Canelo KOs Self With Failed Drug Test

By Paul Magno on March 5, 2018
Canelo KOs Self With Failed Drug Test
None of that really matters, though. Perception is reality in the world of boxing fandom.

The sweeping dismissals and catty memes are already being cranked out. Golden Boy’s golden goose is cooked…

As everyone likely knows by now, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has tested positive for the banned substance Clenbuterol just two months away from his May 5 rematch with Gennady Golovkin. Alvarez’s promoter, Golden Boy, announced the failed test via preemptive strike press release, smartly breaking the story rather than waiting for the failed test to leak to the public via the boxing media.

Clenbuterol, in shady boxing circles, is used to help fighters lose weight quickly while retaining lean muscle mass. In the “real” world, the drug has been used in the Mexican beef industry to reduce fat in cattle and promote the growth of lean protein—and this “reality” emboldens those who may try and misuse the drug for athletic purposes. After all, if you get caught, the option of blaming contaminated meat will always be there.

Reportedly, only “trace levels” of the banned substance were found in Alvarez and, of course, contaminated meat has been pointed to as the culprit.

The Golden Boy press release touched on all the pertinent points of Canelo’s defense and made all the right assurances of fair play. Canelo will be moving his camp to the US to avoid Mexican beef contamination and will comply with all future testing.

Again, all the right things have been said. But, the damage to Canelo, his career, and his upcoming fight with Golovkin, has already been done.

For a boxing world already inclined to think the worst of Alvarez and the validity of his career, this dirty test assures that he will never be able to fight his way into the hearts and minds of boxing die-hards and old school fans.

Already seen as having had things too easy and too good, Canelo has fallen into that dark, suspicious cavern of hatred for pugs not ugly enough or rough enough around the edges to be a “real” fighter. This positive test affirms all of the critics’ most cynical thoughts.

It doesn’t even matter if he actually did try to use a banned substance to his benefit. All that was needed was the POSSIBILITY that he did.

From this point forward, the kid from Guadalajara with all the money, all the fame, and a target on his back from those “real” fans he most wants to impress, will be the subject of endless mocking and debasing. His legacy will become full of asterisks and question marks. And, even should he crush Golovkin in his return bout with the Kazakh KO artist, it will serve no good to sway those who have already made up their mind that he was always a pampered hype job never good enough to do thing the “right” way.

To sweep away Alvarez so easily and so completely is pure idiocy. However, fans always enjoy the privilege of being as illogical and as closed-minded as they want to be.

But, this time, the bad publicity and social media lynchings won’t be about conspiracy theories or perceptions that he’s running scared from so-and-so. This time, there’s some substance to the attacks, enough for them to stick long and hard.

Canelo Alvarez was either intentionally trying to use a banned substance to his benefit or he was a multi-million dollar elite-level athlete so oblivious to the possibility of tainted meat in his own home country that he ate contaminated beef. And it’s hard to believe the latter when we know just how much time and energy is put into the alimentation of a high-end athlete with millions to lose.

Intent may be made clear by seeing the actual lab results of Alvarez’s test. The word from the WADA-accredited lab is that levels of Clenbuterol in Alvarez’s system are small and consistent with what would be expected from meat contamination. It’s likely, though, that the general public will never know all of the details related to this positive test.

None of that really matters, though. Perception is reality in the world of boxing fandom. The sweeping dismissals and catty memes are already being cranked out. Golden Boy’s golden goose is cooked.

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  1. Bunny 06:55am, 03/08/2018

    Regardless of whether the thing was ingested by mistake, the fight should be postponed a year, while under strict Olympic style testing. 24/7.  With that in his system, he is sure to reap the benefits and the fight wouldn’t be clean or fair.  To me, the “tainted meat” is just too convenient and “fishy”

  2. Koolz 07:21pm, 03/07/2018

    Here Here!!!

    The Show must go on!

  3. Pete The Sneak 05:22am, 03/07/2018

    Folks, you all know that this will not change a thing. The ‘tainted meat’ excuse will stand the test of time, the Canelo (or is it now Clen-elo) GGG fight will go on, they will both make millions (regardless of who wins) and Clen-elo will go on to a HOF career despite the PED whispers. It’s the nature of the beast in boxing (and all sports in general). Win at all costs! Clen-elo fans, like any other fans who worship their sports heroes will swallow (No pun intended) the Tainted meat story and continue to support him. I’m sure HBO 24/7 will do a heartfelt piece before the PPV fight on how poor Alvarez ended up ingesting that tainted meat in Mexico and thus causing this unfortunate misunderstanding. All will be forgiven and the show will go on!...Peace.

  4. Balaamsass 06:03pm, 03/06/2018

    Check out tetumbo….told you the chauvinistic fux wouldn’t give a flying fuk! Wake the fuk up GGG! Canelo may look like a friggin’ leprechaun but he’s a Mexican through and through and that seals the deal… ain’t no friggin’ Mexican….get that through your skull! If you think they like you now….they’ll love you even more after Golden Boy gets through reaming you!

  5. wrknathome 03:40pm, 03/06/2018

    tetumbo that’s the dumbest assed thing I have heard in a long time.  GGG gobbled up everything cheatnelo threw at him.  In addition, there is no way in hell cheatnelo is going to come forward in a way necessary to knock GGG out.  Finally, there is no way in hell cheatnelo is going to counter punch his way to victory while he is constantly back peddling.

  6. tetumbo 02:49pm, 03/06/2018

    the mainsteam Canelo-Hating narrative has gone from Canelo will never move to 160lbs to face Gennady, to Canelo will be demolished by Gennady, to Canelo will never dare rematch Gennady, to Gennady will be robbed by any scorecard verdict rendered in the western-hemisphere, to “Canelo’s dirty”.  little Gennady-Hopers were never excited about the rematch and are now desperately grasping at straws to spare their promotional hype-job the KO loss he avoided in the first bout. Save-It.this bout IS happening and Canelo will topple “Ducky Boy” Golovkin and FINALLY relegate him to the pile of never-was’ that preceded him. Canelo by KO/TKO. not unlike Kovalev, little Gennady will wilt when he realizes that Canelo is Bigger, Stronger, and Faster than in their first bout.

  7. Ollie Downtown Brown 07:59am, 03/06/2018

    Koolz…Not just boxing. Another sport that is notorious for cheating is horse racing. A common method to “fix” a race is to stuff cotton in a horse’s nostrils, it will restrict his breathing coming down the stretch. Even that horse’s trainer and owner might be in on it and place bets against his own horse. Anytime there is money and humans involved, there is always the possibility of cheating and fixing the results. Boxing and horse racing are infamous for fixing the results.

  8. Koolz 07:51am, 03/06/2018

    listen guys boxing is a corrupt sport and nothing is legit.  Weights are lied, training is lied, the coaches lie.  It’s all so their fighter can win.  It has been since way back.  That’s Boxing it’s not some clean cut beautiful flower garden with perfect cut flowers and colors.
    It’s ugly!  Lying , Cheating, dirty, S##t Pool!  Everyone wants to win!  To win you make more money.  So of course people are going slip around the corners.
    Money Talks.
    Canelo could have been making Canelo weight by cheating since the beginning.
    That’s boxing.  Hell that’s sports!

  9. Ollie Downtown Brown 07:38am, 03/06/2018

    @Balaamsass… Good observation. This guy’s jaw is and HAS been a dead giveaway that he is taking his “supplements.”

  10. Balaamsass 07:27am, 03/06/2018

    Why do you think the bugger is talking KO so Goddamned much these days. His nuts may be grape sized but that’s a small price to pay!  Just take a gander at that noggin….that bull neck….and for sure that friggin’ jaw! Of course he’s dirty the same way JMM was a dirty dog when he almost killed Pacman but all will be forgiven if he wins….by hook or by crook….do you honestly believe his fan base gives a flyin’ fuk?!

  11. Archie Silvestre 06:12am, 03/06/2018

    You still want to bail out your guy Canelo by saying beautiful words but we already knew the fact that he’s a cheater and using performance enhancing drug! I can understand that and he really needs it so much if he want to beat GGG which I doubt he can! SMH!

  12. Koolz 06:08am, 03/06/2018

    Don’t see this as that big of deal as it has happened numerous times with boxers from Mexico.

    Tainted meat after all.

  13. Doc 08:16pm, 03/05/2018

    Never really liked Canelo and thought he lost to GGG the first fight. If he has been caught using drugs to cheat then he should be Banned from boxing and not be able to fight for a title ever.

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