Carl Froch, Seriously Now

By Robert Ecksel on June 5, 2014
Carl Froch, Seriously Now
“Someone like Chavez Jr. will come and fight,” said Froch, “and give me the fight I want.”

Following Carl Froch’s one-punch knockout of George Groves last Saturday, everyone is, once again, taking The Cobra seriously. He is the man of the moment, and as the man of the moment all eyes are on the champion and his next possible opponent.

Andre Ward seems like a natural, since he beat Froch when they met in December 2011. But Froch has no interest, a lack of interest he shares with others, in fighting Ward a second time.

“The reason that Andre Ward is never chucked in the mix,” Froch told Sky Sports, “is because the American TV broadcasters aren’t really excited about him.

“He’s a very, very good fighter and he beat me fair and square, he outpointed me. But he’s messy, he’s up close, he’s awkward. He really is a bit of a spoiler. He’s not somebody I’d be excited about getting in the ring with.”

All of which is true. But there’s one thing Froch failed to mention, and it’s that Ward—“messy,” “awkward,” and as difficult to promote as appreciate—would, since styles make fights, probably defeat Froch a second time.

One fighter that won’t beat Froch a second time, or a first time for that matter, is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., who expressed an interest in getting it on with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

“I think that’s a good name, Chavez Jr. He’s big among the Americans, the Latin Americans and Mexicans especially because of what his father did before him. Someone like Chavez Jr. will come and fight, and give me the fight I want and what the crowd wants. The television broadcasters could get on board and it would be more lucrative.”

It would be more lucrative. It would also, as Froch points out, give the champion, the broadcasters (HBO and Sky Sports), and the fans the kind of blitzkrieg everyone loves.

If a match with the mercurial Chavez Jr., who’d also like to fight Golovkin, can’t be made, Froch can always retire.

“There is a time for everyone,” he said, “but I’m 36, I’m not 46. If you look at Marquez, he’s 40 years old. Bernard Hopkins is 49 going on 50. I’m 36 and I’m very young for my age.”

Hopefully Froch will keep fighting. Because whatever he ends up doing when he finally retires, it won’t be half as exciting as what he has done, can do, and will accomplish in the ring in the future.

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  1. Joe 11:41am, 06/06/2014

    Last week was an example of one fighter “walking down” another.  Carl looked imposing and calm throughout the contest.  Can’t wait for his next opponent.

  2. jojo 10:30am, 06/06/2014

    Tbh Froch would stand a great chance against Ward if the rematch happened. If you compare Froch/Groves 1 to Froch/Ward 1 ..... Groves actually did a better job against froch and we all saw what happened in the rematch. Froch turned up to fight….Ward turned up to hustle! Ward is technically brilliant but the holding & dirty tactics is not a crowd pleaser!

  3. Don from Prov 10:06am, 06/06/2014

    IMO Ward would spank Carl again, and Carl wants no part of him—so, join the crowd.  If Froch wants money, Jr. is a great choice.  IF GGG can become a big name on more than boxing sites and the minds of HBO soon, that could be an interesting match, though it would be nice if GGG could unify MW first.

  4. Mike Casey 07:37am, 06/06/2014

    This was a very good interview with Carl Froch last night on Sky. He was very fair to Ward and others and very shrewd in his approach to business. And it IS a business now, more than ever before. He needs to make the most he can in the time he has left. Ward is a great talent but he is wasting away his career.

  5. Pete The Sneak 04:39am, 06/06/2014

    Robert Ecksel, thanks for confirming what I’ve been saying all along. Froch wants nothing more to do with Ward, and why should he? It will be a fight wherein he will not get the windfall of say a Chavez due to Ward’s not only ” Messy/awkward style”, but Froch nailed it when he said “American TV Broadcasters aren’t excited about him.” This tells you Froch is looking for one more big payday before he cashes out and Ward is not the name that will do that. I too love watching Ward fight and yes, I believe he would beat Froch again, so why even mess with that? Just does not make good business sense for a veteran fighter who sees retirement in the near horizon…@Irish Frankie…What Ward needs to do is just fight. Period…Peace.

  6. Critical Beatdown 08:22pm, 06/05/2014

    I love watching Ward fight. He may not be as much of a draw, but I agree, Ward would beat Froch again. Too bad there ain’t much money in that storyline.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:30pm, 06/05/2014

    Ward needs to get in the mix at 175 and stop whining about not getting the big money fights he seems to think hes entitled to by virtue of having a title at 168 and no drawing power. Easy money waiting for him there…..all he has to do is go to Montreal and head butt the shit out of Adonis and grind him down for a late round stoppage…...problem solved.

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