Canelo, Clenbuterol and the Cow—As If It Matters

By Marc Livitz on March 5, 2018
Canelo, Clenbuterol and the Cow—As If It Matters
Do we believe what we’ve been told? Was this completely accidental and unintentional?

Clenbuterol can be used to cut body fat and pack on lean muscle while also improving overall cardiovascular conditioning…

The point is moot or actually, is it “moo”? Back in the 1990’s, perhaps the most popular sitcom in the United States, alongside “Seinfeld,” was “Friends.” The character known as “Joey” makes a comment during an episode where he tries to emphasize the lack of importance surrounding an issue with one of his roommates. “The point is moo,” he says. They reply, “Joey, don’t you mean the point is moot?” “Well, no,” he answers. “It’s like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter.”

On Monday afternoon, Golden Boy Promotions released on official statement concerning their own respective cash cow Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The individual who at this time holds no officially sanctioned titles as a middleweight yet is “officially” recognized as the best in the division by an ages-old magazine (conveniently now owned by his promoter) has been popped, so to speak, for an illegal substance which in and of itself is normally used to treat breathing disorders.

However, with special instrumentation Clenbuterol can be used to cut body fat and pack on lean muscle while also improving overall cardiovascular conditioning. Call it firsthand knowledge, if you will. We’ll stop a few steps short and acknowledge the fact that the aforementioned statement released by Golden Boy places the blame of a failed drug test on tainted meat. More likely than not, Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KO’s) will change his habits to untainted as his training camp relocates to the United States.

Per the Southern California based promotional giant, the positive results were immediately reported to the Nevada State Athletic Commission as well as the promoter of the unbeaten middleweight who in fact does hold all (save for the WBO) the sanctioned titles, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KO’s). As we know in addition to remember, he and Alvarez battled to a draw last September 16 in Las Vegas.

“I am an athlete who respects the sport and this surprises me and bothers me because it had never happened to me,” said the Guadalajara, Jalisco, native per the official press release. “I will submit to all the tests that require me to clarify this embarrassing situation and I trust that at the end the truth will prevail.”

Fair enough. Canelo always seems like a square and straight-laced fighter who understands the rules and would certainly be foolish to try to work around them. There are other reliable sources of protein than red meat. Egg whites, fish, yams, sweet potatoes and good ol’ chicken are the proverbial stuff of legend. Then again, it’s not as if we need to tell a world-class athlete what to eat.

Do we believe what we’ve been told? Was this completely accidental and unintentional? Then again, do we take the sarcastic route? It may be futile, yet still fun. Antonio Margarito claimed he didn’t know his wraps were loaded with Plaster of Paris. The late, great Aaron Pryor had his infamous water bottle, thanks in total to his snake-like trainer, Panama Lewis, who as we know can never work a fighter’s corner again. How safe is Canelo from suspicion?

He could have the remains of Jimmy Hoffa in his garage or O.J.’s murder weapon in the trunk of one of his sports cars and he’d get nothing more than a tap on the wrist. Of course, this is all complete cynicism if we immediately jump to our own conclusions. We’ll let the chips fall as they may. After all, this is a fighter who was judged to have fought to a draw with Floyd Mayweather almost five years ago at the tender age of 23.

He’s also the same cat who defeated Gennady Golovkin, ten rounds to two last fall in the eyes of one particular ringside judge. It’s been a while since Diez y seis de Septiembre AND Cinco de Mayo have both fallen on a Saturday in succession, so not much is going to the stop the second running of the middleweight showdown from moving on as planned.

The bout’s not officially sold out, yet per the norm for a high-priced championship contest in Las Vegas, the cheapest tickets (the nosebleeds) go first. The very sight of the ticket prices starting at $300 can make thine eyes bleed. As of late Monday, the least costly seat in the T-Mobile Arena on the Strip is just $1,500. Pay TV, anyone?

Where do you stand on this issue? The floor is open.

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  1. Koolz 08:31am, 03/13/2018

    Meat Best Served Raw and Tainted…
    I feel like they should let Canelo do his tainted meat.  How can they stop it?  Do you honestly think the testers are going to be honest?  All of it could be set up and we wouldn’t know.  Let Canelo do Canelo weight and tainted meat.

    Golovkin will still “meet” him head on.  The fight will go to a draw again and then there will be another fight some where else in the US.  Texas maybe?

    Do you think this tainted meat effects Canelo psychologically as he prepares for the rematch?  You bet it does!  It really does if Canlo is innocent.  If GGG beats Canelo by UD or KO, or TKO you will hear even more about the Tainted meat.

    Tainted Meat has cursed the Canelo GGG epic.

  2. ceylon mooney 01:45pm, 03/11/2018

    im a fan of the ring, but its a load of BS they have alvarez as their champion at 160. hell, they gave him THE RING BELT AT 160 2 YEARS BEFORE HIS FIRST FIGHT (an 8-4 loss scored as a draw) AT 160. as we all know, 155 is not a weight class. THE RING gets publicly called on this all the time and persists.

    alvarez is a multimillion dollar operation (employing other ultimillion dollar operations), the structure and collective knowledge of which effectively prohibits accidental ingestion of anything whatsoever. furthermore, his coach and managers are butchers or own meat markets or something like that. 

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