Canelo-Golovkin Promotion Will Sink Sales, Not Mayweather-McGregor

By Paul Magno on July 26, 2017
Canelo-Golovkin Promotion Will Sink Sales, Not Mayweather-McGregor
If Canelo-GGG fails to deliver, you can blame promoters Golden Boy and K2. (malatinta)

No non-boxing fan is clamoring for Canelo-Golovkin and none, unfortunately, are being sold on it. That’s not Mayweather’s or McGregor’s fault…

If the upcoming Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin pay-per-view fails to deliver in terms of buy rate, you can blame promoters Golden Boy and K2 for not doing enough to get this bout into the mainstream collective unconscious or you can blame the business, itself, for not being in a spot anymore to guarantee any sort of financial success. You’ll be able to point a finger at a lot of reasons for disappointing sales figures, but the August 26 Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor bout, taking place just three weeks before Canelo-GGG, won’t carry any share of the blame.

There’s been a lot of talk about how the boxing vs. UFC mega-event is going to mess with the salability of Alvarez-Golovkin. Golden Boy founder and president, Oscar De la Hoya even penned a cringe-worthy open letter to fans, imploring them to boycott Floyd-Conor in order to “protect the sport of boxing” from a scourge so awful that “our sport might never recover.”

Yes, the fear is real over at Golden Boy Promotions. The idea that a true “mega-bout,” over two years in the making, will be upstaged by a lesser fight featuring two bigger stars is something boxing fans and media have obsessed over since before the Floyd-Conor bout was even officially signed. And, on the surface, it makes sense that the bigger mainstream-friendly fight will draw attention—and consumer dollars—away from the “better” and better-regarded card. Expecting fans to dish out one hundred bucks for Mayweather-McGregor and then seventy for Alvarez-Golovkin three weeks later seems like an unrealistic expectation.

But this line of thought, while logical in the isolated circle of boxing fandom and media, isn’t necessarily reality in the real world.

Oscar will more likely be affected by his own inability to reach the mainstream with his promotional skills than by anything Floyd and Conor do. If Oscar can’t sell his fight beyond those boxing fans already won over by the sport and predisposed to consume, then there’s no chance of him generating the blockbuster numbers he surely envisioned when agreeing to let his company’s cash cow take on, perhaps, the biggest challenge of his career.

Despite all the guaranteed finger pointing and assignment of outside blame if the Golden Boy PPV doesn’t deliver a monster payout, the failure to sell will be the fault of the promotion…period. It shouldn’t matter what’s coming before or after when it comes to selling an event as big as this and, really, it’s not even clear that the two PPV shows will actually be competing for the same consumers’ attention.

It’s a big question when trying to analyze how much impact one show will have on the other—will those buying the Mayweather-McGregor mega-spectacle be the same people buying Canelo-Golovkin?

Mayweather-McGregor will generate a lot of interest and a good portion of its sales from casual fans, UFC loyalists, and the mainstream-curious. Canelo-Golovkin, on the other hand, should do pretty well with the so-called “hardcore” fans. Unfortunately for the sport, though, the hardcore fan support, alone, just isn’t enough anymore to turn a big ticket event into a super success, at least not a success anywhere near the Mayweather-Pacquiao level or even all that much beyond the million seller level.

It’s reasonable to assume, though, that both fights can be successful appealing to their own respective audiences and niche markets. Realistically, neither will likely lose money and all four main event fighters will probably earn more money for this night’s work than for any previous night‘s work (well, whether that will be the case for Mayweather and Alvarez, however, is debatable).

But if everyone is being honest here, Canelo-Golovkin was never going to light up the mainstream. No matter how much boxing “die-hards” clamored desperately for the fight and told themselves how gigantic this pairing would be, the reality was always that the bout would be limited in its ability to reach the much-needed casual fan and mainstream crossover. At best, it may stand a solid chance of being as profitable as this past May’s Canelo vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. card, which generated about a million PPV sales. Maybe it’ll be slightly more profitable, maybe slightly less—but that’s it.

No non-boxing fan is clamoring for Canelo-Golovkin and none, unfortunately, are being sold on it. That’s not Mayweather’s or McGregor’s fault.

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  1. Bond 04:19am, 07/30/2017

    Yeah Garcia Broner sure was a “great fight” and garcia sure “dispatched ” broner in the 8th or 9th…lol

    Go back to Dung Su Do

  2. JJ Austin 06:37am, 07/29/2017

    When GGG pulverizes “cinnamon” just like he did the last puffed up Welterweight (Kell brook), we’ll see who knows what about boxing.. And again, where I’m located on the east coast between DC, Philly and NYC, there aren’t many Mexican or eastern European fighters in our gyms (there are a few but not many) most of the boxers are American, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Filipino and Haitian. Outside of the Mexican and eastern European fan bases there just isn’t that much interest in this fight sorry Chief. Plus it being a mismatch doesn’t help either. Just because HBO tells you it’s a great fight doesn’t make it so. Boxing fans here decide for ourselves what a great fight is (like Garcia - Broner tonight) not let some network decide for us.

  3. Bond 05:18pm, 07/28/2017

    Jj Austin

    What’s that bullcrap about ggg vs canelo being a mismatch and boxeurs not clamoring for it? And ggg being faster than canelo? Seems like you should get Dr.Roger to check what you know about boxing

  4. JJ Austin 11:50am, 07/28/2017

    Respect your opinion on Crawford vs Mikey G but disagree.. Other than Gamboa I think Crawford has rolled along unchallenged. Mikey has the speed and power to more than match him.. It is a very interesting fight though, hope you share that at least.. We’ll know alot more tomorrow night after he disposes of the Clown (Broner)

  5. Koolz 09:12am, 07/28/2017

    JJ Austin

    Crawford I think is to much for Mikey Garcia.
    I am not sure if they let that fight happen.

  6. JJ Austin 04:55pm, 07/27/2017

    I agree with Blast - Boycott the sideshow. Although as a Boxing fan it will be nice to see our guy knock the Shit out of the mma unskilled punk and get some revenge for James Toney and Ray Mercer who lost on thier turf and we had to hear shit about from 20 year old mma is fans.. Far as the “huge” fight that some are claiming GGG vs Canelo is - here on the east coast where I am no boxers in the gyms I’ve worked in have been clamoring for this fight. Ggg is bigger, faster and stronger and should smash the overhyped Alvarez with ease. Joshua klitschko was way bigger and got more attention from the casual fans Also.. The fight most boxers and boxing fans in our gyms (NYC, Philly, NJ and Baltimore) wanna see most is Crawford vs Mikey Garcia once he kos Broner.

  7. Valentine Belfiglio 06:06am, 07/27/2017

    Thank you for your interesting comments. I was unaware of the Heinz book, and will try to locate it. I had thought that it was the third fight with Zale that caused a change in Rocky’s abilities. What was there about the second bout that caused you to choose the 1947 rather than the 1948 encounter?

  8. Koolz 03:39am, 07/27/2017


    It’s called Black Oil and Synchronistic.

    and you’re post has nothing to do with Boxing.  What you wrote sounds like the ramblings of a Bot.

    If we wish to talk about Hollywood and Superheros then we have to talk about MK Ultra Program(building super soldier)or did you think Xmen creation was an accident.

    If were talking about Spider man then we must talk about Black Oil. (Spider Man 3 and Black Oil)
    Movies in Hollywood by default are Synchronistic.  Hollywood is a perversion of the Kabbalah Mystics.

    As there are no coincidences only the illusion of time.  The Consciousness on all levels is no different from anyone else.  It is a deep ocean and very few know how to swim in it and reach it’s levels of Chakra. (Tree of LIfe)

    The inner and outer worlds effect each other as do Spirit, Mind, Body.
    hence there are coincidences.  (Tetrahedron)
    Time does not exist in the conscious mind it is a perception of the outer world. (we perceive what we know of the world through our senses)
    You can’t have a Universe with out the Mind.

    As for Christians yes you are correct that is why Daesh and Islamic Filth of Africa are used to destroy Christians.  And it was not Mohammad that wrote into the Book of Faith for Islam (murder anyone that does not follow Islam)
    We have a war of Spirituality and thinning of the blood line of Hermes.
    Europe is best example.  Christianity could be seen as the light(Orthodox Christianity) and Islam Radicals the tools of Darkness.
    But in Duality there is always Light and Darkness.
    Good (GOD) Evil (Devil)
    Up Down
    As Above So Below.
    which goes back to the Inner World effects the Outer World.
    I hope you learned something.

  9. anchortext 01:53am, 07/27/2017

    Wilson is acknowledged for her famous children stories along with novels about children. As Christians moving into this present world shall we be not facing increasing hostility and alienation.  Such as,
    sticking to a comics, homemade web-shooters, The Lizard seeking similar to
    Ditko’s prophesy as great as being a film looks darker
    as great as we’ve listened that, Spidey will actully moment a fun on this movie.

  10. Koolz 03:40pm, 07/26/2017

    This is the Biggest Boxing Event of the Year!!! 

    It’s so Huge it Eclipses all other Boxing events! 

    Years ago two guys had a sparring session at Big Bear Lake.  The whole point was to show off a new Fighter that embarrassed fighters at Roach’s Gym.

    That was the beginning of this Tale. 

    Money was given for step aside fees, a belt was given for not fighting in that divisions weight….now finally WERE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This better Be HUGE!  I know all of Mexico will watch it!
    All of Europe will Watch it!

    as for the US….I have no idea who the boxing fan is.

  11. Allen 11:05am, 07/26/2017

    we all respect
    Rocky was a shadow of his former self after the second Zale fight. His level of competition prior to the Robinson fight was easy prey. I suggest you read WC Heinz the best boxing writer in my opinion of the Golden era of boxing. He covered Rocky extensively and was a good friend to Rocky. His book “Once They Heard the Cheers” has a long chapter on Rocky. Even in his autobiography Rocky admits he was not the same after the second Zale fight.

  12. nicolas 10:24am, 07/26/2017

    ALLEN: I have actually read that Graziano after his loss to Zale was a better boxer than he had been before. Before he fought Robinson he was on a 21 fight winning streak, and also had 16 knockouts.

  13. Allen 09:02am, 07/26/2017

    Prime Graziano KO inside 8 rounds. Not the Graziano we have films of. After the second Zale fight his heart was no longer in the sport. It was just for the money, then there is the fight he got paid 50,000 1952 dollars to throw the fight with the incompetent Chuck Davey. The IBC’s wonder boy.

  14. Val Belfiglio 08:13am, 07/26/2017

    What is your prediction of a bout between Canelo Alvarez and Rocky Graziano with both men in their prime?

  15. Jaime Alanis 07:09am, 07/26/2017

    All the real boxing fans know that Mayweather v McGregor is a circus act and will never pay 100 dollars for a side circus show. If Canelo v Chavez had 1 million pay per view buys, Canelo v GGG will easily have 2 million plus buys since both fighters have a huge following of loyal fans. 2017 has already been great for boxing and the September showdown will be a real treat for boxing fans!

  16. Kid Blast 05:46am, 07/26/2017

    Boycott Mayweather side show

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