Chavez Jr. Meets the Press

By Robert Ecksel on June 1, 2011
Chavez Jr. Meets the Press
“My power is going to be there, but you have to know how to use it”

“My name is Julio Cesar Chavez, and that will now and always be my name, and I am very proud to bear that name…”

In anticipation of Saturday’s fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for Sebastian Zbik’s (30-0, 10 KOs) WBC middleweight title, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (42-0-1, 30 KOs) from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, met with the press via telephone conference call yesterday afternoon.

Chavez Jr. vs. Zbik has significance beyond being for a world title. The fight is called “The Son Also Rises,” with its allusion to Hemingway, because of who Jr.’s father is and what he accomplished in the ring. The fight is in L.A., where Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. won his first title in 1984, and is taking a place a week before Sr. is inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Given the givens, the press wanted Chavez Jr. to discuss his father’s career. But he was having none of it.

“I’m very excited, very happy that I have the opportunity to fight in the same city where he won the title,” Chavez Jr. said. “But this is an opportunity for me to create my own history. My name is Julio Cesar Chavez, and that will now and always be my name, and I am very proud to bear that name. But I’m just looking forward to winning the title and starting my own history. Hopefully this will be the start of my own legacy.

“There’s always pressures in every fight, and I do understand there’s pressure trying to win your first world title. But I’m very confident. I worked very hard in this camp. I’m very concentrated. And I really feel this is the time I can step up, and I’m ready for it.”

Chavez Jr. has been training with the illustrious Freddie Roach. “We had a great training camp,” he said. “We had great sparring partners. He’s in great shape. He’s in the best shape I think I’ve ever seen him in, and he just responded to everything I’m teaching him. I’m really, really happy where he’s at right now. His weight is not a problem. He’s 100% ready for this fight. I expect an excellent performance. The improvements that he’s making and what he’s doing in sparring has made me quite confident. This is the big one and we’re really ready for it.

“[Zbik’s] a world champion and I have to respect that,” continued Roach, “but he pretty much fights in a European straight up style, he pretty much fights in a straight line, and I think Julio’s boxing ability is going to give him a lot of trouble. We’ve broken down the video. We’re going use a lot of angles on him, keep this guy turning into combinations, because he does fight in a straight line and he pretty much follows you wherever you go.”

Chavez Jr. has also studied Zbik: “He looks like a real good boxer. I know he’s a tough guy. He’s undefeated, which always means something. But I think you can’t ever tell if a guy’s a big puncher or not just from watching him on tape. You have to go in the ring to find out—and that’s what I’m going to do.

“My power is going to be there, but you have to know how to use it. That’s why we worked so hard—the ability not only to do the things you’re supposed to do, but doing them right. I don’t think about losing. I’m positive. I’m mentally prepared to win.”

Chavez Jr. is not your typical boxer. He didn’t run wild on the streets. He didn’t mug old ladies. He didn’t punch horses to impress little girls.

“[Boxing] is something I love to do. I grew up in boxing. That’s all I saw all my life, and I wanted to be part of it, somehow, some way. And I want to make a name for myself, to do something in this world, to be someone is this world, and I think boxing is giving me the opportunity to do so.”

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Freddie Roach and Julio Cesar Chavez jr.

Sebastian Zbik is out to make history

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