Carl Frampton KO6 Jeremy Parodi

By Matt McGrain on October 20, 2013
Carl Frampton KO6 Jeremy Parodi
Another beautiful overhand right opened up the body, and Carl Frampton feasted.

“I’ve a message for every super-bantamweight in the world,” said Frampton. “I’m coming for you. I’m ready for anyone now…”

Belfast boy Carl “The Jackal” Frampton scored the twelfth knockout of his career this weekend in defense of his European super-bantamweight title. Boxing in front of a rabid hometown crowd, the hostility during the ringwalk of his teak tough challenger, Frenchman Jeremy Parodi, was palpable. When Frampton was introduced it seemed momentarily that the roof would be blown straight off the Odyssey Arena by the nine thousand strong crowd. Barry McGuigan, at last, has a successor. 

A successor for the affections of the long-suffering citizens of his politically charged country and the neighbor with which it struggles, yes, but quite possible a fistic successor, too. Parodi was 35-1 coming in to this weekend’s contest, his single loss a majority decision to hometown boy Arsen Martirosyan. A non-puncher, he was very much the type of fighter that might be seen to trouble an inexperienced prospect (Frampton was 16-0 going in), a skilled survivor with superb punch resistance, a strict defense, a high workrate and smarts earned in a career that stretches back to 2005.

Frampton utterly dominated him from the first bell.

Parodi wanted to move early, and this he did, alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise dashes throughout the first. Frampton’s quick footwork was equal to the task, and his ability to get set quickly was demonstrated by the hard right hand he landed over the top of a lazy Parodi jab with the contest just eighty seconds old.  Introducing “The Jackal” as the merest whiff of blood brought forth from Frampton a disciplined attack that had the Frenchman scurrying. As he recovered, so did the Irishman, returning to a range-finding jab and that relentless pursuit. He closed the round with hurtful body punches that were to prove a future echo.

A skittish Parodi snatched at the opening punches of the second round and was punished with savage uppercuts to the midsection, in triplicate. The challenger’s body was the target now, and he was holding on. The third was defined by Frampton’s attempts to solve the Parodi jab, winging in long right hands to the body or clustering less brutal punches to the face as the circumstances dictated. The veteran Frenchman, although seemingly wary of throwing combinations, stuck to that jab, an old fashioned points-gatherer, with great faith, forcing Frampton to show respect. 

The end of the third had hinted at a coming chess-match but at the opening to the fourth, Frampton followed a timed right hand with a snapping left hook. The punch lacked the pivot or torque of the classic left hook but the two punches hurt Parodi enough to send him stumbling to the ropes. An extremely disciplined but persistent attack followed and Parodi’s damaged left eye evidenced the potency of the attack. Another beautiful overhand right opened up the body, and Frampton feasted, Parodi dug in, refusing to buckle.

A cultured lead right is a rare thing, but whether he is lashing it in at waist height or dropping it over the top of a missed punch, Frampton’s qualifies.

The Frenchman wore all the hallmarks of a man making a brave last stand in the fifth and the Irishman revelled in it. Landing double-right hands, a snapping, crackling jab, and giving ground before launching surging, harrowing attacks, I was first struck by the sense that Frampton could quite probably fight at this pace for twelve rounds and secondly by the genuine durability being demonstrated by his opponent. Many men of greater fame would have wilted under this attack where Parodi kept coming. 

At the bell for six there was a feeling of inevitability regarding his fate, however, and Frampton did not disappoint. The Irishman hooked like a Mexican, the Jackal pursued the soft flesh. With fifteen seconds left in the round the ripping heartbreaker landed, behind the elbow, on the ribcage, not the exceptional punch it has been heralded in some quarters but rather the latest in a long line of superb ones.  Parodi, brave throughout, chewed out his pain on one knee to the sound of the Italian referee – who did not have to break a single clinch all evening – counting off the ten.

Barry McGuigan joined Carl Frampton in the ring for a post-fight dance to the utter delight of the roaring crowd. The good times roll once more.

“I’ve a message for every super-bantamweight in the world: I’m coming for you. I’m ready for anyone now.”

Scott Quigg looms in Carl’s immediate future in what would be an enormous Anglo-Irish clash. 

Quigg is good. I pick Frampton.

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Carl Frampton's TKO Victory Over Jeremy Parodi.

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  1. Matt McGrain 08:24am, 10/22/2013

    Yeah, I’m surprised Carl hasn’t had more exposure in the US.  Nice heritage for that market, heavy hands, pleasing style, speaks the lingo…still, I guess one will emerge from he and Quigg.  I suspect the money men would rather Frampton makes it.

  2. Ted 12:07pm, 10/21/2013

    There is plenty of talent in the UK. We just don’t hear about it.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:40am, 10/21/2013

    Mares, Santa Cruz, Rigo….could be bridges too far….still he’s fun to watch….let’s see if he does as well as McGuigan….I for one hope that he does.

  4. Ted 08:00pm, 10/20/2013

    Frampton vs Rigondeaux…, It can be done in England… Let’s get it on.

  5. Ted 06:59pm, 10/20/2013

    Quigg vs. Frampton would be a grand one.

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