Can’t you smell that smell?

By Dennis Taylor on July 30, 2015
Can’t you smell that smell?
Chef Q limits Mayweather to "anything healthy, organic, high in protein, and low in carbs."

“Her food looks good on the soul-food side,” said Chef Justine, “but I don’t think your heart could last too long…”

Food fight! Somebody from Team Berto is questioning Floyd Mayweather’s heart. TMZ Sports reported Wednesday that Chef Justine, the comely cook who prepares all of Andre Berto’s training camp meals, thinks Floyd’s cuisine chick, Chef Q, is stinking up the kitchen.

“I will never, ever do what she does!” gagged Justine. “Her food looks good on the soul-food side, but I don’t think your heart could last too long eating that all day.”

Mayweather hired Chef Q when he was preparing for Pacquiao, and forks over $1,000 a meal for her culinary creations. The first meal she served up consisted of breakfast potatoes, a spinach omelet with bell peppers and mushrooms, and croissant French toast covered in Bananas Foster sauce, which is made with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur. (Sorry, not available at Denny’s, even after 4 a.m., when Mayweather’s crew generally rolls in.)

Floyd’s fave, according to Chef Q, is her tacos.

“He loves oxtail — anything Caribbean, really — and also soul food. But every week I’m making tacos, for sure,” she told “He has me making four different kinds: ground beef, ground turkey, shrimp, and chicken. He’s crispy shell all the way. He doesn’t do the soft shells at all.”

In full-tilt-training mode, Q (whose previous job was building lethal gadgets for James Bond) limits him to “anything healthy, organic, high in protein, and low in carbs.

“But he also has moments where he goes and bets a Burger King Whopper, or a Fatburger, or a Big Mac,” Q confessed. “His body is like a machine; he’s able to eat anything he wants and still perform the way he does.”

Justine wrinkles her nose at that. She stuffs Berto with her special “Warrior Diet,” devoid of sugar, grains, or wasted calories, she says — only a lot of organic and raw foods.

“Andre is working super hard,” she told TMZ. “He’s not taking anything lightly to get his mind and body right. My diet program will be a huge reason why Berto will win.”

Maybe the chefs should make a side bet. Loser has to eat Tyson Fury’s shorts.

Worth twice the ticket price? We don’t know yet what spectators will pay for a ringside seat at the Golovkin-Lemieux fight, but the advice here is, bring your mitt, because some lucky fan in the first dozen rows is going to get the chance to catch a human head that night. (Wonder what that would bring on eBay?)

Say it ain’t so, Ricardo! If he can’t KO Shane Mosley in 3 rounds, Ricardo Mayorga says he’ll retire from boxing ... and presumably take up lawn bowling or shuffleboard, like other people from his generation.

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  1. Dennis Taylor 02:26pm, 07/31/2015

    Update: Virgil Hunter has apologized to Floyd and his chef on behalf of Team Berto, and he evidently has told Chef Justine to stuff a few donuts in her mouth and pipe down.

  2. Eric 03:42pm, 07/30/2015

    Speaking of the Gold Coast, wonder if Trump will give up his 757 for Air Force One. teehee.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:36pm, 07/30/2015

    Eric-$1,000 a meal….yikes! Elvis’ bought Mary, his one and only favorite cook a three BR home and four cars over the years but $1,000 a meal….that’s something else. BTW I checked out a list showing the mansions/palaces of mega-millionaire sports stars and Floyd’s was pretty far down the list in market value but then again you can get a lot more home for your money in Vegas than you can on the Gold Coast in Florida.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:27pm, 07/30/2015

    Eric-BLTE!! Heck yea! I’ll have mine slathered with mayo, thank you!

  5. Eric 02:02pm, 07/30/2015

    Irish… I always thought the King liked his bacon burned to a crisp too. I heard that he liked not only peanut butter and banana samwiches but peanut butter & jelly with bacon trowed in for good measure. I tried that one, taint too bad. My favorite breakfast samwich is a a BLTE, (bacon, lettuce, tomato and a fried egg on toasted wheat bread.) I like banana pudding with those Pepperidge Farm chessman cookies on the top.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:50pm, 07/30/2015

    ...and oh yes…peanut and banana sandwiches fried in lard…..good God Almighty! Take my hand and lead me to the buffet line at Graceland!

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:47pm, 07/30/2015

    Hell Nah! I’m all about Elvis’ breakfast of biscuits fried in butter, a half dozen scrambled eggs, a pound of Jimmy Dean sausage patties and a pound of ultra crisp bacon. I was disappointed to learn that he really wasn’t into burnt black bacon and egg sandwiches…but he was very much into family size bowls of banana pudding….oh yes!

  8. Eric 12:46pm, 07/30/2015

    I read an article on Benny Urquidez years ago and he said that he would allow himself one cheat day per week to eat anything he wanted. I’m sure this was when Urquidez wasn’t training for a fight, but just trying to maintain some sort of shape. Look at the old-time fighter’s diets, ham & eggs or steak & eggs for breakfast, then more steak for lunch, followed by more steak for dinner.  Say what you will about how flawed or small those old timers were, but their stamina and fitness is unmatched. A spinach omelet sounds pretty damn healthy to me, the French toast might be a tad too much though. I wouldn’t pay a 1,000-dollars for the best grass-fed steak on the planet or 600-dollars for a haircut either.

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