Christy Martin vs. Laila Ali

By Robert Ecksel on May 30, 2011

Christy Martin, who’s fighting Saturday on the Chavez Jr.-Zbik undercard, continues talking to the press. She’s been addressing the death-defying ordeal she experienced six months ago. And now she’s speaking about her fellow female boxers.

“I think women’s boxing moved throughout the ’90s as my career moved,” she told USA Today. “Then Mia (St. John) came along, and then Laila (Ali) had an opportunity to keep the excitement going.

“[Laila] had every opportunity handed to her to really go out there and be a superstar in women’s boxing. But I think her, Lucia (Rijker), Mia, they all used boxing to further their personal careers, whether it be acting, endorsing products, whatever. I do it because I love the sport, and I think the fans see that.”

Laila Ali, the daughter of Muhammad Ali, retired in 2007 with a 24-0 (21 KOs) record, but she was dogged with charges that she avoided fighting the best when the opportunity arose.

Does Martin have a point? Or is it sour grapes?

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  1. Joe 07:13am, 05/31/2011

    Laila whupped her butt.  The Coal Miners Daughter was a fighter; and great at that - she just didn’t have the appeal of a Lucia, Laila or Mia.  Hmmmm, wonder why?

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