Canelo vs. Chavez, Jr. — One’s Left to Wonder

By Marc Livitz on April 18, 2017
Canelo vs. Chavez, Jr. — One’s Left to Wonder
We'd hoped since last May that Alvarez would fight Gennady Golovkin and no one else.

In the end, perhaps only money matters and there appears to be no end in sight in terms of how much this heap of table scraps will earn…

Members of the boxing media had until Monday, April 17 to apply for credentials to the upcoming Cinco de Mayo (weekend) showdown between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. The May 6 bout was officially declared a sold out event a few weeks ago and now, if we’re to believe what has been relayed to us by an ever boastful promoter, then the average fan will be hard-pressed to find even a screen in Las Vegas upon which to view the contest. The “somewhere between middleweight and super middleweight” contest carries with it a catchweight (there’s that word again) of 164.5 pounds.

On the one hand, there may be those among us who are happy to know that the on and off, nearly decade long hammerlock upon the two biggest holidays pertaining to Mexico and its militaristic might have been wrested from the one man whose name has become synonymous with May and September. It’s quite hard to believe that ten years ago this May, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. hit the pugilistic jackpot by way of a slim victory over Oscar De La Hoya.

De La Hoya may have been the one credited with at least giving a push to make the weekend closest to May 5 one which carried with it a great night of boxing, at least for promotional purposes. In 2002, he defended his welterweight titles against Luis Ramon “Yori Boy” Campos by way of a seventh round TKO victory. Two years later, we were treated to what became the stuff of legend, if not heated arguments when Mexican legend Juan Manuel Marquez embarked on his historic quadruple header against Manny Pacquiao. None of us will ever forget what took place on May 7, just one year later.

If the epic first clash between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo doesn’t get the soul stirring, then not much ever will. The 6th of May in 2006 saw the aforementioned De La Hoya take care of the always brash and obnoxious Ricardo Mayorga. Then, 2007 rolled around and well, we know the rest of the story.

Manny Pacquiao destroyed Ricky Hatton in less than two full rounds on May 2, 2009. Floyd Mayweather took care of Shane Mosley in May 2010 and Pacquiao did the same one year later. Miguel Cotto (May 2012), Robert Guerrero (May 2013), Marcos Maidana (May 2014) and lastly, of course Manny Pacquiao almost two years ago adorned Floyd’s unbeaten boxing ledger until he called it a day in September of 2015. The biggest reason for mentioning all of these contests is simply because now that Canelo is the “face” of Mexican boxing, he’s been handed another heavy bag of which to dispose for the second straight year. Last May, Amir Khan found out the hard way that jumping up two weight classes and fighting an individual considerably larger than him can end in a good night’s sleep for all the wrong reasons. Now, Canelo is set to face someone who, frankly has no business being handed such a golden opportunity after so many avoidable and careless mistakes.

Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., as we all know is the son of an all time great. With all due respect to anyone who has the brass to enter the ring, the bulk of little Julio’s professional record is as fluffy as a bucket of fresh popcorn. The powers behind “Canelo vs. Chavez” are banking on the fact that two Mexican combatants will face each other for a change as opposed to any other nationality. Much like what we saw when Alvarez faced Mayweather in September of 2013, the nationalist leg was pulled to its absolute fullest. The fight broke records but set just one record straight and the odds are that we’ll get much of the same next month. It may be interesting to see how the T-Mobile Arena is split on the evening of May 6th. Will there really be a 50/50 crowd?

Chavez, Jr. fell short five years ago in his quest to unseat Sergio Martinez, but then he laid an egg against Austin, Texas fighter Brian Vera and was handed the most eloquently wrapped of gift decisions. Andrzej Fonfara made him quit in September 2015 and since returning to the ring, he’s not fought the competition that warrants a date with Canelo, especially since we’re beginning to be put through the all too familiar waiting game. We’d hoped since last May that Alvarez would fight Gennady Golovkin and no one else. Instead, he knocked out Liam Smith last fall and well, here we are. Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. Really? The same fellow who failed a post-fight drug test more than once and had no amateur career? Canelo at least had a brief stint in the amateur ranks.

In the end, perhaps only money matters and there appears to be no end in sight in terms of how much this heap of table scraps will earn. We have Canelo on one side, who insists he came from nothing and had to fight his way to the top. The opposite corner has someone who grew up wanting for nothing. However, it’s all fair play. If there are those among us who cannot wait for the bell to ring on May 6, then by all means, enjoy your night. Across the border in Mexico, there may be an interesting split amongst the people of the land, who by the way don’t have to shell out sixty dollars or more to watch the fight on TV. Much like the crowd may indeed be in Vegas, fans are clamoring to see one really kick the other’s keister into next week. Much like the New York Yankees, these two gents might be either adored or scorned in their homeland, but come one, come all to Las Vegas. Get the bets in.

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  1. Alt Knight 06:20am, 04/20/2017

    I don’t think this fight will be a cure for insomnia. Usually, a fight between two Mexican lads delivers the goods. Okay, I’ll eat my hat if Canelo is 100%  Mexican, but you never can go wrong with some Irish blood pumping through your veins. I either see an early blowout here with Canelo knocking out Junior or a SHOCKER, with Junior stopping Canelo late or winning by decision. Something tells me that maybe Junior is tired of all the talk about never reaching his potential, how great his daddy was, or the fact that he’s merely seen as a tune-up for Red, before Canelo goes on to fight Gee-Tree. I’m going way out on a limb here, and putting it all on the line by predicting Chavez Jr winning a 12 round decision. Bank on it, playa.

  2. DB 02:12pm, 04/19/2017

    This fight will be a borefest but still interesting to see a bigger/lesser fighter fight a very good smaller one.  Often times in boxing, a decent big guy will beat a very good small guy.  That’s why GGG is so successful.  Until he barely beat Jacobs he had never fought someone that was his actual size and weight.  Canelo wins this by 12 round decision in a boring fight where Chavez attempts to have a few flurries.  Book it.

  3. Koolz 02:11pm, 04/19/2017

    Canelo has said he is coming in bigger then ever!

    Cruiser Weight?  He doesn’t need to do what Jacobs did some how Canelo can just balloon to a huge guy!

    Still Chavez Jr will have the height advantage in this fight.  Will have to see how fast he is.  I don’t expect Cotto here.

  4. Alt Knight 04:29pm, 04/18/2017

    Lucas McCain… Oh sheeit, forgot about Mean Gene. Your absolutely right, Gene had the head size of a light heavy at least. haha. I’m thinking that carrying around that large head has to strengthen the neck as well, kind of like a fat guy’s legs having to carry around that much weight all the time. Basilio and Fullmer were special. TWO GREAT WARRIORS. Gene was just a tad too big for Carmen.

  5. Lucas McCain 03:04pm, 04/18/2017

    Alt:  you might add Gene Fullmer to that list of Big Heads.  I remember meeting him years ago, at the Ring Magazine’s 75th anniversary in Atlantic City, and thinking his skull looked like a huge knuckle!  Maybe it was from cracking Joey Giardello so often with it.  Still, a nice guy and laughing it up with Carmen Basilio so many years after they tore each other apart in the ring!

  6. Alt Knight 01:16pm, 04/18/2017

    Allen…Not so boring that your lame arse still continues to troll me, while reading and commenting on my postings. You seem to have a man crush on me, Allen. Sorry, but I don’t roll that way, and I have a feeling you are still butt hurt over something that I might have said, that might have caused you a tummy ache. Sit down, clown. I guess I would be flattered if you were a chick, but another man stalking me is weird.

  7. Ricardo Nunez 09:43am, 04/18/2017

    Another boring fight. Save your money guys. This fight is overhyped. Don’t be fooled by dela Hoya.

  8. Allen 08:55am, 04/18/2017

    Eric, now you are Alt Knight and continue to ramble about things no one cares about. You are boring. Why do you keep changing your screen name. Someone after you?

  9. Alt Knight 07:08am, 04/18/2017

    Cinco de Mayo is more probably more celebrated in America than in Mexico. Like St. Patrick’s Day, it is a “holiday” used for an excuse to get hammered, nothing more and nothing less. The city of Puebla might celebrate, but most Mexicans don’t hype this like “our” media. Mexico gained its independence from Spain, not France. And after being defeated by the Mexican army in Puebla, the French moved on and conquered, Mexico City. America was busy fighting our own Civil War, but thanks to America’s “Monroe Doctrine,” and the execution of Emperor Maximillian, Mexico soon gain control of the city. Looking at the photo above, Chavez Jr. appears to have a substantial height and reach advantage and is probably the bigger man as well, not too mention a huge head. I think there might be something to be said for head size when it comes to the ability to take a punch. Look at some of the legendary stone chins, like Chuvalo, Tex Cobb, Jake LaMotta, etc., might be more than a coincidence that all these guys have large melons. I look for Chavez Jr. to put up a better fight than expected. Me thinks that Red might have a little bully in him, and he might be leery of a guy who is it seems a good deal larger.

  10. Allen 04:41am, 04/18/2017

    only the fervent Mexican fans are interested in this fight. Jr does not really want to be a fighter which is pretty obvious. I would not be surprised if some kind of “incident”, happened to cause an early stoppage so they can have a rematch and delay a showdown with GGG until he is so old he’s using a walker

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