Chisora Flattens Takam

By Robert Ecksel on July 29, 2018
Chisora Flattens Takam
Chisora resurrected a career that was sorely in need of resurrection. (Ben Hoskins/Getty)

Dereck Chisora flattened Carlos Takam at 1:01 of round eight to win the vacant WBA International heavyweight title…

Saturday night at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London, United Kingdom, Dereck Chisora (29-8, 21 KOs), from Finchley by way of Mbare, Zimbabwe, came from behind to flatten resilient Carlos Takam (35-5-1, 27 KOs), from Noisy-le-Grand, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, by way of Douala, Cameroon, with two explosive right hands to win the vacant WBA International heavyweight title.

The time of the stoppage was 1:01 of round eight.

“Takam is tough,” said Chisora after the fight. “I realized I couldn’t trade with him toe-to-toe. I knew the overhand right could catch him. In that round, I knew it was time to send it home.”

Chisora was 3-3 in his last six bouts and it looked like it was over before it began. Takam put some serious hurt on Chisora in the opening rounds and it looked like the fight was in the bag. But a heavyweight with heavy hands can end it at any time, even a heavyweight as inconsistent as Chisora, and he survived the punishment Takam doled out to serve up some punishment of his own

“He didn’t hurt me,” Chisora said. “I’m English, nobody can hurt us.”

Chisora resurrected a career that was sorely in need of resurrection. He has fought everyone during his decade fighting professionally and has been counted out, figuratively if not literally, many times. But with last night’s come-from-behind victory, Chisora is again in the mix and a tough opponent for any heavyweight looking for a serious challenge.

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  1. tlig 05:21am, 07/30/2018

    @Chico Salmon, whilst I understand your gripe about these weird titles your statement about boxing being a dying sport couldn’t have been made in a less appropriate thread. Boxing in the UK is anything but dying I’m afraid. Saturday’s card was sold out and from my understanding did very well in PPV sales as well.

  2. Your Name 05:44pm, 07/29/2018

    Then why watch?

  3. Chico Salmon 11:16am, 07/29/2018

    ” vacant WBA International Heavyweight Title?” Diamond belts and Silver belts? My gawd, no wonder boxing is a dying sport.

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