Canelo and Chavez, Jr. Hit Vegas

By Marc Livitz on May 3, 2017
Canelo and Chavez, Jr. Hit Vegas
The black Under Armour T-shirt basically summed up just what's at stake. (Hogan Photos)

Canelo Alvarez arrived at 1:15 PM PT, while his compatriot touched down at the Grand some thirty minutes earlier…

The ball is now rolling in Sin City. Undoubtedly, a large turnout is expected for Saturday night’s “Battle for Mexico” showdown between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (48-1-1, 34 KO’s) and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. (50-2-1, 32 KO’s). Each fighter made their own ceremonious arrival at the official host hotel for the event, the massive, cavernous MGM Grand. The event’s main attraction, former two-division world champion Canelo Alvarez arrived at 1:15 PM PT, while his compatriot and former WBC middleweight champion from Culiacan touched down at the Grand some thirty minutes earlier.

Although there are no titles on the line between the two men from the land of the TriColor, the black Under Armour T-shirt worn by Alvarez basically summed up just what’s at stake. “Orgullo Mexicano (Mexican Pride)” were the words printed and the possible split between the two men in terms of fan support will be indeed interesting to see. Will there be just as many cheering on the man from Guadalajara as there are who’ve perhaps paid to see the son of Mexico’s greatest fighter ever take a beating? Only time will tell. The bout’s final press conference will take place tomorrow afternoon at 12 PM PST.

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  1. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:23am, 05/03/2017

    tetumbo-Bet you got your ‘58 Impala all gassed up and ready to go to the River this weekend….you know it’s true! Probably leaving out early Thursday so you don’t miss anything! I love those Chevys too, in fact I had one stolen out of the LAVC parking lot back in the early 70s. Have any ideas who would be loco enough to steal a ‘64 Impala with the entire right side caved in due to a broadside?!

  2. tetumbo 05:00am, 05/03/2017

    three times an undefeated Jr. presumably benefited from dubious decisions. three times Jr. granted immediate rematches to peripheral opponents without the clout to impose rematches on him, i.e., the likes of Lomachenko and Gennady are no Chavez Jr’s. meanwhile,  Jr. SOCKED the same Rubio who handed Lemiuex his first defeat into submission; PUNCHED a prime Andy Lee’s lights out; and SOCKED the prime right out of Martinez in the final two rounds of their showdown AFter being pummeled for the previous 10. when properly trained, conditioned, and motivated, Jr. is an armful to handle. i maintain that Canelo didn’t need this fight, but he wanted it for all the right professional and business reasons. i would’ve preferred he took it after KOing little Gennady into retirement but he’s obviously eager to do the job on Jr. first. so be it. i still favor Canelo BUT when properly trained, conditioned, and motivated, Jr. is an armful to handle.

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