Canelo Suspended—Time Will Tell

By Marc Livitz on March 23, 2018
Canelo Suspended—Time Will Tell
Although the use of Clenbuterol is illegal in the US, it can help make for a mean T-Bone.

This isn’t tainted love, unless we’re referring to those who’ve already shelled out a few thousand dollars to hit Las Vegas. Rather, it’s tainted meat…

As first reported on Friday afternoon by ESPN, lineal middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has been temporarily suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission due to a pair of failed drug tests from February. Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KO’s), as we all know is set to face Gennady “GGG” Golovkin on Saturday, May 5 in Las Vegas in an anticipated as well as previously expected rematch after they fought to a draw last September. Back in 1981, one hit wonder ‘Soft Cell’ scored a hit with a very popular song, “Tainted Love,” which was actually a remake from the 1960’s.

Despite the common knowledge that the performance enhancing substance which Canelo has now tested positive for not once, but twice (Clenbuterol) is a favorite among athletes in just about every competitive sport, the Guadalajara native’s handlers continue to blame the beef. This isn’t tainted love, unless we’re referring to those who’ve already shelled out a few thousand dollars to hit Las Vegas on Cinco de Mayo weekend. Rather, it’s tainted meat.

Technically, it’s not tainted. Although the use of Clenbuterol with the aim of beefing up (pun intended) cattle in the United States is illegal, the chemical can help make for a mean T-Bone, as it helps to reduce fat and build muscle. Give me one of those! Does it also include unlimited salad, bread and sides? If you’re going to do something and run the risk of basically defacing your legitimacy as a clean athlete as well as a world champion, then why not go all the way? Of course, this writer often has a hard time scribbling without a bit of sarcasm thrown in, yet how many of us genuinely thought Canelo would face the hammer of discipline in any fashion?

On April 10, the NSAC will require Alvarez to have his respective day in court, either in person or by phone. Afterwards, a decision will be made as to whether or not the rematch with Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KO’s) will go on as planned. Bob Bennett, the executive director of the commission issued a statement at the time of the suspension.

“Mr. Alvarez is temporarily suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his adverse analytical findings, that being clenbuterol, on Feb. 17 and 20,” he said. “A commission hearing is scheduled for April 10, 2018 to hear from Mr. Alvarez.”

A five-person panel will ultimately decide if Canelo’s two failed drug tests will result in a suspension ranging anywhere from six months to two years. Of course, he could also get nothing more than a silly “slap on the wraps. They could also thank him for his time and tell him to run along so that he can continue his training in San Diego. How crazy would it be if five judges could accomplish what three couldn’t last September 15th? Many thought he lost that night, though that in and of itself wouldn’t bring a ban from the ring.

At that time, one judge had it a draw, while the other judged a 2-point win for Golovkin. The third, of course gave Canelo ten rounds and it wasn’t even his birthday. That particular score line remains perhaps the lone major talking point in regard to their first meeting. Additionally, that particular judge took one month off and has worked a dozen bouts since ‘Supremacy,’ as it was known, last fall went down. What are the odds that the NSAC has the stones to tell Golden Boy Promotions that their proverbial cash cow, who tested positive for tainted cow is going to have to hit the highway? In terms of moral character, as if never being arrested or not appearing hammered by booze deserves a pat on the back, Canelo’s not a bad dude. Mike Tyson was and Las Vegas told him to take a hike back in the late 90’s. That was a different time and a different world.

The first contest between Alvarez and Golovkin was a smash. In terms of a live gate in the state of Nevada, it ranks behind only the farcical matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor last August and the May 2015 snoozer featuring the same Mayweather and a certain Manny Pacquiao. ‘Supremacy’ brought in a pinch over $27 million at the box office and likely pumped a king’s ransom of greenbacks into the local economy. Do the math, shall we?

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  1. Koolz 11:57am, 03/27/2018

    The Amount of money involved in this second fight tells me they will sweep it under the rug say Canelo is good to go.

  2. ceylon mooney 10:53am, 03/25/2018

    byrds score was the talk of the town, sure. it was also a nice distraction from the really frickin outrageous score of 114-114 for a fight that golovkin won 8 rounds to 4.  damn good job oscar.

  3. Ringjudge 07:44pm, 03/24/2018

    When your caught cheating like he was and has in the past, he should never be able to fight again. Alvarez alone with others should be kicked out of boxing,

  4. Freddie Rios 04:02pm, 03/24/2018

    Is not the first time this is happening in boxing and the Nevada Boxing Commission is letting this dirty boxers get away with sanctions and permanent banning from boxing. Eric Morales , Francisco Vargas,  and now Canelo .. all of them with the excuse of contaminated meat with Clanbuterol.. what a fiasco., a substance that is used illegally to lose weight, gain muscle mass and help with respiratory problems as a brocohilator. If Mike Tyson was banned for life when he bite an opponent.. Margarito was banned for using illegal wrap on his hands ... what is worst… the bite , the illegal wrap or the use of illegal substances to win no matter using dirty tactics and drugs ?  Oscar de la Hoya knows about this dirty tactics and is important to send a message to other boxers to ban for life Canelo Alvarez from boxing in the United States of America.

  5. Balaamsass 10:09am, 03/24/2018

    They’re going to fight….OK….they’re going to fight and that’s it! Abner Mares nailed it when he said that the redhead didn’t really go for it in the Mayweather fight! He didn’t really go for it against GGG either….not engaging and looking to sneak one in and all the while looking forward to a happy ending any Goddamned way. Why the fuk not….C J Ross gave him a draw with Floyd and Adalaide Byrd came oh so close to giving him a shut out against GGG?!

  6. Balaamsass 09:53am, 03/24/2018

    Lucas Browne had a taste for Mexican beef too….had it shipped all the way to Oz….says it’s way better than Omaha Steaks!

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