What Next for Canelo Alvarez?

By Boxing News on September 19, 2012
What Next for Canelo Alvarez?
Canelo successfully defended his WBC junior middleweight title by crushing Josesito Lopez.

Canelo Alvarez successfully defended his WBC junior middleweight title by crushing Josesito Lopez Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Canelo’s youth and his advantages in size, weight and power were too much for the game but outclassed Lopez to contend with. But Alvarez, despite a porous defense, comes to fight and fight he did. Robert Ecksel, editor-in-chief of Boxing.com, speaks with Rick Strom from TYT Sports about the Rise of Canelo Alvarez and what the future might have in store for the red-headed juggernaut from south of the border…

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Canelo Alvarez v Josesito Lopez

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  1. kelso 06:51pm, 09/22/2012

    next for canelo is of course another tomato can in the lightweight or light welterweight division and all you boxing scribes are going to continue the hype of him being sensational inspite of the fact that he never defended his title against legitimate jr middleweight. i sometime wonder who knows less about boxing, is it the casual boxing fan or the professional boxing scribe?. let the hype continue courtesy of paid boxing scribes.

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