED policies in an effort make them more “current and more robust.”

I’m not sure how “current and robust” you can make a policy when, as we’ve seen, it’s all about staff and publisher whims and wishes, anyway. But if all of this nonsense keeps the “experts” busy and out of everyone’s hair, then I guess this is a good thing.

Just as Applebee’s hands out crayons and coloring pages to kids so as to occupy them long enough for the grownups to eat, all of this pretend champion nonsense may keep some dangerously sloppy boxing minds from pumping even more garbage into the Universo Pugilistico.

But, now back to the really important stuff.

Why do I have a pocketful of bleach blonde hair in my shirt pocket and what the fuck is this gooey stuff all over my house keys?

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  1. Kid Blast 06:20pm, 06/13/2018

    Stale-maybe? Suspect- likely.

  2. Lucas McCain 02:24pm, 06/13/2018

    Well GGG and Canelo have agreed to rematch terms.  They expect big numbers, but has the fight gone stale?

  3. Paul Magno 01:30pm, 06/13/2018

    Hey Tetumbo…No need to cross the border, I LIVE in Mexico…haha…btw, I did write about the hair test (I’ll throw the link in at the end of this comment)...The Ring editorial board “stripping” Canelo doesn’t really show that they have integrity…because they know as well as we do that the rankings are meaningless…To be fair, though, they are on an equal shill basis with most of the other major sites and top writers…no better, not much worse…but I agree with the Nothing Burger stuff…there’s no proof that he was intentionally doping and he has done everything asked of him to prove that he wasn’t cheating…move on…The fake outrage for this clenbuterol mess was exaggerated because Canelo is Canelo and, in part, because the Golovkin-fapping media and fans were dragged into grownup talk…Here’s that link I promised, from way back in April:

  4. Detective ODB 12:40pm, 06/13/2018

    “Why do I have a pocket full of bleach blonde hair in my shirt pocket and what the fuck is this gooey stuff all over my house keys?” You have the right to remain silent. hehe.

  5. tetumbo 12:03pm, 06/13/2018

    i’m amazed at how MAGNO juggles between his duties at the Bolshoi, crossing the border to patronize “Mexican”(?) strip clubs, and blogging on this site? although, it might explain him missing the bulletin that hair-follicle tests have confirmed no long-term doping of any kind by Canelo in addition to no history or even suspicion of doping prior to him carelessly enjoying a meal at his mom’s house or taco from a street vendor. moreover, he’s been suspended and has agreed to stricter testing without inviting Gennady to do the same. Btw, i guess Ring Ragazine isn’t as “corrupt” as fanboys and Canelo-Haters insist when their editorial board directly demotes the primary fighter in DLH’s stable. bottomline, this is and has always been a Nothing-Burger. Povetkin has tested dirty at least twice and is in line for heavyweight title-shots without a single word regarding his “marred” reputation, Ortiz tested dirty and Wilder shrugged off the entire incident to confirm their heavyweight showdown. Pacquiao physically grew by leaps and bounds during his ascent from feather to jr. middle and is the only fighter in boxing history to ever reject harmless, Random, and MUTUALLY-Applied testing to confirm the biggest bout of his career v. his primary ring-rival. not a disparaging word is ever uttered by the same “experts”, bloggers, and fanboys who are eagerly (desperately?) condemning Canelo now. here’s a news flash from the heartland of American boxing on the west coast: NOBODY listens to boxing “experts” or shills; NObody is willing to pay to watch another Gennady MISmatch-up; and NObody gives a F**K about the manufactured “doping scandal” and campaign to nudge Canelo to boxing’s periphery and sparing Gennady (or Charlo, or Saunders, or Andrade, etc.) the challenge of having to defeat him IN a boxing ring instead of boxing message boards, which are even more irrelevant than the Ring’s “pretend” rankings.

  6. Kid Blast 10:06am, 06/13/2018

    don, I don’t think I have ever heard anyone fess up except Luis Ortiz. There is always an excuse which in and of itself says that they are using. As for vascularity and PEDs, I pretty much know what I’m talking about vis a vis my powerlifting activities where many use. I don’t by the way. Closest I ever came was Creatine mixed with some other stuff.

  7. don from prov 08:46am, 06/13/2018

    That is an interesting take on vascularity, Mr. Blast.  I wish you still posted from time to time on BLH because I would like to see what Leo Solis, the god of science, would have to say.  But no god of anything myself, I would venture that the logic at least sounds good.  Per reputation, etc. that seems to be what is said whenever anyone with some power breaks laws/rules—

    Though in this case Alvarez did suffer a six month rest period.

  8. Balaamsass 07:20am, 06/13/2018

    Looks more Irish than Paddy’s pig for Christ’s sake and his neck makes Crawford and Spence look like pencil necked geeks!

  9. Kid Blast 03:10am, 06/13/2018

    The PED Canelo used reduces fat and in so doing, increases blood pressure. This in turn accentuates vascularity. Photos of Canelo before and shortly after the first GGG fight showed minimal vascularity and none in the red head’s biceps. Photos after were quite the opposite showing a ripped Canelo with highly noticeable vascularity.

    This said, it’s my opinion that he used quite a bit and far more than what tainted Carne Asada would cause.

    Bottom line: He cheated IMHO. But the over-the-top reaction is somewhat sanctimonious given what others have done. His rep has been marred forever; that’s enough punishment for now. Let’s move on.

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