Canelo Fights James Kirkland

By Robert Ecksel on January 27, 2015
Canelo Fights James Kirkland
Kirkland is a slugger, and slugging with sluggers is one of Canelo Alvarez’s specialties.

Can Kirkland make up for lost time, put his baggage aside, and fight as he’s capable of fighting against Canelo?

With the fight between Canelo Alvarez (44-1-1, 31 KOs)) and Miguel Cotto having fallen by the wayside due to financial concerns, Golden Boy’s ever resourceful Oscar De La Hoya reached into his bag of tricks and, presto change-o, out came James Kirkland (32-1, 28 KOs).

Alvarez-Kirkland will reportedly be held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas (or failing that, at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas) on May 2, depending, of course, on who Floyd Mayweather, who has booked the MGM Grand, intends to fight on that same date.

The good news is that the fight will be on HBO and won’t be pay-per-view. The bad news is that Kirkland is a slugger, and Canelo has trouble, when he has trouble at all, with boxers.

Slugging with sluggers is one of his specialties.

Kirkland, who was supposed to fight Canelo a few years back, is presumably in the gym getting ready for the bout. But he has yet to decide who his trainer will be. Whether it’s the voluble but effective Ann Wolfe, who brought James to the heights, or someone else, who might lead James to the depths, has yet to be determined.

The fight is much anticipated. It’s not just what Kirkland can do in the ring when he’s on his game, but the inevitable drama which precedes his bouts. Injuries, money concerns, personal problems, and legal issues have proven to be a distraction in the past. It also will have been 17 months since Kirkland last fought. 

Can James Kirkland make up for lost time, put his baggage aside and fight as he’s capable of fighting?

That is the question and time will tell.

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  1. bk don 08:16pm, 01/27/2015

    Man. Canelo is determined to fight this dude. This is the 3rd time they’ve tried to put a fight together. The other two times kirkland found ways to back out of it, but Canelo’s people remain steadfast in making this matchup. it would be pretty funny to me if James somehow beats him and Canelo’s people chased him to get their guy’s ass whipped. It’s not likely but i would love to see it.

    According to Kirkland he’s in training already. How is that freaking possible? He’s going to have a 12 or 13 week camp? I can already see some kind of injury occurring.

  2. Dave Van Deusen 07:50pm, 01/27/2015

    He needs Wolfe on this.  And he should have had a tune up (or three).  But when James is on he is on.  While I give Canelo the edge (I am seeing a shootout for 4 rounds, and Kirkland going down valiantly in the 5th), Kirkland’s power and volume could turn things on their head.  This should be a fun fight!

  3. Pete The Sneak 05:52pm, 01/27/2015

    NY Irish, hope you’re wrong, but your statement has a lot of validity. Kirkland is a wild card and 6 months is a lot time for him to implode in some form or fashion… If the fight does come off, hope he sticks with Ann Wolfe…When this fight was scheduled to go of a couple of years ago, I actually was leaning towards Kirkland to defeat the Cinnamon kid. Now, I don’t think he can pull it off. But it should be a good donnybrook, so I hope it does happen…Peace.

  4. NYirish 04:13pm, 01/27/2015

    Kirkland has issues. May is a long way off. It’s a good bet this bout doesn’t happen.

  5. FrankinDallas 12:07pm, 01/27/2015

    WIll be fun….while it lasts.

  6. Eric 09:08am, 01/27/2015

    I’d feel better if Kirkland would take a tune-up before going into this match. Still this is an attractive matchup, at least on paper it is, hopefully it will be more Lyle vs. Foreman than Chuvalo vs. Bonavena. A year and a half out of the ring and personal problems don’t mix well with taking on an opponent as talented as Alvarez. If not for those issues this would be a pick’em fight, but given the inactivity and baggage, Kirkland is the underdog in this one. Since I always favor these type of matches, I will definitely be tuning in.

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