Chasing 49

By Ted Sares on May 26, 2013
Chasing 49
The issue here will be who Floyd decides to fight as he fulfills his agreement with Showtime.

Joe “The Italian Dragon” Calzaghe (also known as The Pride of Wales) decided it wasn’t worth it and got out in 2008 with a remarkable 46-0 record…

“I’m not obsessed with fighting Floyd Mayweather. There are many other options available to me.”—Saul “Canelo” Alvarez

The race to reach Rocky Marciano’s 49 wins without a defeat is on.

Joe “The Italian Dragon” Calzaghe (also known as The Pride of Wales) decided it wasn’t worth it and got out in 2008 with a remarkable 46-0 record and wins over Chris Eubank, Robin Reid, Charles Brewer, Jeff Lacy, Mikkel Kessler, Bernard Hopkins, and Roy Jones Jr. among others.

Another Dragon, Indonesia’s Chris “The Dragon” John recently moved his record to 48-0-3 and remains tantalizingly close to long-retired Hall of Famer Ricardo “Finito” Lopez’s 51-0, but Finito’s record, like John’s, is marred by that one draw which he later avenged.

Argentinean Cesar Rene Cuenca (aka El Distinto) is now at 45-0 as a result of a UD victory over limited Gustavo David Bermudez in Luna Park, Buenos Aires this past Saturday. While 45-0 is 45-0, the feather-fisted 32-year-old Cuenca will never join the killer quintet of Luis Carlos Abregu, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez, monster puncher Lucas Matthysse, powerful Marcos “El Chino” Maidana, and emerging Omar Andres “El Huracan” Narvaez (39-1-2). With just two KOs in 45 wins, El Distinto is hardly a “killer.”

This brings us to the next challenger for Rocky’s mark who also happens to be an Italian. He is none other than the somewhat rejuvenated Paul “The Pittsburgh Kid” Spadafora who beat decent step-up opponent Robert “Red Hot” Frankel over 10 rounds on April 4 to capture something called the vacant NABF light welterweight title.

Paul may well get to 49-0-1; he is still slick and cagey, but Father Time (the “Kid” is an old 37) and eroding skills are quickly catching up to him. If he does reach 49 or even exceeds it, he will do it by beating fighters who are not currently ranked in the junior welterweight division. If he steps up, he won’t make it. Also, like the others, he has that one draw that will forever separate his record from The Rock.

So who is left?

Floyd Mayweather is at 44-0 and looks be the most legitimate challenger, not to mention the fact that he has no draws. The issue here will be who Floyd decides to fight as he fulfills his remaining five-fight agreement with Showtime (if he decides to fulfill that agreement).

With potential pay-per-view sales being a major factor, the thinking here is that Money’s opponents will be sequentially more risky (with the most dangerous last) thus ostensibly preserving the sanctity of the agreement and the likelihood of Floyd reaching 49-0.  And if he does reach 49, watch for an attempt at 50-0 in a mega fight that will produce more money than there is money—no pun intended.

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  1. Tex Hassler 02:04pm, 05/28/2013

    My guess is that Mayweather will be highly selective about who he fights and is intent on keeping his unbeaten record in tact. Saul Alvarez may not help him do that as he is speeding towards his peak and will not be an easy fight for Mayweather. Pacquiao may well be over the hill now but Mayweather will probably avoid him.

  2. Ted 05:22pm, 05/27/2013

    If Distinto had 207 wins, he would have 9 KOs based on my math. AWFUL.

  3. Clarence George 12:01pm, 05/27/2013

    Well, think of Maxie Rosenbloom—207 wins, 19 KOs.

  4. dollarbond 09:52am, 05/27/2013

    Two Ko in 45 wins?

  5. Clarence George 08:53am, 05/27/2013

    She is indeed a stunner, Irish, but I can neither confirm nor deny your speculation.—_1621943a.jpg

  6. Ted 06:14am, 05/27/2013

    Next stop—GGG vs. Macklin at Foxwoods on 6-29

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:10am, 05/27/2013

    Ted Sares-Two words….prolific and terrific! Which reminds me…Carl’s honey was MIA from ringside Saturday night…probably flew over to spend the long holiday weekend with Clarence George in the Big Apple. I’m envious of Clarence George, Mike Schmidt, and you…hope we get a full report in and out of the ring when you finally get to go to Canada for Bute/Pascal.

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