Canelo on Footwork & Mobility

By Caryn A. Tate on July 3, 2018
Canelo on Footwork & Mobility
"I know how to move inside the ring—I have that. The knee is not gonna be a problem."

I had the opportunity to ask Alvarez about his impressive footwork in the first contest with Golovkin last September…

Tuesday, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs) hosted a virtual press conference to discuss their upcoming rematch on September 15 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

I had the opportunity to ask Alvarez about his impressive footwork in the first contest with Golovkin last September, and whether his recent knee surgery may help his mobility be even better this time around.

“That’s always been part of my arsenal, part of my abilities,” Canelo said via a translator. “I know how to move inside the ring—I have that. The knee is not gonna be a problem. We’ve been working hard now, we’ve been training here and it hasn’t given me any issues.

“And if it does come up during the fight that it gives me problems, we’ll already have a plan B, a strategy behind that as well.”

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  1. Buster 08:36pm, 07/11/2018

    Does the author of this article know anything about boxing?  If she thinks Canelo had “impressive” footwork then she is clueless. Canelo’s plodding and slow footwork, often just going back or forward in a straight line, was very pedestrian and certainly not mobile. He moved more like a heavyweight than a middle. He rarely circled left or right which would have forced GGG to pause and reset. But the key to this fight is his recent knee surgery which I was unaware of. No fighter can be more “mobile” after such surgery. In fact, no fighter has ever been successful after knee surgery. It’s the death knell of mobility and most retire shortly after the surgery. Listen up dummy! Canelo is in this fight only for the money. The public and those stupid enough to pay the ridiculous prices are being scammed by the redhead and the promoter. Canelo will be stopped and pocket his take. Buyers beware!

  2. Lucas McCain 08:21am, 07/05/2018

    Any return/rubber-match clauses in the contract? 

    I can’t blame Canelo for moving; he talks a brave game, but no doubt has known many ex-fighters who didn’t do the former (move) and now can’t do the latter (talk).

  3. Kid Blast 08:03am, 07/04/2018

    A draw is a distinct possibility

  4. Thrasher 07:05am, 07/04/2018

    Mayweather knows he doesn’t have a chin, ask Sugar Shane Mosley. Floyd hung on for dear life in that second round, then resorted back to his style, jab,run, pop him, draw him in, hide on the ropes and counter. He is not a Chavez or Barra. Neither is Canelo. Cinnamon Kid learnt from Floyd how to use ropes against a banger That is survival and being smart.
    “Mexican Style” does not do well with “Russian Style” The stupid are sent to the Gulag and the strong survive.
    GGG was relentless when he arrived on the scene. Loose in the hips, cuts ring into quarters and forces fight. Body shots, setting up head with KO power in either hand. He is body snatcher like Mike McCallum. Now he is getting fleshy do to inactivity, but still has the smarts. He fought wars before he came to America and this is a walk in the park for the cash. He is a natural middleweight.
    Canelo had a taste of him early in his career sparring and understands what he is up against. He is intelligent and maximized his mobility to avoid traps from the aging 3G. It was everything that was expected the 1st fight.
    This fight will be much the same. I don’t believe there will be a KO. If anyone goes down it will be Canelo but he will get up due to his conditioning. The fight will be close, a draw or split decision going to Canelo.

  5. Kid Blast 05:37pm, 07/03/2018

    He has a knack of moving away from punches much like Sugar Ray Beltran. If GGG is to win, he will have to close the gap faster and move more to his right. Catching Alvaroid flush is a difficult proposition as he indeed has marvelous footwork.

  6. El Conscripto 05:19pm, 07/03/2018

    Abner Mares had the temerity to speak the truth and say that the redhead didn’t really “go for it” in the Mayweather fight… plain English he didn’t fight Floyd “Mexican Style”. He sure as fuk didn’t fight GGG “Mexican Style” either. How many Mexican fighters have you interviewed that claimed footwork/avoidance/escaping was their forte? Canelo found out that Floyd was physically stronger than him and that his punches stung like a son of a gun….that’s why he didn’t go balls to the wall and later on was the main reason that resorted to eating tainted carne asada…..moreover he knew…absolutely without a doubt that if he was standing after the final bell in Vegas his chances of getting the nod over GGG were better than 50/50.

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